Rabbinic Judaism Debunked, by Eitan Bar and Golan Brosh

This is a very simple and interesting book, different from most “conspiracy theory” works out there, because it focuses on a single line of thought and keeps going in that direction without digressions or side issues.

The whole point here is to explain how the rabbinic Judaism, which is the current Jewish religion out there, has practically nothing to do with what Christians imagine it would be, that is, the following of the Law and Prophets, Torah, and Tanakh.

Religion, a product of men

But, really, what is the big news here? It is a good book, make no mistake, but it’s really necessary only to delusional Christians that, by themselves, don’t read their own Bible in the first place.

Those who know the Word know the testimony of Jesus himself about the Jewish religion. Moses and all the Prophets wrote about Jesus, seeking the coming of His Day, but religion made its own laws and costumes to hide Jesus. And when He arrived, was only to be condemned and put to death.

The history of the hiding of the Word goes from the early commentators of the Law since Moses, to the scholars and scribes of all times, culminating in the sect of the Pharisees, the predecessors of our current rabbis in the time of Jesus.

To not waste too much time detailing the argument, we can focus on the source of all the problems: to look for positions of power and authority in society, usurping the position of God Himself before all men, looking for their own glory. It’s men imitating the devil. And this madness starts with the interpretation of the Revelation.

Instead of nurturing the people to look for the Lord themselves in their faiths and consciousness, like all Prophets always did, giving testimony of the Lord, the masters (rabbi literally means “master”) gave testimony of themselves. This is the real idolatry. Yes, that is Mystery Babylon, the Mother of all Harlots and Abominations of Earth: religion, replacing the authority of God by that of mortal men.

The problem of Oral Tradition

The main argument of the book is the questioning of the so-called “Oral Tradition”.

This is not only a Jewish thing. It’s universal to all religions: the only way that some living men are going to have consistent and long term social authority over all other men regarding essential things as the meaning of life, and the values of right and wrong, better and worse, etc., is to link them to a tradition. This comes before the ownership of wealth and military power.

So, as commentators of the Torah, the early religious priests started their tradition, making sure that only THEM could safely interpret the scriptures, what turns out to be actually the devaluation of the Revealed Word, since it becomes practically worthless without the interpreters, and at the same time that brings the increasing valuation of the guardians of the truth to which societal order becomes dependant.

In the Jewish case, it is very interesting to see how things get more complicated from the pure and simple disobedience of God’s orders. Like in the case of Abraham, that disobeyed God and have a child (Ishmael) with the Egyptian slave, Moses also disobeyed God when he replied that could not perform his duty even with the insurance of the Lord, making God angry and giving room to Aaron to take a place at his side. Aaron was later the one responsible for giving some official form to the idolatry of the golden calf and after that became the chief of the Levites, the whole religious caste of priests of early Israel, the predecessors of the Pharisees, and of the Rabbis.

But, getting to the point here, there is no scriptural proof (without, of course, the rabbinical twisted convenient interpretations) of the Oral Law or the Oral Tradition.

In the very contrary direction, there is abundant proof of God harshly reproving the religious costumes, culminating with the total open war made by Jesus against religion.

If you take out the authority of Oral Tradition or Oral Law, the whole thing collapses. And there is no better way of doing this than by researching the scriptures. It’s by no accident that the Apostle Paul called the Word of God a “sword”.

Jesus rejected all temptations in the desert by using the scripture to reject scriptural misuse by Satan. That makes the point that scripture can be used to turn anyone against God, and only the gifts of the Holy Spirit can give us the right wisdom about the will of the Lord.

Philosophical authority

In the fifth chapter of this book, I found the most interesting thing to me, the case that the rabbinic authority is rooted in human thought, making the dialectical process the main source of wisdom, apart from any direct inspiration from God. This doctrine teaches that our human intelligence is the main gift we already received and that we should use it to ascend spiritually.

Because I was for at least 10 years of my life a slave to philosophy myself, this part really touched me.

The value of study and reasoning is sacred to Gnosticism. It is the very path of enlightenment and ascetical transformation of the being. We can also call it the way of the Tree of Knowledge: full of pride, lies, and darkness.

Human reason can be very seductive because our minds are very powerful. Since we are, in the middle of all of Creation, made especially capable to recognize God as the Creator, we received tremendous gifts of intelligence, unlimited imagination, and reasoning capabilities. All of these psychic powers are supposed to be used under the spiritual rule of Love, Faith, Humility, and many other gifts. But they can be used as a part of spiritual awareness and submission to God. And this is why the devil loves to mess with our minds, and one of the most special ways to seduce us is to exalt human reason and intellect. Them we can be departed from God forever, being lost in our own powerful illusions of control and understanding, and, of course, in the abuse and slavery of other humans by our scientific prowess.

This is it. In the peak of disobedience, religion meets its whore sister, philosophy, and engages in the same orgy of human pride, forgetting God completely.

The Temple replacement

The religious slavemasters are professionals in the art of accusing man, charging them with an unbearable weight of guilt, and then exploiting this hideous pressure by selling salvation at the highest price possible.

The original system in the Jewish tradition to do so was the Tabernacle.

Then, the First Temple of Solomon established the model of spiritual commerce.

After the destruction and diaspora that followed, the first providence ordered by the Jewish mobsters in return to Jerusalem was to rebuild the Temple. It was in this Second Temple that Jesus have used physical violence, the unique recorded time he did it in his passage on Earth, rightfully against the spiritual traders.

After the destruction of the Second Temple, the story tells that a younger rabbi lamented the lost way of life, to which an older rabbi answered him to not be afraid because they could use a better replacement for the Temple: Charity.

Indeed, human guilty is the wealth of religions to the very end of the world.

No physical temple is needed where you can just abuse the fears and traumas of your fellow man to enslave them, to make them serve you in all ways and by all means possible, and ultimately to make them even worship you.

Jesus is so hated because he gave the liberation of all this madness, preaching the Love of God, and paying himself for our unjustified lives.

Jesus is tremendous!

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