The human worth

“Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

Matthew, 11:29

Why it is so important to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?

Because the love that the Father has for the Son is the foundation of the entire Creation.

In Jesus, we can learn how, as creatures, we are supposed to live before God, because the Son of God Himself, being the First Born, is the only one who can satisfy and justify the expectations from the Father. No creature could do this, ever. The Son, being one with the Father, can. And He did. The entire Creation is justified by the love of the Son, and Jesus will be revealed as the only one worthy to open the Book of Life.

Human worth consists in living the Love of God as the Son is loved by the Father.

To live the Love, though, you must be humble, because a prideful heart can’t live by Grace.

You should notice that I am not talking about blessings because the Father blesses and loves all creatures. So, it is not about receiving graces, but about living by Grace. To live the Love you can’t be a thief, you must be humble, to recognize the blessing of Love. If you reject the source of the Love, you are rejecting Love itself, and you are unworthy of living.

All creatures live by the Love of God since Love is the meaning of life, its origin, and destiny.

But free creatures, like we are, should accept that freely, and that is our spiritual worth: to say “yes” to the Love of God, like the Son said yes to the love of the Father, or like a bride say yes to the love of the groom.

To be able to say yes, though, we need to be humble. Humility is the price of truthfulness we need to pay to unlock the essence of life. And that is our human worth: to do justice to the truth.

The key

Again I will do this embarrassing thing, that is, to quote myself. But this is one of the best formulations I got for the issue of humility, and we will check many times in the future the correspondence of this idea with the spiritual guidance inside the Scriptures.

“Humility is the key to the Heart, as Heart is the key to the Love, and Love is the key to the Life.”

Myself, 2017

The idea is that we can activate our spiritual life by being honest.

Humility before God is a matter of doing justice to the truth of who we are.

If you do this –and I will explain how this can be done in further detail in the next section–, you can stop pretending to be who you are not: worthy of living. There is an important paradox here (God loves these deep spiritual ironies), since our worth consists in the recognition that we are worthless by ourselves, but we are loved by God nevertheless. We are loved in all things, but especially in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in the Cross. That love is perfect for us, and that is our highest worth: the dowry paid by the groom.

We can live like a prostitute, selling our love to the higher bidder of this world, or we can be loyal to the groom and to his promise, giving our love to Him alone. That is our worth.

So, humility is the key because in being humble before God we can finally stop lying. We get free from the seductive traps of Gnostic pride, power, and knowledge, mostly illusions in our lives, and we can reach the truth of the Heart: our freedom of belief.

This is what I called the “blue pill” before. The transition from a psychic life to spiritual life, or the awareness of the supremacy of the Heart over the Mind.

Humility is the key to Heart, and then Heart is the key to Love, because Love is the best target of the Heart, always. Since the person gets to the point of recognition of the prominence of belief over the power and knowledge, the next move is to assume that the Heart must believe in the best thing that can be believed, and that is Love. Here the choice between trust and malice gets much more clear than was ever before because the intellectual process was in the way complicating. Now, finally, the person can check his own freedom to trust Love or distrust and fall to malice. Love, though, is always the right and inevitable answer, because the rejection of Love comes from frustration and fear of not being loved enough, and that is why the rejection of Love accepts the supremacy of Love.

You can reject the belief that you are loved, but you absolutely can’t reject the belief that you should be loved.

All creatures desire to be loved and blessed because that is the meaning and the foundation of existence.

Love is the truth of Life, even for those that reject the belief in Love.

So, Humility is the key of Heart, as Heart is the key to Love, and Love is the key to Life.

We can only have true peace and joy if we are humble, like Jesus, the Son of God, is, and taught us to be.

Our truth before Love, Power, and Wisdom

One could ask about how we are not worthy and about what is the best way to reach Humility.

The easiest way is to live in the Presence of God, which is what Scripture calls Wisdom, the “Fear of God”. Being before God, by accepting the Faith in Him, we get cleaned from the chaff, from the lies that poisoned our minds and hearts.

If you want to meditate on this, you can check the highest qualities of God and check yourself to see how small, tiny, and pathetic being you are, and to feel how ridiculous is the pretension of human pride, or of any pride by the way.

This is a very liberating experience but can be scary to proud people, for obvious reasons. Humility is a treasure too worthy, pure and perfect, to be possessed by proud creatures. Like Scripture says, “humility is a humiliation for the proud”. The wealth and medicine for the sheep is the poverty and poison for the goats.

If you want scriptural guidance, look for the books of wisdom, especially Job and Ecclesiastes, and then the books of the Prophets.

If you want an easy path to meditate, you need to consider those high qualities of God and check yourself and all creatures. With a minimum portion of honesty, you can get it.

Our truth must be checked before the Love, the Power, and the Wisdom of the Lord.

Before His Wisdom, we are always ignorant.

Before His Power, we are always weak.

And before His Love, we are always evil.

If you can be honest enough to get this, the path is open, you received the first key for your spiritual life.

Those who confess glorifies God, and it is in weakness that true strength reveals its power.

So little is necessary for your conversion!

The sweet fruits of Humility

Having Humility gives access to some fruits that are very sweet and precious to the spiritual life.

Those are Gratitude and Obedience.

Gratitude is not what the world acknowledges, because the psychism of the world can’t reach the depths of life, since it is based on the lie of the naturalistic premise.

For example, people can nurture some sense of gratitude for having a good day, for eating and sleeping under shelter. That is kind of a good thing, but is that the real deal?

Spiritually, Gratitude has a target: the Love of God. It is not being grateful for being “lucky”, nor for being blessed by the “energy of the universe”. And much more than that, the real spiritual gift of Gratitude connects everything to the love of God: every heartbeat, every breath of air. We live by Grace every second because nothing is a given out of Love. Naturalism is such a lie because grants some given things that are illusory, as experiences out of Love. The real Gratitude destroys that lie and assumes the perfect supremacy of Love in our lives. That is the “drug” that separates us from the world and gives us peace and joy that surpasses all understanding. And all of that came from Humility! What a cheap price to pay, to receive so rich dividends in return!

Obedience, by its turn, has nothing to do with following human traditions that pretend to reveal what gives pleasure to God. That “mystery” was solved by Jesus: Love God, Love neighbor.

Obedience is the acceptance of reality as it is spiritually: an unfolding story ruled by the will of God and his permission. That is the important thing to be able to love God and neighbor, because you will quit the lie of judgment, being the judgment of God for allowing evil, or the judgment of neighbor because of bad deeds and words.

Human judgment is a lie.

We have no business with judgment since even for the basic discernment of good and evil in our own lives we depend on receiving wisdom from the Holy Spirit all the time.


Who are we to dare to challenge the freedom of others or the permissions given by the Almighty?

Obedience releases us from this heavy burden of pretending to know Justice, by trusting the work of God no matter what happens.

With Humility and its fruits, Gratitude, and Obedience, I guess spiritual life is safe enough from the basic lies that separate us from God.

And the price is so cheap…

Here is wisdom and beauty: trying to be worthy before the world blind men refused to have the only worth they could have before God.

Being proud is giving your face to the world and your back to God.

Being humble is giving your face to God and your back to the world.

Your fate is in your hands.

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