Unholy alliance

“Make no covenant with the dwellers of the earth.”

Exodus, 34:12

If you practice spiritual adultery, giving your face to the world and your back to God, people around you will be ready to hug you, give all incentives, recognition, and rewards. Because you just BELONG to them. You are reinforcing their choices, you are collaborating in some human work in progress, you are a good team player.

But if you just decide to do the opposite, giving your face to God and your back to the world, you are going to be HATED. The hatred can reach homicidal levels if you just push too much your testimony about the peace and joy of the spiritual life, the more you show that you were released from the slavery to which people are still belonging.

I started to know this from my early bullying experiences. In my revengeful dreams, I wanted to be wise and intelligent above people with stuff from Gnosis, like philosophy and religion. I wanted to pay evil with evil. The result? I lose some 10 to 15 years of my life getting away from the Lord. Then I decided to stay quiet in my corner in life. But there was no contentment in that, and boredom grew. Now I moved again in life, starting to give some testimony the best way I can. And soon enough the bulling resurfaced again. But now I know that people are being used since we don’t fight against flesh and blood, but against evil spirits.

There is an unholy alliance taking place.

People living in fear and in suffering are being used to suppress any testimony of the love and the power of God to save. All the old bonds from the traditions and costumes of the dwellers are imposed as the ultimate life possible to humans, the wisdom received and controlled by humans to deal even with the Almighty without the risk of this horrible thing: love.

Love is out of control.

And love is out of control because it is a heavenly power, impossible to attain, and that is what makes it so dangerous to the powers of the earth. That is why the earthly powers live in a dispute against the power of Heaven, without any results in the end, of course.

The wage of Love in this world: indifference and hatred

People love to bow before the oppression of power and to believe in well-designed lies.

From Gnosis the dwellers of earth found their group identity, their belonging, and that operates as a source of security for what would be otherwise a very terrifying experience, like living by Grace in pure trust.

That is the essence of the spiritual adultery and of the unholy alliance: idolatry.

And that is why all testimony of the truth of the Love of God will be rejected.

The wage of Love in this world is indifference and hatred.

Indifference works as a silencing operation to mute the testimony of Love, going to business as usual ignoring God and His Love, and building civilization with men and their false gods in the center of it. The ask for humility, gratitude, and obedience receives “not today, thank you” as an answer if much. People just can’t stop what they are doing, their slave routine, to listen to the call to get out and be liberated. They prefer to work hard to pay for their own leashes and to have pleasure in licking their chains. No time to lose with something so strange like salvation, and much less at the price of some humility.

Hatred, though, is always possible to those who are paying more attention to spiritual stuff and want to ensure their position in life against the pure trust in the Love of God. Especially those who earn or plan to earn some profit, or even subsidize their entire lifestyle, selling the “truth” that is not Love, are going to respond with full hatred, sometimes with violence and persecution. Yes, we talked about this before, the role of the Bishop in the System of the Beast. If you think you can say something good about the Love of God and remain unpunished, you are very wrong. Because the Bishop can’t stand any competition with the liberating truth of Love. The fear of losing the herd to God is tremendous. How can these parasites survive without feeding on their victims? How can these vampires live without sucking the blood and soul of the ignorant? They can’t. This is why they are going to hate so much: they don’t live by Grace, but by theft.

Jesus was very clear on this: if you follow Him and give the good news, you know what’s coming towards you. Don’t look for recognition and rewards, and if that comes to your direction, you should suspect of being lukewarm somehow. Remember Him. Remember John the Baptist. You can be spared from suffering many times, but not from that treatment of indifference and hatred.

Actually, like Jesus said, you should rejoice: in the same way, the Prophets were treated before you.

Accepting this reality we can be strengthened by indifference and hatred.

Don’t pay evil with evil

We should honor the Almighty. He gives the life and the gifts of life to all, even those who reject His Love. Don’t pay the evil with more evil, but stay loyal to the Holy Spirit.

Remember: PEOPLE ARE BEING USED. Yes, they are indifferent or hateful, they are despising and bullying, but they don’t really know what they are doing. They should, that is their fault, but they actually don’t know and they are just being used. If you hate back and try to pay evil with evil, you are reinforcing the chains of your persecutors and the power of their masters over them. But if you forgive, you are challenging evil and opening a dangerous breach in the wall of lies.

Here is the thing: you can reject the unholy alliance and the covenant with the dwellers by not taking part in their sacrifices to their idols, but you can take part in the same covenant by paying evil with evil because doing that is reinforcing the domain of darkness in this world.

If you lie, accommodate yourself to the “truths” of this world, and deny your testimony, you are in the covenant with the dwellers, by betraying the truth to take part in the illusions of this world and doing peace when there is no real peace.

If you hide, omitting the testimony because you are afraid of the consequences, both the indifference and the hatred, you are also in the covenant with the dwellers, by suppressing the truth and keeping the domain of darkness for what depends on you. You failed in the task of the watcher (Ezekiel 33).

If you judge, condemning the people and proclaiming no mercy and forgiveness for them, you are too in the covenant with the dwellers by doing this, because you have blocked the access to the same mercy and forgiveness that you had to receive before yourself. You are using Grace as a badge of honor, you are indulging with darkness by being happy with the condemnation of others and by feeling superior to them.

To be really away from any pact with this world you must give testimony of what is really pure: nothing of yours, but the same good news that you received before. Get out of the unholy alliance by giving testimony only of the truth of the covenant of Love.

It is not about us, never was and never will be. It is about HIM, always.

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