Kabbalah Secrets Christians Need to Know, by DeAnne Loper

I expected more from this book, let me make this clear from the start.

The big exposure about the “Jewish” mysticism in this book was something that I already knew: the Talmud saying that Jesus (or at least the bad Jesus that Christians worship in idolatry) is currently paying for his horrible sins in hell in an ocean of boiling excrement. What a nice picture, right? But I knew that already.

The most interesting part to me, concerning the kabbalah, is the idea of both trees of Life and Knowledge being perceived as necessary to the spiritual growth of men. What made me think about Telperion and Laurelin from Tolkien’s writings (I will say more on the occult symbolism in Tolkien’s works later).

Of course, this is a Luciferian doctrine, the denial of the supremacy of Love, mixing light with darkness. The Tree of Knowledge is the tree of pride, of darkness, the tree of lies. Nothing to do with the Tree of Life, Jesus himself, more than enough justice and joy to all men.

The rest is mostly the exposure of the same gnostic garbage of always, about how men need to ascend from their fall by their own merits.

I have to mention, though, that the forehead phylacteries resemblance with the idea of the Mark of the Beast is interesting, the Hebrew letter vau representing the number 6, and that repeated three times, actually working as a joke about the spiritual recommendation of Moses in Deuteronomy about keeping the Word of God in top of mind.

Also, it was good to know that the specifically designed punishment for Christian idolatry against the Noahide Laws is decapitation.

I guess the rabbis are short of boiling excrement these days, who knows?

The days are coming, that I believe.

And to be beheaded will be the crowning ceremony for the splendorous army of saints of the last days. Killing us, they will make us kings, for their shame and for God’s glory forever.

We wait only for you, Lord Jesus! Come soon!

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