Spiritual GPS

Having a spiritual life requires some sense of positioning in God’s master plan.

This is important to put our present life in a relative perspective that decompresses the importance of each experience we have here. The faithful should have a calm approach provided by the peace and joy of living with Christ. That peace and joy come as fruits of Faith and Hope, and that brings the big picture in spiritual terms.

I am using the Rheingold Protocol to build a frame on this spiritual perspective since I don’t care about any particular cultural approach. Jewish culture is so mundane as the nordic pagan culture, it’s all fruit of human art and creativity. There is something as a universal symbolism that transcends all particular cultures. The important matter is always the spiritual substance, not the external form. And that is why I am not trapped in any particular form. I can use every form because I am not enslaved by any form, since I am always looking for the substance.

We can go for biblical stories to get the perspective, and we will do that a lot in the future. But we can’t miss the simplicity of a single and powerful glance for the sake of a religious tradition. This is why, as in many cases we will check the deep meaning of some stories (like Abraham, Jacob, etc.) to understand some particular aspects of spiritual faith, we will also get the full picture using anything that can help us, as we can do with the Rheingold Protocol.

But not even the Rheingold story is necessary to put things in perspective. Since we learned from a frame, we can discard even that frame and work with the more pure substance, as I will try to do next.

The purpose of the present life

The purpose of Creation is to give joy to the Creator by the enjoyment of His blessings. God doesn’t need to create anything, though, to be in everlasting and perfect happiness with Himself. Creation is a pure freely act of love that expands the experience of enjoyment.

The joy is proportional to the capability of enjoyment from the creatures. The more sophisticated the creature, the higher is the potential joy to be achieved. And in the top of Creation God saw the possibility to create free creatures that will not only experience the full potential of life with deep and complex degrees of perception of the Beauty of God through Creation but also with freedom to accept or reject the love, so with the free acceptance of love the enjoyment of life could reach the maximum level.

The plan came with a price: freedom requires the real possibility of the error. To be free, the free creatures must have the real choice between living by the Love of God and living by pride, away from Love. The Darkness and Death of the rejection of Love must be permitted so the free choice over Love can be real.

The ultimate price was paid by God himself when Jesus Christ gave his own life to save us all, and this is why in the Book of Revelation the Lord is described as worthy of opening the Book of Life. After the sacrifice of Christ, the full truth was revealed to the faithful, as will be revealed to all creatures at the End of all things.

We, by our turn, must pay some price for our belief, as Jesus did and asked us to do, to carry our own crosses.

What is that, though?

To reject pride, darkness, and death and to believe in the Love of God, despite all the temptation to betray God. To be humble and faithful, to accept any suffering, and to be grateful for our blessings. In simple terms, to live in the Presence of God (the famous “Fear of God”), doing Him justice by loving Him back as we are so much loved, and doing justice to our fellow humans by treating them as we expect to be treated.

The purpose of the present life is to make a choice: to accept or to reject the Love of God.

Any pretension of neutral positioning in this is illusory.

It is not a matter of behavior, of mundane belonging, of using the right words or gestures or entering the right religious club. God doesn’t care about all those things, because He will personally destroy all of them. The coming of the Lord will be the coming of the judgment of His Love, it will be light and fire consuming all things, except the hearts of the faithful that will stand the fire and the light of the Love of God because of the choice to trust in it. Nothing else could possibly resist. So, God doesn’t care about appearances. He will taste and test our hearts only.

That all said, of course, we should get things in this life as simple as we can. The more bonds you make with this world, the harder will be for you to live a simple life with the Lord. No one should waste time and energy by paying tribute to this falling world, trying to belong to something that is about to be destroyed.

The faithful are called to live free lives, free from all the slavery of this world.

This is so important to me that I had to learn this powerful prayer back in 2017:

“Release me from captivity, and release from me my captives.”

Myself, 2017

The purpose of the present life is not to obtain power, being that in terms of influence, fame, strength, wealth, knowledge, or whatever, but to trust in God and to love Him.

If anything, even thinking in this with a cold heart, the truth is that God is the ultimate source of power and wisdom, so to look for real power and wisdom means to look for God in the end. Even the coldest heart in the world should look for the Lord to get any real power or wisdom, though when we live with God we learn that Love is the only thing that matters.

Yes, in eternal life we will enjoy all power and wisdom, but that is only because we will be united with the Holy Spirit of God, His Love. Love is the key to both power and wisdom because Love is the purpose of all power and wisdom.

God created everything with his Power and Wisdom, but He was moved by His own Love to do it.

The work of God

Back to the Rheingold framework, we can activate this spiritual GPS to check where exactly we are in the history of Creation.

God, the Creator Himself, is building the perfect work to last forever. In that work, it is necessary to separate the free creatures according to their decision to trust or betray the Love of God. This is the work of God: to sanctify, and that means to separate and save the good from the evil, light from darkness, sheep from goats, wheat from tares. Evil, darkness, goats, and tares have no use to God, so they are separated for extinction, while good, light, sheep, and wheat are saved for eternity.

Check out the phases of Creation in five phases, following the inspiration from the Rheingold Protocol:

PHASE Evil/Darkness/Goats/Tares Good/Light/Sheep/Wheat
1-Creation of Heavens RING
Disobedient angels lose Grace, are cast out of Heaven, fallen into Hell
Obedient angels keep their Grace, ranks, and service in Heaven
2-Creation of Earth
Disobedient men build civilization believing proudly in the conquest of godhood and immortality, when actually they live by the very Grace they despise (stepping on the Rainbow)
Obedient men humbly accept the guidance from the Holy Spirit, the Law of Love inscribed in their hearts, living by Grace and expecting salvation from God
3-First Resurrection GÖTTERDAMMERUNG
The end of the world of men by fire, the Revelation of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the King of Kings
The salvation of the separated people from the destruction of the world
4-Seventh Day WALHALLA
The mansion of the dead waiting for judgment for 1,000 years
The ruling of Jesus Christ as the King of Kings with the saints over the purified earth for 1,000 years
5-Second Resurrection RAGNAROK
The Doomsday, the last day for the humiliation and sentencing of the disobedient, destruction of Death and Hell
The day of the triumph of the Love of God, the revelation of His Glory, the construction of new Heavens and Earth

Being the Bride: Light, Sheep and Wheat

The awareness about our position inside the history of Creation is a big gift from the Lord, so we can rest in expectation and hope for His work of salvation. Our days here are counted. Each day is one less in the count that separates us from the life with the Lord. How can we be really disturbed by present events having that promise in mind?

We need to learn to be like the Bride waiting for the Groom: since He paid our dowry in the Cross, He owns our lives forever. We can only live by His Love and nothing else matters. Our role is to wait in patience and in service, in humbleness and fidelity. To Love Him above everything, and love neighbors like ourselves.

Darkness wants to suck out light, the goats want to deviate the sheep, and the tares wants to mix within the wheat, but the Lord gives us endless light renewing our Faith and Hope, he guides us away from the path of the goats, and he cleans us from our chaff so we can be preserved from the confusion of this world.

The LAMM stage of the Protocol is the human form of obedience, not by one single act of trust like the angels did, but obedience inside the dimension of time, by learning with humility, forgiving and repenting, and growing in our relationship with the Lord.

An amazing grace, to those paying attention! No one can depart us from the path of Love…

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