We are power freaks


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Thursday, Aug 26, 2021

We are power freaks


Current: 38.7 (-1,2%)
Next goal: 35
ETA: Dec 2021
Reward: Outback Steakehouse

Current: 2km x1
Next goal: 4km x15
ETA: Sep 2021
Reward: New sneackers

Current: 10% (+0%)
Next goal: 15%
ETA: Jul 2023
Reward: Nice trip to the beach

–Average Savings Margin
Current: 38%
Next goal: 50%
ETA: Jan 2022
Reward: PI/E Review

–Follows Twitch/Youtube
Current: 19/474 = 493 (0.2%+)
Next goal: 50/500 = 550
ETA: Aug 2022
Reward: Live Party

–What’s going on in my life now

Resuming my morning walk routine

God delivers

If my enemies will know anyway, why not my friends?

The best job in the world = to share the Love of God


–S&P500 discount from top
4,496 (0,6% from 4,499)

–IBOV discount from top
119,979 (7,6% from 130,776)

–ETFs check
Due Sep 30, 2021

–What is going on

All fine, just waiting on the doomsday


–Spiritual SM and The Release Prayer (x1)

The belief in the necessity of suffering and opression
creates the roles of sadistic and masochist

–We are Power freaks (x1)
Path of Fear, doubt and darkness vs.
Path of Love, trust and light

FEAR is based on PRIDE, because you miss the power
that you feel you should have

–You can live by Love or by Power, it’s your choice

–Scriptural subsidies for the spiritual SM in Exodus:
You are lazy
They didn’t hear Moses, because of the hard work
and oppression

–Learning the Release prayer with Moses (x1)

Back in 2017 I learned to pray like this:
“Release me from captivity,
and release from me my captives”

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