What do Christians and Satanists have in common?

Although Christians and Satanists are supposed to be in totally opposed positions in the universe, and indeed they are for the most important parts, surprisingly they share some things in common. Learning about that, we can understand better what means to be in the lukewarm church, and why is that scripture condemns so strongly the shy heart.

What both Christians and Satanists know is that we live in a reality that is totally spiritual, full of meaning and greater purposes. They know that there is a great story going on, a great war, that is going to be decided with great consequences. Their purpose is to serve, worship, and sacrifice.

They want a greater meaning for life

Being made in the image and resemblance of God, humans, in general, are supposed to have spiritual awareness. They are supposed to look for a greater meaning for life, than just living for the only sake of the present life.

Indeed, the whole of human history can be told as the story of the development of the spiritual narrative that man gives to explain its own existence, its origin, and its end.

For complicated reasons that we are not going to talk about here, in the last centuries a new idea has grown in the West and have been spread across the entire Earth: the idea of a secular narrative that rejects further meaning, as if men are just lost in an empty and meaningless universe, by accident.

That can look like a feasible idea today, but actually, it’s a very, very strange idea that most of past mankind would reject in a second as laughable pure nonsense. The fact that this idea is so acceptable today can be understood as the result of a successful campaign to put humanity under a trance, to “zombify” the masses, and all of that to make the arrival of the Antichrist look like a spectacle and as a deep truthful answer as much as possible.

So, today, apart from some religious and cultists in the middle ground that doesn’t know actually the real status of the spiritual war, the only really spiritually awakened people are the Christians and Satanists. They know what’s going on, and they look for a greater meaning that most of mankind has no idea about.

Both Christians and Satanists despise the regular affairs of this world as a mere background scenario for the real story that is going on. And this is why, although religious and “spiritualized” people believe they are on the path for a greater meaning, they really don’t know what they are doing, and they waste their hopes with false purposes.

The real spiritual life begins with the judgment of Jesus Christ in the Cross. There on, Christians and Satanists take totally different paths ahead. But without the revelation of the Cross, no spiritual life can be for real, for good, or for bad.

They want to live forever

Both Christians and Satanists believe in immortality, that they have been chosen to live forever, and that what they do in this life has an important repercussion in living forever.

It’s by no accident that the false promises made by Lucifer, Satan, in the Garden of Eden was that Eve and Adam could live forever.

That was a very appealing idea because it touched deeply in their human hearts. The very human nature, by design, is constituted in such a way that the satisfaction with being alive just requires a never-ending experience. It’s very natural and reasonable to expect that whatever is good should be good forever. The concept of ending, or dying seems absurd before the greatness and goodness of life itself. Nothing more natural, being so, than believing that life can be forever.

And of course, life is made to last forever by design.

But the problem is to know the source of life, where it came from.

The truth is the Love of God, the fruit of the Tree of Life.

The lie is the Gnosis, the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.

Satan lied. He made Eve and Adam believe in Gnosis instead of Love.

Until today, and to the end of this world, each new person in each new generation will be presented with the same choice again.

Because of the full disclosure of God’s plan, with full love, wisdom, and power through Jesus Christ in the Gospels, now men can make the most enlightened decision about living forever, and that is of accepting the Cross of Christ.

It’s important to remember that all men are mortal. Only God has Life in Himself and can give it freely.

The Tree of Knowledge is the Tree of Death, Lies, Deception, Pride, and Darkness. It’s a spiritual scam.

Jesus came to liberate all men of goodwill from that lie, so they can live forever through him.

They want to be like gods

But there is another thing that the deepest human nature reveals in its experience, beyond the desire for everlasting life. It’s the want that humans can have for possession of unlimited power and freedom to do as they please.

Of course, our life experience in this world denies this. But the pure possibility of a never-ending joy in life can’t be denied, and spiritually awakened people understand this very well. All we see in this world of scarcity is a quick glimpse of the full potential of experiencing Creation.

The difference, again, is the understanding of the source of this possibility of joy in Life.

Satanists go with “do as thy wilt”, making the despise for God’s presence the very way of spiritual ascension, as a forced liberation from the gnostic prison of this life. And in this way even the most horrible wrongdoings can be justified as necessary for spiritual growth, transforming evil in good and bitter into sweet, like scripture denounces.

Christians, by their turn, go with gratitude for all in life and life itself, and with patience to see the full disclosure of God’s plan and the revelation of the true full potential of Creation as a manifestation of the Glory of the Lord.

The big difference: sanctification

Having all of that in common, what is the difference?

Well, there are lots of differences, especially in the territory of being humble before God and just with neighbors. But the main difference regards the very interpretation of the purpose of this world.

To Satanists, the purpose of existing here is to be spiritually awake as a rebel, to fight for liberation, to gain spiritual power enough to be free from all domination and oppression, being that the way to acquire eternal life and godlike power. The mean to this is the building of a godless civilization, so culturally and technologically independent of God as possible, fulfilling the promises of Lucifer in Eden, living forever like gods as we wish.

To Christians, the purpose of existence is to accept and receive the Love of God through the Son of God, Jesus Christ. God is creating, and the mandate for Creation is the separation between light and darkness. Evil, then, must be a real possibility, because the stakes must be real. Therefore, we have real suffering and damage, but all of that is part of the plan of choice: so we can choose to trust the Creator having reasons to do so.

The purpose of the current life is sanctification: separation from the darkness. And darkness is to reject the Creator and to use nature and all people around to execute our will.

God is creating something. And the end of this work will be done with the last sanctification of the last generation. There on and forever, the light will be separated from darkness, the wheat from the tares, and the sheep from the goats.

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