The Dawry is paid


Where we talk the joy of waiting for the Groom

Thursday, August 26, 2021

The Dawry is paid

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    What is the spiritual Engagement and Wedding?
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    What is Love: the essence of Life

–Scriptural subsidy I: Ecclesiastes for meaning of Life
“The life of men is to eat, drink and have joy, and that comes from
The Lord”

–Scriptural subsidy II: Letter from John for the designation of Love
“In this consists Love: that God have loved us first”

–Gift of Life to receive joy and pleasure with Beauty

–Living for Love
–The meaning of life
–The source and the end of life, the origin and the destiny
–The justice of life
–The joy of life

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The payment done by the Groom to marry the Bride

The Holy Spirit shows the culpability of the world regarding:
a) sin – refuse of Faith (they don’t want to believe in Love)
b) justice – because Jesus has gone to Heaven
c) judgement – the accuser is judged forever

If you believe in Jesus, you don’t owe shit to this world anymore

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