How to pay evil with love

“You are not to hate your brother in your heart. You are not to take vengeance, nor bear any grudge, but love your neighbor as yourself.”

Leviticus, 19:17

If we know ourselves just enough, and we are honest just enough, we can reach the humility that liberates us from the lies of our pretension. By doing that, we can be fair with others just like we expect others to be fair with us.

Both love of God and self-love are required to love others.

But everything actually starts with the love for the truth of who we are, because that is the source of humility that opens the path to true love. If we found ourselves weak, ignorant, and evil, we can’t lie anymore about our situation and the need for salvation becomes paramount to us. This is why our real strength lies in our weakness because our strength is the Grace of the Lord for our lives. Humility is the key to Heart, as Heart is the key to Love, and Love is the key to Life. Through humility, we find love, love of God, and self-love, and that unlocks the love of neighbor.

Love of God because without His Grace we can’t find peace in our limitations. And self-love because we accept our constant need of love in living by pure Grace. Well, being so the case, we can look to our fellow humans and realize that they are just in need of that same love. We can’t expect perfection from them, in our relationships, that we can’t expect even from ourselves.

Since we expect mercy from God and forgiveness from neighbors, we should grant the same treatment to others.

The beautiful thing about the Commandments of God, the Law of Love, is that they are the perfect justice for us: the justice of recognizing the Love of God as the source and meaning of our lives, and the justice of recognizing the love of neighbor as the fairness that we expect ourselves to receive.

The Lost & Found

Hatred, vengeance, and grudge are responses incompatible with the reality of humans.

This is why we should always mediate our relationships with others with our relationship with the Lord. With God, we can find true peace and joy, always. When we receive bad treatment, we can look back to the Lord and remember how we were lost without Him in our life. And then we can check the source of the behavior that hurt us as the same weakness that we have and that we expect the Lord to save us from.

If we push ourselves to impossible perfection, we will live only in frustration, suffering, and hatred. The truth of this goes deep to the point of recognizing that we are not supposed to satisfy our expectations with other people, nor look to them as necessary in our lives more than the Lord Himself have decided in his Providence.

We are the Lost & Found, but not to other people. We are the lost sheep that the Shepherd called, we were found by Him and saved by Him and to Him.

Social life can actually be spiritually dangerous if you push the meaning of life into the reaching of an agreement with others like a human, earthly covenant. That tends to the lie of the “human respect”, hypocrisy, the spiritual bolshevism, and the reinforcement of the System of the Beast.

The response to hatred, vengeance, and grudge is not to make peace with our fellow humans at any cost. It is to be in peace with them in what depends on us, being careful to not join nor reinforce any false narratives from others. I checked this in my experience many times: the price of peace at any cost is an indulgence and compromise with lies and deceptions, victimization, exploitation, manipulation, and all sort of dark behaviors.

The response is to be fair, to forgive, to do our best, and to go back to our relationship with the Almighty, always, because that is the source of our happiness, not world peace.

The answer to lost people is not to condone their situation so they remain lost forever. This is why in the full quote from Leviticus we can find this: “talk honestly with your neighbors so that you don’t sin because of them“. Some translations use words like “correct” or even “rebuke”, so the love of neighbor is not doing peace at any cost. With your best knowledge and consciousness, you should speak in candor and openness.

You should get away from hatred, vengeance, and grudge, but not from the truth and honesty.

You should forgive the lost, but not desire them to be kept lost forever.

The promise of imperfection

If we look to the things that can’t be seen, meaning that the spiritual substance of life is the pure possibility of peace, joy, and happiness in the Love of God Almighty, we can check our imperfections and the imperfections of others as seeds of promise from the Lord, showing the potential of our lives through our own present misery.

This can make you actually find satisfaction in appreciating your limitations and the limitations of others. Our lacking contains a promise. Our emptiness tells the story of our future life with God.

It is a very peaceful experience living with others and appreciating their imperfections as promises of God to their lives. The only way for humans to be able to really love other humans is with the enjoyment of their full potential, and that means to appreciate even their permanent defects and limitations in this current life. Because we can check God’s work in them, and their full potential, we learn to appreciate them with Faith and Hope for their lives. We stop pushing them to be what they “should be” because we start looking to what they are going to be not because of themselves, but because of the Love of God.

This is the craziness of love, and its full power unleashed: we can transform what should make us fall in hatred, resentment, and vengeance against others, into hope for them and in the enjoyment of their potential through the blessings of the Love of God.

Where we should be desiring the punishment and suffering of those who did us something wrong, we desire their salvation, their liberation, and their happiness.

Where darkness should have dominated, we call God’s light and powerful Love to prevail.

Where there should be only anxiety and suffering, we find peace and joy.

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