Spiritual bolchevism


Tuesday, Aug 31, 2021

Spiritual bolchevism


Current: 37.5 (-2.3%)
Next goal: 35
ETA: Dec 2021
Reward: Outback Steakehouse

Current month: 18km
Next goal: 75km
ETA: Sep 30, 2021
Reward: New sneackers

Current month: 60hrs x1
Next goal: 10x 48hrs
ETA: Sep 30, 2021
Reward: Burger King

Current: 10.93% (+0%)
Next goal: 15%
ETA: Jul 2023
Reward: Nice trip to the beach

–Average Savings Margin
Current: 38.0%
Next goal: 50%
ETA: Jan 2022
Reward: PI/E Review

–Follows Twitch/Youtube
Current: 19/475 = 494 (+0.2%)
Next goal: 50/500 = 550
ETA: Aug 2022
Reward: Live Party

Current: 13 episodes
Next goal: 60 episodes
ETA: Sep 30, 2021
Reward: New PC

12 days to Aki Basho

Aki 2021 Banzuke Highlights:
Terunofuji Yokozuna
Takakeisho Kadoban (8/7)
Meisei Sekiwake
Ichinojo Komusubi
Hoshoryu M1
Kotonowaka M3
Hokuseiho J12

–What’s going on in my life now

The Hikikomori Verses are not dead
The Heirloom + Yellow September campaign

My personal FOMO stocks:
AMZN, GOOGL, BLK, and OTC stocks
What to do: invest more money, wait for splits or crashes
What not to do: do ETFs or fractional shares

Why it is so difficult to change:
We become more adults (spiritually dead, crystallizing life)


–S&P500 discount from top
4,524 (0.0% from 4,524)

–IBOV discount from top
119,393 (8.7% from 130,776)

–ETFs check
Check the Top 10 holdings from the top ETFs
Due Oct 1, 2021

–What is going on the Markets

The case for the BABA (Alibaba) stock

The best price/fundamentals in the market

Charlie Munger can do stupid things, he is a F human

How to invest in China, or in anything actually

–Ups and Downs:

Business as usual, just waiting for the Doomsday

–Pawns: Spiritual Bolchevism, slavery to numbers

The powerful coercion of the masses

The weakest arguments are the ones of Authority and
the famous “everybody knows”

If Vox Populi asked for the death of Christ, is that Vox Dei?

Spiritual life is NOT a social experience

You will meet the Lord alone, you can’t hide inside the masses

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