REGARDING the creation of digital content in English, INDEED we have a pretty big challenge ahead

This title is a joke with a friend.

He told me that he is stuck with the words “regarding” and “indeed”, because of some old TV show character, Mr. Spock.

Mr. Spock is full of shit, in my modest opinion.

Can I say “shit” like this in my blog? I don’t know for sure, my friend has some fragile sensibility for rude words.

Back to Mr. Spock, here we have this character designed to represent the conflict between reason and emotion. As if someone actually cared about it. This supposed drama is consequential to the rationalist thinking, a problem really lived by some 0.5% of the world population, maybe? And here we are, giving attention to Mr. Spock and the mortal battle between mind and heart.

Let me save you some time.

As some 99% of the pop culture, Star Trek is gnostic. This is no name-calling. It is what it is. The whole idea of the show is this progress of mankind through knowledge and civilizational works, completely disregarding any transcendent design. Not only did Mr. Rodenberry, the creator of the show, got inspired by the modern version of old gnostic ideas, like the perpetual peace from Kant, but he actually made very central the point of the exploration for the truth as a third-dimensional experience through space. Space becomes “the final frontier”, meaning, in full alignment with the Kantian idea of the thing-in-itself being hidden as a secret, that we are all wanderers in the prison of the third dimension.

Well, being so the case, it is obvious that these people will live titanic battles between mind and heart, because everything got confused. Transcendence being cut out, there is no more place to the full meaning of “heart”, except by this poor and weak rationalistic replacement called “emotion”. This is a lie. The heart actually keeps running the show, although secretly, because these geniuses are too much busy being entertained with their own minds. Pride. Arrogance.

To be fair, the show actually tries to reinstate the heart to its place somehow, with characters like Kirk and McCoy, but does it very badly in my view, always paying tribute to the gods of reason and never really breaking the bond. Heart survives in a way, but only as a slave. In the end Reason and Civilization will prevail as works of men, men have saved himself, and have brought peace by his own merits. How can this be anyhow spiritually good? Pure gnostic garbage, illuministic, promethean, totally anti-christian.

But this was not my point with this post. I just wanted to say something about the use of English to create digital content.

It’s harder than I thought it would be, but this is actually some good news because the challenge provides a big reward for taking it: the largest audience in the world.

And with a perk: using my local Portuguese language I carry lots of vices and mannerisms, but with English, I am kind of free of that. I do feel that I can go beyond my local culture and think and say things that I would not feel comfortable to think and say in my local tongue. Yes, we are that stupid and limited, and this is the very advantage of being humble: we can act acknowledging our limitations.

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