The Rheingold Protocol

The genius of Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen consists in the composer’s decision to destroy the Gods in the end. That goes against the spirit of pagan mythology, and puts Love above Power, giving new depths to the meaning of the tragedy. As Christians, we can explore and extract meaningful motifs to boost our own faith at the expense of the pagan myths. I call it “The Rheingold Protocol”. This is a speculative work. Please, don’t judge my imagination, it is a waste of time.

The Protocol is made of the core decision that all characters made regarding Love and Power, as analog to the choice of eating from the Tree of Life against eating from the Tree of Knowledge. We all can expect to be blessed and receive things for free, or we can turn into thieves and get things by force. We can be children to God or dispute authority with him. We can live by Grace or can live by Pride.

The Purpose and the Phases of Creation

God Almighty was forever happy with Himself in the Love that the Father has for the Son.

Nothing needed to be ever created to add to that everlasting peace and joy.

Nevertheless, God knew that He could build a Creation that could receive that Love and share the same peace and joy forever like the Son received the Love of the Father. The Son was the inspiration for the entire Creation: to build creatures to receive and shine the bright of the Love of the Father forever.

The purpose of the Creation was the very Love for Creation, an eternal joy. However, each entity created is necessarily limited before the Creator. The challenge was to create better creatures, more complex and sophisticated, in a way that they could receive more of the Love, and share more of the peace and joy of the Creator, under the limitations of creation, for only the Son can be found worthy and perfect before the Father.

At the peak of the plan for Creation, the Lord found two top possibilities: the one of the Sons of God, celestial beings also called “angels”, powerful and intelligent agents of God resembling his might and glory, and the one of the Sons of Man, frail, ignorant and needy of constant Grace, resembling the need that the Son has for the Love of the Father.

These were the top creatures because they could participate in the Creation as free entities, with the freedom to agree or disagree with the Creator and his plan. Being free to join the plan, these creatures could receive the maximum joy possible in the entire Creation, receiving Love by choice and not by pure design, living in the full knowledge of Grace, and loving God in return freely and willingly.

This maximum joy came with a risk: as free creatures, the top creatures could reject the Love of God.

It also came with a very high price, the most expensive possible: although they are free, they are still imperfect creatures, and that imperfection will fatally reflect in their free behavior. Those free creatures could never justify their lives before the Creator. They will always fall short of merits and dignity. They will fail. They don’t deserve to live by themselves. Since they are free, their decision will always lack the necessary perfection demanded by God perfection. They are always more loved than they can recognize and justify, or pay back in their free deeds. Only the Son of God Himself, the only one perfect before the Father, can stand God, being the Son of God Himself. So, only the Son of God can justify the entire Creation and all the free beings, angels, and men, and he did so by giving his life in sacrifice so the trust in his Love alone could serve as full justice for Creation. It is the only perfect act of love that can turn Creation into the flawless work that God deserves.

In his Wisdom, God saw the full potential of Creation and saw it was good. It was worth the risk of freedom of rejection of His Love, and the sacrifice of the Son of God to justify those who accepted the Love.

The present Creation then is the work of God in which he will separate light from darkness forever, so the free entities that accept the Love can live forever in peace and joy with God, at the price of the loss of all those who decided to reject the Love.

The very purpose of the timeline we are living in is the separation between light and darkness.

Trust and Malice, Rise and Fall

No free creature can ever know God. Only the Son knows the Father, and only those who love the Son will be able to know the Father in Eternity, the proper dimension to experience the Glory of God.

That means that all free creatures, both angels and man, need to trust the Creator and His plan, without any true guarantees in form of control. The very mysterious and inapprehensible nature of God escapes all forms of power or understanding. The revelation of God as the Creator requires, to be dealt with, something beyond all forms of wisdom and domain: trust in his Love.

The reason to trust Love, though, is not so strange and complicated to understand: if the Creator is not loving us, we couldn’t exist in the first place. If a creator is not loving, it can’t be the true Creator, because God can’t be short of anything, and there is no more perfect thing than Love. Also, if our creator is not loving, he can’t be the ultimate true Creator, because one other Creator beyond was necessary as a more loving one. In the end, all things considered, there can be only One Creator of all things, and he is eminently known through his Love for Creation. This is the real final frontier of all existence. These things are a matter of spiritual discernment, but they are also very reasonable after some meditation. The very questioning of the Love of God brings the consideration of the necessary Love of the ultimate God and Creator of all things.

That said, angels and man trust in different ways.

Angels are supposed to trust once and for all since their existence is not dependant on the dimension of Time as man’s existence is. They do it as an act of good faith, once and for all.

Man, on the other hand, live in Time, and their Faith is lived as a continuous growing experience. They can’t make a powerful ultimate decision like the angels can and did at once, but, as compensation for that, they can repent after failing, again and again, until they are living in the current timeline experience.

Both in the angel’s case and in man’s case, trust requires humility, since pride is absolutely incompatible with receiving Love. The first delivery of Love is the very trust in Love because nothing else can stand Love, only pure trust.

Also, psychologically, trust is totally incompatible with malice. It is its very opposite. Although distrust is viable and sometimes even necessary in the relationship that creatures have between themselves, it just doesn’t work at all when directed over God. Malice towards God reflects back as darkness in the creatures, because of his purity and holiness.

That all said, also in both cases, of angels and man, being rich in any form, like powerful, wise, etc., constitutes a spiritual challenge, because that wealth is real only concerning other creatures, meaning nothing before the Creator. But any creature can mistake its qualities as real traits, forgetting God as the source of all gifts, making room for pride and spiritual fall. Of course, the highest creatures are the ones that live in the greatest danger.

Not by coincidence, the greatest angel ever created, Lucifer, the Bearer of Light, fallen to the deepest Abyss and will ultimately fall to Perdition, as well as the Antichrist, the to-be greatest King over the entire Earth for a short time, will fall to Perdition the same way.

In comparison, the Archangel Michael, as opposed to Lucifer, holds humility in his very name, which means: “Who is like God?”, and Jesus Christ rules as the King of Kings because he accepted to be the Lamb of God for the salvation of Creation. Those that wanted to rule fall, and those who have served humbly will rule.

Phase One: Ring vs. Rheingold

Let’s get into the story here, to understand the unfolding of God’s plan.

Being so bright and wise as a great agent to God’s creation and master plan, Lucifer nourished a feeling of being special, as a co-creator aside God, as an Architect to the entire work of Creation. That was not really his function or status, but his wealth in gifts dazzled his heart and he forgot his position before the Lord himself, who for being who He Is, never wanted to humiliate his servants with his full might, in the protection of their freedom of choice and trust.

One day, a deep and mortal doubt entered Lucifer’s heart: where did God come from?

As explained above, that is an impossible question. The Creator of all things being eternal and never created himself, no origin to him could ever be found. That constitutes the essence of the singularity of God: He Is the One. But that uniqueness of God CAN’T be understood. Not even by Lucifer. Before the question about the origin of God, there can only be trust, trust that only God can be God, and that trust is possible through Love only. This is why Love is the main thing: it is the reason for Creation, and it’s the only truly open way to know the Creator.

Being so bright and wise, as I was saying, Lucifer just couldn’t stand an important question like that without an answer. Trust gives way to malice in the heart full of pride. Being so special, Lucifer couldn’t accept to just trust God’s word like everyone else. And if in his intelligence the angel, high as cherubim or seraphim, couldn’t understand the eternal nature of God, maybe something is wrong after all.

Maybe God is lying?

Maybe there is something else out there, an origin from where he comes from, and we are not supposed to worship him as the Creator?

Even if Lucifer questioned the Almighty directly, what could God do?

Only the Son knows the Father. And only the Son can give real knowledge of the Father to all free creatures, to those that accept to know God from the trust in Love (this is why Jesus says “I AM THE WAY”). God just can’t show any creature his eternal Glory, because no creature can know infinity to prove that is infinity. It is impossible.

God could destroy Lucifer, of course, but what is the point in doing that?

God could answer something like this: “I don’t know where I came from”.

Which is the complete truth: God can’t know the unknowable.

But how did Lucifer reacted to his own ignorance after all?

Did he accept that humbly?

He didn’t.

He founded a rebellion against God and convinced one-third of the angels of Heaven to join him in his doubts and malice. The order of the day was to break free from the rule of the false God. The reason to justify the war was that intelligent angels like them would not be forced to believe and serve without concrete knowledge. Instead of serving God, the angels will serve themselves, increasing their sin with all greed for power and control.

The revolution failed, and Lucifer fell from Heaven with his minions forever.

Here we can check the first symbol from Wagner’s opera to aid us to understand the story.

Like Alberich could not stand the pure promise of future love, peace, and joy, represented by the Rhine’s Gold (from now on “Rhinegold”), like the Rhine Maidens did and invited him to do so, Lucifer could not trust God’s plan and serve to accept his limitation. And like Alberich build a Ring to have power over the entire world, Lucifer also builds his Revolution to have power over the entire Creation.

The Rhinegold is like an engagement gift. It represents the promise of Love in the future, and that is the cause of the present peace and joy of the Rhine Maidens, the reason why they dance and sing around the Rhinegold and celebrate the promise of Love.

Alberich can’t stand the fact that Love is not a reality for him. He can’t wait to believe and trust. He becomes a thief: curses Love for the sake of Power and forges the Ring that represents his betrayal of Love and lust for Power over Creation.

Later, though, Alberich’s revolution fails when the Ring is taken by Wotan, and he falls. But in his defeat, he curses the Ring: everyone that owns the ring must fall and be destroyed.

And just like that, Lucifer’s mission since he was an outcast is to accuse and curse all creatures that betray Love for Power, just like he did before. His accusation doesn’t come from justice, though, since the curse is generated by a purely evil intent of his heart, and therefore his own deeds as the accuser must be judged and condemned forever.

Phase Two: Regenbogen vs. Lamm

Men must pass by the same choice between Love and Power that the angels had.

They can choose to live by the fruit from the Tree of Life, or by the fruit from the Tree of Death.

Love or Power brings the fruits of Grace or Gnosis.

The choices are the same, as well as are the results.

While in Phase One the Protocol regarded mainly angels, their decisions, and the consequences, in Phase Two the focus is on men. This is the current place in the timeline that we are living in.

The choice over Power and Knowledge is represented by the Regenbogen, the rainbow bridge created by Frohe to give access to the “gods” to Walhalla. Walhalla is the mansion built for the gods to live forever in safety and triumph. Wotan ordered its construction at the cost of lies, manipulation, and the betrayal of love. In the same way that the gods are fake but are lured to believe they are going to live forever and rule, Satan (fallen Lucifer, the adversary, and accuser) offered Eva and Adam to be like gods and live forever.

The bridge itself means the way in the direction of the promised land, the Castle in the Air above the clouds, Walhalla. Until men walk through the bridge, they are believing in the offer of Power and Knowledge, betraying the Love of God. The betrayal is symbolized by the rainbow, the very token God used to mark his alliance with Noah, establishing the continuity of the Earth until the End despite the behavior of men. Stepping over the mercy of God, men walk in the direction of the Abyss, while they believe to be saving themselves.

The other choice, the trust of Love and Humility is represented by the Lamb of God (Lamm), Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Living in the alliance of Jesus means to be fulfilling the ideal plan of God to men, to receive the full gifts of resurrection.

Phase Two can endure the time it is necessary to pass for God to collect all the results he wants to.

Every generation of men is like a new crop. There will be a final generation when God finishes the work of Phase Two.

It is also convenient to remember that God is not restrained into the creation of one universe. He holds easily the power to create parallel multiverses (yes, multiverses in the plural, multiple collections of multiple universes) to His own infinite Glory. The importance of each universe is not diminished, since God remains the same, Jesus Christ remains the Son of God to all Creation, for all possible multiverses, and the personal Redeemer of each one of them. We are not talking about aliens here, we are talking about humans living in parallel realities. We can expand on this topic later, in another post about speculative, or creative theology.

Phase Three: Götterdammerung vs. Feueropfer

At the end of Phase Two, the story shifts considerably.

If Jesus was the Lamb of God to the Christian believers, now he comes as a Lion, to conquer the Earth.

Phase Three is the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the Apocalypse.

It is a process of seven Earth years, that starts with the empowerment of the Antichrist and the beginning of the Tribulation period.

The followers of the Antichrist will be marked as members of the System of the Beast, the very inauguration of Walhalla on Earth. No more diseases, nor aging; no wars, no poverty; eternal life. All will be promised if men accept to join the System of the Beast, believing in the miraculous signs and prodigies, and declaring that Jesus Christ is NOT the Son of God.

The followers of Jesus Christ will be persecuted, pressed to join the System and to deny Jesus as Son of God. At the end of the process, also called “The Great Tribulation”, the Noahide Laws will be emplaced to justify the decapitation of Christians as “idolaters of two gods”.

Just after that, the Revelation of Jesus Christ will come. As a light to the followers and fire to the Beast and its minions, Jesus will put all things in order. The Antichrist will be defeated, the Beast will be locked in the Abyss for 1,000 years, and the Earth will be cleansed with fire. A new millennium of real peace and prosperity will be lived by the saints and their new children, the Resurrected ruling as kings and queens with Jesus Christ as the supreme ruler of the New Earth.

Walhalla was a lie. The truth is the destruction of all plans of men without God, the twilight of the false gods: Götterdammerung, a world in flames.

And Jesus will be revealed as the King of Kings, the justice for the entire Creation. First, he came as a lamb; now, he returned as a lion, with all the believers at his side, all that have offered their lives to God. Those who lived and died believing in the Love of God will rule with Christ: they passed the test of the fire of Love sacrificing their lives for love (Feueropfer).

Phase Four: Walhalla vs. Löwe

The next phase will be the blessed or resting day of Creation, where God will live on Earth with men for one thousand years, with real peace and prosperity. No curse, no evil, no pain, no darkness, no sin, no fear.

The believers in Christ that have ascended with him in the Apocalypse are called parts of the First Ressurection, both believers that died in all times and the saints of the last days that lived through the Tribulation period.

The saints receive the “body of glory”, the new perfectly designed vessels made by God to their experience of eternal life. Inside this perfect vehicle, the saints have full communion with the Son and the Father, through the inhabitance of the Holy Spirit of God in them. They are infallible and perfect in all ways that men can be, imitating as adopted children the perfect quality that the Son always had. Because of this, they become local rulers, Kings and Queens, under the supreme rule of Jesus Christ as the King of Kings. The saints live honorably like they were always supposed to, like lions under the big Lion of Judah (Löwe).

They have newborn children that receive a body in Grace without any stain or curse, like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before the fall, but this is not yet the body of glory of their fathers, nor they have full communion with God. They live the first stage of freedom, to trust or not in the Love of God like their parents have lived before them, although they have much easier lives in the New Earth with Jesus in command with his Saints, and with no deception, no idolatry, no accusation and no temptation from the part of the locked demons. Their hearts will be tested in the future.

Meanwhile, all humanity that rejected the Love of God, those who selected Power over Love, who preferred Gnosis over Grace, who choose Pride over Humility, all of them lie in the real “mansion of the gods”: Death. That is the real Walhalla. Death is a suspension state for their souls, meaning only that they can be brought back to life at the wish of God. God is not done with them. We should not mistake Death for Hell: Hell is the place where the disobedient spiritual entities, the fallen angel, exists until the end of all things.

The purpose of the Phase Four is to grow the new and last crop of the blessed generation of the Millenium, and to God to show the perfect design of his original plan if men have selected to obey him from the start. It will be a resting time for God, for Earth, and for the Saints and their blessed progeny.

Phase Five: Ragnarok vs. Lebensbaum

After 1,000 years the Beast will be released back into Earth to deceive and corrupt men again one last time, so the blessed millennial generation can make their choice to join their fathers or the dead. The saints are safe from all deceptions and seductions, and they stay at the side of Jesus for the final battle.

The final battle of Armageddon takes place, with the final defeat of Satan and his minions.

Then comes Doomsday, the Day of Destiny, or Judgement Day: God will raise all the dead of all times and will judge them according to their deeds. This is the Second Ressurection.

Since there is no eternal torment of human souls in Hell (God don’t have pleasure even in the death of man, much less in their torture, and in the end God always does what gives him pleasure), it would be a mere useless play to resurrect men just to destroy them, since they could already have been destroyed at once before. God doesn’t waste his time with plays, his full purpose is always to love. They are resurrected to pronounce themselves about their life, according to the reading of the books of their lives. Those that declare themselves guilty and accept the mercy of Jesus Christ receive eternal life for their repent, and those that declare themselves innocent and reject the forgiveness of their sins against Love receive the grace of extinction.

Death and Hell are destroyed.

All fallen angels are destroyed with Hell, as all men that rejected forgiveness are destroyed with Death.

That was Ragnarök, the “destiny of the gods”, and the end of all old things.

New things will be created for the eternal life of men, now all of them living with the body of glory in full communion with God, ruling not as kings anymore, but as gods in an entirely new opened Creation, to experience the Love and the Glory of God forever. That is the ultimate life under the Tree of Life, Lebensbaum.

Somethings could be said about the way of existence of the new life, but that goes far under speculations that are not convenient to expose here. Let’s say, for now, that eternal life will solve the mysterious enigma of Love vs. Power. Men, now as sons of God, will have the full experience of both Love and Power, with none of the contradictions that determined the experience of trust in Love before. Now, Power can be unleashed without restraint.

Eternal life is the union of Love and Power forever, the ultimate result of the Creation of God, where the greatest number of free creatures can enjoy a perfect eternal life of peace and happiness with God.

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