The joy of suffering for Love and the pain of suffering for Justice


Passion is suffering for Love

Pain hurts in the body
Suffering hurts in the mind
Passion is the spiritual meaning of the suffering, because of Love

The Son and the Father

In Christ we don’t suffer for Justice anymore, we suffer for Love

So, we are free from the Suffering, because it can’t change the Love

The reason for the suffering:
God have a plan, Evil and Darkness are going to be destroyed,
but our choices must be real, to believe in Love you must be really
able to believe in Death

The judgement of God in the Cross, for doing a Creation that will
always need His Love

Objective Pain (it hurts) vs.
Subjective Suffering (I shouldn’t go through this)

The Devil is a Terrorist, check out for REAL suffering vs. Fear

The blessing of Genesis 3 = No Curse and no Death = Hell forever

Suffering works for the Humble and Faithful, but is a disgrace
to the Pride and Doubtful

It is much better to be loved then to be worthy

You don’t deserve shit
You can’t deserve things and be worthy, and be loved at the same time,
do your choice, to live before creatures or before the Creator,
to live in in idolatry or to live in Faith

The end is near, look at the big picture and be really free

The joy of being grateful for every breath of air and every heartbeat,
because you were not supposed to be here right now, and here you are,
called to live forever. Knowing this is to live the true Love.

How Praise and Passion gives freedom
against the Right and Left Hands of the Devil

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