On secret powers and our desire for freedom

There is no substantial difference between modern state secret services and the traditional secret societies, since the first ones have been founded on the base and in the service to the second ones. All the ordinary and humble people of the earth want to be free from submission to men tiranny, and this desire collides directally with the desire for power of the slave masters of all times. It is nonsense, and very non recommended, to rely on the secret as a way to fight the secret powers of the world, since this is the territory of the enemy, where he drives and manipulate things easily. Our desire for freedom, thereso, can only be satisfied by a superior power to which we are submited, and in this way we became sons of God wanting His power to release us from captivity. Don’t ask for malice when you can be saved by innocence. But you must believe in innocence in the first place, and to do this you must feel all the putrid stench that comes from the secrecy. To love the Truth with all your heart, you must hate the secrecy, the lies and the manipulation with all your heart. You know, deep down there, that you want to live in the light, not in the darkness. After knowing this, why will someone keeps the desire for hiding things, if not in the service of Hell?


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