The exploit of guilt

One very easy way to submit someone psycologically is to exploit one’s guilty by stimulating fear and at the same time showing joy and freedom. The person who teaches terror to others while keep itself away from the same feeling is simulating awakening and even saintity to the ignorants, and doing so this person make people believe he knows the necessary to salvation. The deception is subtle, because the only way to avoid it is to know true virtue in others or in the self. One sign of clear distinction is to note that the really virtuous don’t generate desire for knowledge, but first and foremost for imitation. When you meet someone who is morally and spiritualy better then you, you don’t want to know all he knows, but to be good as he is, since this is the real source of his wisdom. Unconfessed guilt is, therefore, an dangerous weapon in the hands of perverse sect leaders. We must confess our sins to God and receive the Grace, wanting not to know everything, but to imitate Our Lord and His best servants in the Church, the Saints. Doing this we keep desire for knowledge below the desire to Humility, Obedience and Gratitude. You can and you must ask to God to make you humble, obedient and grateful, so the knowledge you need is only the one necessary to do this. Wisdom comes later as what it is: a gift received by Grace, not a secret teached by the illuminated.


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