Who is responsible for this mess?

The believers found themselves authorized to speculate over their own faith as the apologists of their time preferred the discussion of christian doctrine over the living of the christian saint and virtuous life. Maybe the beauty of the thruthful thinking have estimulated them in doing so, but the moral fault falls over themselves who chose this temptive path, and not over the masters that have teached them. Therefore, althought the scholastic tradition have preceeded and somehow generated the crazy mess of modern times (I hope you can follow me that this is not an post hoc ergo propter hoc, since all my point is about this insidious pastoral mistake), the followers of this tradition are the ones responsible for this situation, not the creators, since the Doctors surely have lived the virtues that helped them in receiving the divine Grace necessary to produce such amazing and wonderful works of wisdom. It is far more easy to say that someone have a heretic thinking instead of searching for the real motivations behind it, but we must do this and assume the facts no matter how sad and terrible they are. It’s our moral duty.


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