No work and all play makes Jack a happy boy (but avoid the UBI trap)

  1. Capitalism II game: let the monster work for you

–45 years simulation
–from 1990 to 2035
–net worth from $30,000,000 to $4,127,354,112
–with no work, just capital,
my net worth increased 137x
–$30,000 = 45 yrs later = $4,127,354
–1,5% yield makes $62,000

  1. Do it yourself: how UBI and Welfare can be a trap

–Don’t wait for the trade off, UBI will cost your freedom.

  1. What to do in the case of a major crisis in next September (the 2028END hypothesis)

–If Jesus come back to destroy Earth in Sep 2028, that means that the Great Trib period starts April 2025, and that the 7 yrs Trib starts next Sep 2021.

–The world will end only once, all before that is just progress.

–The world ends to all that die.

  1. Following up the subject in The Lost and Found podcast (Tic-Tac Beast, The Tower)

–Tic-Tac Beast (against the voluntary slavery of the “Annuit Coepits” system)


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