Distraction, seduction and traping


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Answering the call from our Shepherd

Friday, Aug 27, 2021

Distraction, seduction and traping


Current: 38.8 (+0,3%)
Next goal: 35
ETA: Dec 2021
Reward: Outback Steakehouse

Current streak: lost, restart
Next goal: 4km x15
ETA: Sep 2021
Reward: New sneackers

–PI/E Ratio
Current: 10% (+0%)
Next goal: 15%
ETA: Jul 2023
Reward: Nice trip to the beach

–Average Savings Margin
Current: 38%
Next goal: 50%
ETA: Jan 2022
Reward: PI/E Review

–Follows Twitch/Youtube
Current: 19/474 = 493 (+0%)
Next goal: 50/500 = 550
ETA: Aug 2022
Reward: Live Party

–What’s going on in my life now

My pizza problem

Spielberg, the Mount of Lies, and the Twilight Zone
(cancelled, it was a trap)

From 3hrs/day amateur podcast to 6hrs/day pro

Reassurance in being spiritually attacked, and need of healing

Mivard’s call to the appreciation of the Portuguese language


–S&P500 discount from top
4,470 (0,6% from 4,499)

–IBOV discount from top
118,725 (9,2% from 130,776)

–ETFs check
Top 10 holdings
Targeted stocks
Due Oct 1, 2021

–What is going on

The other reason for a crisis starting in Sep 2021:
(along the FED tapering and 2028END timeline)
18 months from lockdowns

BEEF (Minerva Foods) goes to Australia,
Joint Ventures with Sharke Lake and
Great Eastern Abattoir

MGLU (Magazine Luiza) buys Kabum!,
expands in the virtual marketplace

Brazillian companies giving extra cash before
tax reform changes starts in 2022

Low rates keeps pushing to the bubble trap of fake asset prices

Ups and Downs:

Upgrades from weight 1 to 4
+LREN (Lojas Renner)
+YDUQ (Yduqs)

Upgrades from weight 2 to 4
+LOGG (Log Commercial Properties)
+CRFB (Carrefour Brazil)
+CAML (Camil Alimentos)
+CVS (CVS Health)
+RTX (Raytheon Technologies Corp)
+HMC (Honda Motor Company)
+CVX (Chevron Corp)

Upgrades from weight 1 to 2
+TM (Toyota Motor Corp)

Upgrades from weight 4 to 8
+AIV (Apartment Investment & Management Co)

Downgrades from weight 8 to 4
-SUI (Sun Communities Inc)

Downgrades from weight 4 to 2
-SVC (Service Properties Trust)

–Distraction, seduction and traping (Right and Left Hands)

The System of the Beast have two sides:
The Right Hand Distracts and Seduces — The Pawns (masochists)
The Left Hand Traps and Enslaves — The Other Roles (sadistics)

–Purpose of the system: to separate men from
the Creator (idolatry)

–Method of the system: slavery, corruption,
extorsion, threats, compartmentalized conspiracy

Conspiracy Theories and Paranoia goes with the spiritual rule

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