Stop lying: God knows our evilness since our childhood

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“The designs from the hearts of men are evil
since their childhood”

The Flood and Noah, God says that He is not going to
clean the world again because …

a) No more floods
b) No more people will age over 120+
c) The animals are given as property to men
d) The Rainbow is the symbol of this Alliance

Innocence requires freedom

Innocence can’t be a quality of a being that can’t be

Only free beings can be innocent

We are not born innocent, we are born FREE

Through the experience of freedom we are going to learn that
we are not innocent, just because we can and indeed we do
start doing or thinking or wanting evil things

Innocence is the power to do evil but the decision
to not do it

Why it is liberating to know we are evil?
Because we don’t need to pretend anymore, and we can
desire and receive the Grace for Grace without merits

So, to be loved, you need to want to be loved, and being not
worthy clarifies the Love of God to us

Humility is the key to the Heart
Heart is the key to Love
Love is the key to Life

Humility before the Lord not men
Humility before Wisdom = we are ignorant
Humility before Power = we are weak
Humility before Love = we are evil

Who which confesses to me glorifies me


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