The role of the Tower in spiritual chess

–Tower 1: slavery to scarcity

–Tower 2: Scriptural guidance

The borrower is slave to the lender,
don’t borrow to not be a slave
don’t lend to not be a slave master

The root of all evils
Is NOT money, is the LOVE for money
Idolatry is the root of all evils

The camel through the eye of the needle
The rich young men have PRIDE not money
For men it is impossible to go to Heaven, but to God nothing is

Where is your treasure, there is your heart
You can’t save yourself


Current: 37.5 (-0.0%)
Next goal: 35
ETA: Dec 2021
Reward: Outback Steakehouse

Current month: 5km (7%)
Next goal: 75km
ETA: Sep 30, 2021
Reward: New sneackers

Current month: 48hrs x0.5 (5%)
Next goal: 10x 48hrs
ETA: Sep 30, 2021
Reward: Burger King

Current: 9.20% (-15%)
Next goal: 15%
ETA: Jul 2023
Reward: Nice trip to the beach

–Average Savings Margin
Current: 33.8% (-11%)
Next goal: 50%
ETA: Jan 2022
Reward: PI/E Review

–Follows Twitch/Youtube
Current: 19/475 = 494 (+0%)
Next goal: 50/500 = 550
ETA: Aug 2022
Reward: Live Party

Current: 0 episodes (0%)
Next goal: 60 episodes
ETA: Sep 30, 2021
Reward: New PC

11 days to Aki Basho

Miyagino stable infection, Hokuseiho maybe out half or full basho
Hakuho, Ishiura and Enho to be tested

–What’s going on in my life now

August wrap-up

September expectations

Hikikomori issue next Saturday


–S&P500 discount from top
4,534 (0.0% from 4,534)

–IBOV discount from top
119,071 (9.1% from 130,776)

–ETFs check
Check the Top 10 holdings from the top ETFs
Due Oct 1, 2021

–What is going on the Markets

Govts hiding the real inflation even more

SLCE land portfolio up 75% in 1 year (from BRL 3.9b to 6.9)
Stock up 60%
Property is Inflation hedge babe

–Ups and Downs:

Business as usual, just waiting for the Doomsday

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