Spiritual life doesn’t come with a “turn-off” switch

–No “turn-off” switch for Spiritual Life:

The spiritual dimension contains all lower dimensions inside completely
All is spiritual

Spiritual Life means looking for the purpose and the meaning of things,
like the final cause of things

Gnosis did a trade-off between final/formal and material/efficient causes

Everything is spiritual, 24/7, as your Heart never stops beating

A-theism is a trick to induce people to ignore their own Hearts

The body is the temple,
the heart is the altar,
the food is the offering,
the heartbeat and blood heating giving life to the body is the ritual
you are in state of spiritual worshipping ALWAYS

The key to assume the full power of human Freedom is humility,
to destroy the gnostic lie that covers belief as controled knowledge,
you just DON’T KNOW most of the things you think you know,
you are BELIEVING, just be humble and honest, and that is enough

Why do people get into depression, anxiety, drugs etc. when they are fine?

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