The business of Charity

If civilization is getting more and more advanced and wealthy as a whole, if all billionaires practice massive philanthropy all over the place, if all major religions preach donations and saving those in need and have done so for thousands of years, and if social science and politics promise so much sharing the spoils amongst all members of this big family of humanity, why is that all of this crap keeps never working?

Because the powerful people are lying, as they always did. All of this campaing for salvation is just bullshit. The charity was elevated to the main value in the world because it serves to rule the masses with big illusions, and to keep them under control, spiritually oppressed and diminished.

Charging the guilt of men

As the Second Temple was destroyed in Jerusalem, being that fulfillment of Jesus’s words, a younger rabbi was lamenting about the loss of their way of living. An older rabbi then talked to him, saying this: “don’t you worry, what we lost with the Temple we will regain with Charity.”

Said and done.

That’s a formula to be used to the end of the world.

Men just don’t deserve to live. That is a fact that more or less everybody knows or at least feels. I am not talking about men as a collective, because those men don’t even exist. I’m talking about us individually. Since birth, we received life without ever doing anything to actually justify it, nor to justify none of the good things that have ever happened to us. On top of that, we know that we do the opposite: we do evil. We not only don’t deserve to live, but we really deserve to die. Whoever can’t see this is a morally and spiritually blind person. Stop the denial. And I am not going to waste my time proving that. Because if you deny it, you should not waste your time here, instead should go find a mirror in front of you and some honesty inside you.

Guess who knows all this stuff I am saying? Religious mobsters.

They found a very profitable business, the most profitable of all business, that became the very raison d’être of all religions: charging the guilt of men.

Although the true tribute of all life is the Love of Jesus, the only true justice in existance, and the very liberation from all accusation by forgiveness and mercy, the gang of liars builds the taxation of men by men, getting God out of the way.

It’s not only about money. Money is the less important thing here. It’s all about power, influence, control, dominion.

Expanding real guilt by denouncing the fake ones

The most insane part of this is that doing so, the rulers of this world actually do expand the real guilt of the ignorant masses.

Blocking the way to the knowledge of Jesus and of the true Gospel, the slavemasters replace the simple truth with a very deep and complex system of accountability. Accusing false guilt, like the pleasure in life that could be lived by Grace in tune with Love, the impostors make life so hard and bitter, that their victims fall only more weakened in their hands.

And that all is by justice because Jesus can always be found by those who look for him. He said that, and none word from him goes in vain: he promised that he would not lose one single person that the Father has designed to be saved by him.

The only real guilt of men is denying and rejecting the Love of God. And the religious system creates such a strong fortress of confusion to charge false sins, that the real one keeps going missing.

Retail charity and Wholesale charity

Here and there people try to aliviate their consciousness by doing charity in retail.

That, of course, is never enough.

What they should be doing is going after Jesus to true repentance, to receive true forgiveness and Love, and further instructions from the wisdom of the Lord. But no, they can’t just do that. They don’t want to really look to the darkest parts of their lives and change anything. Most people prefer to keep going wrongly spiritually, serving the world and rebelling against God. So, they keep doing charity to pay for their sins.

The thing becomes inefficient after a while, requiring a more broad solution that works for everybody and makes things easy. Religion provides that, a wholesale business solution, as well as the secular branch in the operation of lies, brings the brand new recycled solution of philantropy.

As you can see, this world always provides a chance to every fellow human to pay his price.

God and his Love, though, keep being ignored and despised.

Until the end, that is coming. Fast.

Jesus, the Redeemer

No one of us can pay the price to justify our living.

The price is just too high because we are so much loved.

So, the only solution is to God himself do the payment. The Golpels bring the good news that this has already been done, once and forever, by Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Living and the Dead.

And this is the reason why this world, with all this profitable business going on, hates Jesus and the Gospels so much. It’s a killing desire to vanish and to ban all good news, so they can keep going on running their dark system.

And, of course, the Christian religions are the most guilty of the charge for this, like the jews were before them in the times of Jesus.

All nations, including the “christian” ones, drunk from the wine of the big whore of this world, Mystery Babylon, the Great Mother of all Harlots, and Abominations of Earth.

Their time is coming. And fast.

As well as our time to be with the Lord, forever.

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