The big shots in the board

We already talked about the first two roles in the System of the Beast, the Pawn and the Tower. By doing that we addressed the most common routines used to trap people: the desire to belong to the majority and the desire to have wealth as a symbol of power in the world.

Money is the cheapest idol out there, though.

It is the currency of prostitution since the idea is that with money you can buy almost everything in life, so anything you can do to have money can look like a good idea. Money can be seen as a god because of this “power” of delivery, the rule of more or less universal acceptance.

The truth is that the power of money obeys greater powers in this world, and today we are going to talk about those big shots in the System of the Beast.

Most of the slaves of the world fall to the roles of Pawns and Towers, as we can see in the endless pursuit of success and the correspondent endless selling of success stories. Some few people look for further understanding and maybe for greater powers to be attained.

The Horse

The role of the Horse is played to the purpose of intimidation and coercion in the use of law enforcement and the brute force of military power. Ultimately, it is the essence of political power.

Law enforcement in itself is spiritually meaningless since the spiritual meaning lies in the justice or injustice of the laws to be enforced. This is why the valuation of the police or of the army in itself means nothing: what matters is the substance of the laws to be enforced, and the real strategical objectives of the military bosses.

The lying is deeper than in the previous roles. The Pawn follows the basic lie of “vox populi”, the nonsense of the power of the numbers. The Tower follows the lie of the basic corruption and manipulation in business and markets. But the Horse needs to go deep in selling lies to justify some courses of action, budgeting, and supporting.

Politicians do this all the time: they lie to achieve political goals that in the end will enslave more and more people. Again, the executive agents of law enforcement and military operations work just as means to an end: the end is the fulfillment of the law written by politicians and the achievement of strategical goals that are also determined by politicians.

So, to understand how the role of the Horse operates, you need to check how the justification of the creation of laws and of causus belli works in society. In the current form, it involves having control of the media and the entertainment business to have control of the narrative followed by the masses, as well as the control of the educational system. In short: to be able to sell your lie, you need to monopolize the attention of the masses using all possible means.

The politician plays the role of the Horse lying over the seeded ground of a more or less acquiescent public. Further, into the dominance of political power, controlled opposition can be built and manipulated to manage the residual hostile energy that resists the main narrative.

Learning by the design of alchemy, politicians work with social dialectics, offering always the two main choices to have absolute control.

Also, they work with the manipulation of social engineering, creating the very problems to which they already have the solutions ready to be sold. This is a very old and simple way to control the masses.

The coup de grace of democracy is the annuit coeptis, or the consent with the permission of God, because the masses basically reject the rule of God over them, believing in kings of flesh and bone. The powerful scriptural subsidy for this can be found in the first book of Samuel, when the people asked to be relieved from the rule of God through the prophets and therefore from their own spiritual freedom, to follow a human king.

This betrayal is the foundation of human politics. It is the spiritual reality that empowers political slavery, basically because the people are lied to, and they enjoy it.

The Bishop

To have the power to lie to the public, the politician needs to work in the soil already rich of deeper lies and illusions.

Remember: the main purpose of the System of the Beast is to hide God and make people get away from the real spiritual life with the Creator. So, to sell all the illusions that we checked so far –the value of the majority, the dream of wealth, and the political narrative– the system requires a culture that does these two things at the same time: to deny God and to create idols to take His place in peoples lives.

This is the role of the Bishop: to build the culture of idolatry.

Here we have a deeper level of lying or a more essential degree of magic.

There are so many different routines in this role, that to point out all how this operates is close to impossible. Like the Almighty said Himself once, “because your gods are as many in number as are your cities.”

But we can check the basic routines, the fundamental patterns applied in the rule of the Bishop. Again, using scriptural guidance, we can have a general rule for this, as God explains the source of idolatry as follows: slavery to the curse or to the power.

Slavery to the curse is the idolatry of nature or Naturalism. With this humans learn to treat what is just one convenient status in the spiritual history of Creation as the absolute reality that contains the ultimate truth. With this people believe in causality as a fundamental law, as well as in scarcity and irreversibility. All this denies the power of God, blocks the spiritual path to recognize Him as the Creator of all things, and twists the learning about the curse into a narrative of disobedience and apostasy.

Slavery to the pride is the idolatry of the human being or Humanism. Since, with the blockade of the basic truth about the Creation, the humans are told that they are alone on their own in the universe, they believe they become the center of their own reality (actually, they become prey to their predators, the fallen angels). In this, the Bishop sells the lies of anthropocentrism, that humans have a universal reason to access the meaning of reality, so the truth is like a human thing or human property. And they sell, consequently, anthroposoterologism, the belief that humans are going to save themselves, with their own knowledge and works, having power over nature, and finally controlling their own destinies.

Slavery to the power of knowledge is, therefore, the ultimate goal of the Bishop, the final lie. That is Gnosticism, living by the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, Gnosis. The entire human culture can be seen as propaganda of Gnosis in the world, with the obvious exceptions of the culture that directly addresses the spiritual life before God Almighty. The quarrel between Religion and Science, in the end, is just a fake fight between brothers fully obedient to their common agenda: Gnosticism, salvation through knowledge, since Religion sells knowledge about God and salvation, as Science sells knowledge about saving yourself without God. In both cases, we have slavery to knowledge, since God is not saving us, but we are saving ourselves. And what if a person can resist the knowledge of the direct truth sold by Religion and Science? How can the person also resist the enchantment of the whole culture, from literature to movies, from classical to pop?

Supposing that someone gets to the point of ignoring and overcoming the lies of spiritual bolshevism, the money game, and even the political game. The person then enters the world of high culture, the big wall of lies that prevents even the most bright from knowing God beyond the wonders of the human intellect.

I was personally saved from the slavery of the Bishop because I was serving in this role, as well as I desired in my heart to be served in this role. The only way out of this is Humility, the surrendering, the admission of the pride behind the pretension of the human intellect.

If God saves you, you start using culture for your spiritual benefit instead of being used by it, because you start seeing the gears operating inside the machine. You just know now how the sausage is made.

The Queen

Since we are always looking for happiness, happiness is an easy sell for us.

The role of the Queen is the role of the human idols, people that will live as fake gods before the masses, to be admired in their lifestyles, to be imitated, to be revered and adored. The Queen plays the role of the achievable success on this earth, the proof of the possibility of mastering life, and the power of this to the masses is that you can do one of this two things: you can play the game to try to get there one day, or you can be a loser.

The basic trick here is that actually, you can live your life not playing the game of the System of the Beast. And if you don’t play the game, you can’t lose it.

But the brightness of the idols dazzles out clear thought.

So many resources are applied to build these fake idols, and the people are so desperate to believe in their happiness in this world, that it is hard to resist this. The signals of fakeness are all over the place to be found, but our mind ignores what is inconvenient to our belief.

The slavery to the idols is powered by this desperation to fulfill all promises of life here, right now, because of “YOLO”. I strongly recommend, to those who want to understand this better, to check my previous explanation about the “pact with death”.

The truth of the Queen, as well as of all those other players in the system, is that they are all slaves themselves. The idols are empty, they are fake, void. They live for themselves and they guide the masses to do the same doomed choice, giving their backs to God and their face to the world.

The King

At the top, you have the human rulers of the System of the Beast.

I say “human rulers” because the real ruler is always the Beast itself. The kings of the system are the first slaves of the Beast.

This very little minority, the 1% of the 1%, do direct pacts with darkness. They receive direct instructions from Hell and have direct control and indirect influence over all the other roles in the system.

There are many ways to get into that position, being the key to this is to establish communication with demons, and then to do a pact. The communication can be provided by following instructions provided inside secret societies, where the normal path involves compromise and extortion, with oaths and complicity in doing bad things. Some sideways can be used, like transcendental meditation, the use of hallucinogen drugs, the practice of ritualized sex, and the practice of witchcraft. In all cases of direct contact, the person needs to unlock the body, which normally works like a fortress against spiritual influence, so communication can be achieved.

One of the most strong rituals to “proof” the supposed non-omnipotence of God, and therefore the theoretical viability of the service of Satan as a successful enterprise, is witnessing or taking part in the sacrifice of innocent lives, like animals, but most powerfully of humans, especially children, and babies. Of course, the ritual only proofs the human freedom to choose evil and darkness, but since to get there the person is already somehow compromised, it is hard to reject that pact at that level. It is easier to get in and to collect the short-term rewards in this life, making the pact.

The pacts are the source of the knowledge and the power necessary to rule the system.

Compartmentalization and vigilance are absolute at this level since the secret of power is the power of the secret. The role of the King has nothing to do with public exposure, just the opposite: it is done in total secrecy. To appear in society as a ruler, powerful and successful person is the role of the Queen, exactly because Queens are easily disposable. Any person eager to be famous can be turned into a Queen eventually when that is convenient, but to be a King a much harder and select path need to be taken.

We need to understand that God gives permission to the Beast to do all this because of human disobedience. It is necessary to give humans the power to use the gift of freedom in absolute terms, so greater will be the humiliation of the evil in the end, as greater will be the rejoicing of the saved, and greater will be the Glory of the Almighty.

The purpose of this exposition about the System of the Beast is not to recognize the power of the system, but to recognize our freedom before it, so we can prevent ourselves of become slaves and slave masters in this game of darkness.

Yes, the system will persecute the saints in the end, but until then the separated sheep of God will be served by that same system, as the lost sheep will be used in this service as slaves.

All knees will bow, and only God will be recognized as the real ruler by the design of His Love.

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