The fuels of crypto: Fear and Greed

“This time is different” is the most proven idea of all time.

Proved right and wrong at the same time, of course, as must be clear. But I explain.

Being first and foremost a Christian, I must think like a Christian at all times.

So, I go to back the Book, you know, that One.

And there it was written, by someone who was then a really wise person, that “there is nothing new under the sun”.

At the same time, both history books and our own experience shows that things do change, and they change a lot.

The no-change vs. all-change conflict is a very old, kind of boring, philosophical subject. Let’s cut to the chase though.

There is always the same real substance of experience that never changes, but that always takes new forms, new phenomenality, or new ways of deployment in concrete experience.

The nature of the real experience stays mostly the same, we only explore new aspects of it, like learning new ways to name things that we already know in different languages.

Each new generation that comes must learn everything again from birth. Of course, there is a rate of loss in knowledge transmission between generations, since the very human capability of transmitting information and knowledge is always limited compared to the real lived experience.

There is a constant shadow of lost experiences to the new generations.

And it is in that shadow that grows the speculations of the newborn humanity of the hour, a growing thought in the best minds of every new dweller over the face of the Earth, an exciting idea: “This time is different.”

Of course, it is different, and of course, it is not.

The characters are new, the tricks, toys, the soundtrack, the background, and the plays are new, but human nature and its deep meaning never change.

Crypto is the new tulip

Let’s look at this shining new toy of humanity: cryptocurrencies.

Wow! Brand new, revolutionary, something out of all previous charts.

And, of course, with this potential comes again, in detail, the rise of the old hopes of all times, for a big change in the game of life, and a promise of big things to come, like broad prosperity, justice, and awakening.

Entire books can be –and will be- written, printed, and read compulsively, to prove the whole point of the new thing and how this will bring a new era to all mankind like all the other old new things were supposed to do before.

Beyond the creative fabrication of the human minds, however, you can check for the basic human feelings, beliefs, and motivations.

And right there, in the depths of the beings of our fellow brothers and sisters, we can find the most regular, old, and simple fuels igniting this story around crypto: fear and greed.

Without fear and greed, no real big money would ever be put in crypto.

Without these essential ingredients, the maniac fire just couldn’t burn large and loud enough. And the very proof of basically all arguments for the success of crypto could be never given: the rising prices.

On one hand, fear moves the scared money away from rigged markets and currencies to the crypto utopia.

Of course, we can’t live in a crypto nation, ruled by crypto laws, and even less eat crypto food. We still live in that old rigged world that we always hated. And behind the fear to stay in the mess we detest with such passion, we hide the prosaic hope that there will be a real place in it for us to live after all. In the real world, not a virtual one. And somehow –nobody knows how for sure– crypto will help us get there.

On other hand, greed moves the anxious money that can’t just stand the risk of missing that big one-lifetime opportunity.

All yolos and fomos thoughts serve to justify the oldest search of humans since the beginning of times: power. Power to be independent, to be successful, to be safe, to be spared of this terrible risk that is to be alive without guarantees.

Under the new paint, the same old dirt

No, dear crypto person, you are not hedging your portfolio, you are fearful.

And no, you are not also being yolo, fomo, or any special revolutionary pure thing, you are just being greedy.

Everyone wants to escape the reality of what means to be a human being: to be ignorant, weak, and lost.

It’s not only ironic but actually tragic, that if someone dares to talk about some really good news, like the Kingdom of Jesus to come, the message usually is rejected as pure fantasy. People don’t have time for that, they are just too busy being smart.

People hide from true light because they need to be humble to face it, but humility is a humiliation to the proud.

Darkness is a more comfortable environment to disguise fear and greed as virtue and wisdom.

So little was needed, but that small thing is denied. Again. And again.

What a waste that life is…

And how admirable is the patience of our Creator!

Inspiring, actually! And that is why I am always looking for Him, and I never get tired of doing so.




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