Why do you keep doing what you hate to do?

In my last 10 years of awakened life (thanks to Jesus, all Glory for Him forever), I realized more and more how so many people keep living like clowns, pretending to be happy as if that was a job to be done.

Life suck and so many people hate the most part of it, but they can’t get away from pretending that everything is going just fine.

I did my many mistakes, for sure, but I never blended well in this play. I always tended much more to the cynical side, and naturally, I paid for this in form of indifference and judgment. The truth, however, was not in cynicism against the big lie of society, but in a deeper realm of existence, the spiritual dimension of life.

Complaining doesn’t work

The easiest escape to the problem of impotency against a life that sucks is the teenager métier of complaining.

Just protest against it. Say things are wrong and that you can’t compromise with this bullshit.

You can go on and on with that until you realize that nothing changes because of your brave campaign for justice. And why is that?

Something must be so wrong with this world! Yes, the whole thing is rigged, it’s a massive conspiracy!

Then enters the political revolutionary phase of complaining, which is more intellectually sophisticated than the previous one, but not necessarily more mature. Actually, is kind of the same tantrum as always. But the rationale of it gives you the illusion of power and authority. You start to think that being a rebel can work after all.

But this is not yet true rebellion. The clock is ticking, and you still want to live a good life.

After some time doing this resistance play, you start to see “normal” people going fine with their lives, at least apparently, and secretly you ask yourself if you are not being just a whining loser.

The Right Hand of the Devil

Enters the Pact with Death: time is passing, we need to hurry.

Doesn’t matter to have justice in the world anymore. Who cares?

The simple fact is that your time in this world diminishes every second, and you could always be enjoying it more.

So, the solution is to rush for all things you want to do. It’s the Right Hand of the Devil: do as thy wilt. Its also called in the Bible the “Pact with Death”, because you are losing life as it was a scarce resource. That is a lie. Life is forever. But that is in Jesus only. Without knowing and believing in Jesus, how can you escape the tempting offer of living as there was no tomorrow?

There is even a famous Latin quote used to share this idea, the famous “carpe diem“. The full quote is “carpe diem quam minimum credula postero“, which is actually spiritually much better than the modern cut version, but this world doesn’t care. The big sale of the day is: run for your lives!

The big irony here, and the reason why this is a Pact with Death, is that when you try to live the most in this world for fear of losing your opportunity, you are being ruled by Death. Instead of being a lover of life, you become a lover of Death. Yes, Death is your master, because Life is this weak, short, scarce thing that you have to hold carefully like it was carrying water with your bare hands. Death rules you! Because you are so afraid of losing these short years you have. On the other hand, if you truly love and believe in Life, you disregard Death, asking like Jesus: “Death, where is thy sting?

Jesus DEFEATED Death.

Death entered this world as a product of illusions and lies. With all things restored and healed by Jesus, Life is forever, and Death is no more.

There is the irony: people greedy for Life loved Death, and the people who loved Life despised Death.

But in most cases people miss the good news of Jesus, being because of stubbornness, listening to bad preachers, whatever.

The lust for this life, then, this Pact with Death, can endure for a long time, even to the end, but there is also a possibility for an upgrade in the ways of the Enemy.

The Left Hand of the Devil

Enters Gnosticism, the deepest Pact with the Devil.

Gnosis is the name of the supposed enlightenment about the nature of our reality. And that is the reality of prison.

Yes, we are trapped, locked in this world, and nobody knows where the keys are to open this thing and get out of here!

You see, intelligent and sensible people can’t be fooled by the Right Hand for too long. That just doesn’t work for them very well, because they keep feeling that something is deeply wrong with this world.

Truth be said, the masses love the Right-Hand solution, but the leaders of this world, the people with the greatest potential, can’t get happy with that cheap lie. No, they need a big one.

And of course, there is a big lie to be sold, always.

The offer is from the Tree of Knowledge, and the fruit of that tree is Gnosis.

Gnosis can take many forms, but basically is just the promise of liberation from the trap of this world by works of ascension. That can be religion, philosophy, science, and technology, whatever it takes to promise a way of getting out of here.

The illuminated ones are initiated in the mysteries, and they go on with the big lie that is –and again irony enters the stage– the construction of the very culture that keeps people locked in the illusions of this world!

It’s actually a gigantic spiritual joke. But it’s not a funny one, it’s a demonic farse.

Along the way, some people die going literally crazy with the pressure of the Left Hand. Nihilists become suicidal because Gnosis ever promises but never delivers, since Adam and Eve. The best people die before. Depressed, addicted to drugs, they go to the point of no return in this life.

But some people go ahead in the big Pact.

Working for Satan

Success is the cheapest product in this brothel that the Devil created.

Every new generation is invited to get along in the big project of building civilization. Most of them don’t realize they are working for Satan. They don’t have time to lose with conspiracy theories to spook kids, they are grown adult people that have a serious job to do. They are building a successful life, whatever that is to them.

These are the naive servants of the big lie, ignorant collaborators that come and go in each generation.

But there is one very special elite, the 1% of the 1% at the top of this pyramid scheme, that do the real deal, the deepest pacts with the big boss of this world, and believe me, you don’t even want to know what they do to get to the top. I am going to talk about it later in this blog because I need to, but trust me, it ain’t pretty.

The secret of serving Jesus

So, here we are, living in a world that doesn’t make too much sense, and not having too much to do about it.

Those that don’t want to play along since they are young, eventually are going to play the game anyway. In the best-case scenario, they fall to the Right Hand. In the worst, they go with the Left Hand.

But then a miracle happens. A big one, that we never deserved.

The true Creator of all things reveals Himself to us sending His Son, Jesus Christ, with the only truthful good news that can be: the truth of Love.

The solution for the rigged game of life is not to play the game.

You can’t lose a game that you don’t play.

It’s so simple that we can actually perceive the whole existence as a true comedy.

It is almost tragic for the liars, both the fallen angels and their minions of this world, and for the shy heartened people that still refuse Jesus, but they pay what they owe. And that is why there is no real tragedy in all of this, even with the great suffering, because Justice really rules.

About the problem of suffering, I will address later on in detail, when I will talk about the meaning of the Passion of Jesus to us.

But here is, for now, the big secret of serving Jesus that this entire world ignores: those who refuse to serve will be always ruled, and those that want to serve will be served themselves as rulers.

Jesus is the Lord of Lords because he is the greatest servant of all, the Lamb of God offered in sacrifice for the salvation of the entire Creation. Jesus is the shining never-ending light, the true Justice of God, the Way, the Life, the Ressurection.

The secret of serving Jesus is that we are served by Him.

I guess your broke and failed religion never told you that, right?

The secret of life is Love.

It’s a secret that this world will never get to the very end.

But who cares?

This world will burn. Let it burn.

Leave the world behind with a smile. Life is ahead, forever.

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