The NWO follows spiritual guidance, and we should do the same

It’s easy to found the clash of two versions about historical nationalism in the 20th. Century, one who says that the nationalist leaders (and specially Hitler) was following orders and commands from the NWO, and other who says that he was fighting this same project. The absolute majority of the people who follows both versions on this subject don’t have any real evidence in their support, they just enjoy believing in something, and somehow this makes them more happy about themselves. We can say that the only thruthful belief is the one in Our Lord Jesus Christ, and that all this speculations on the meaning of history is consequence of an hegelian (therefore, modern) concept of reality. Why should we lose our time with this garbage? In the end the NWO true temporal leaders, who are very well hidden or living in a low profile lifestile, obey non-temporal leadership –I mean spiritual leadership–, as well as we, if we are true christians, must do, instead of hiting the head on the wall all the time trying to discover who is pushing the buttons. Spiritual warfare is organized and clear like old warfare: with flags, music and appointments. But if you want to found a savior that is not Our Lord, someone smart who can give you the tips and hints of the temporal game, you are just playing cards with the devil.


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