Pride is the wealth of the poor, as humility is the wealth of the rich

“When the Lord brings you into the land, to give you great and good cities that you did not build, and houses full of all good things that you did not fill, and cisterns dug that you did not dig, vineyards and olive trees that you did not plant, and you eat and are full, then watch yourself so that you do not forget the Lord.”

“It is not because of your righteousness that the Lord is giving you this good land to possess, for you are a stiff-necked people.”

Deuteronomy, 6:10 and 9:6

The full awareness of the blessing from the Lord contains not only the belief in the spiritual source of all good in life but especially the consciousness of our never deserving nature of adopted sons of God. We receive the gift of love that the Son of God alone deserved, but that is shared with us because we believe in Him and in His salvation for us.

Much like the people of God in the times of Moses, we are promised to live in this land surrounded by idolaters, being protected from their siege, being served by their efforts, since the Lord will force them into service. And the one thing we need to do is to remain faithful to the Lord and remember Him because all this salvation is a gift received despite our worthiness, and not because of it.

This is a straight and challenging vision because it demands spiritual awareness about the separation taking place and the recognition of God as the source of all blessings. Only the blessed can listen to this and answer to the calling.

Because what is the difference between the people of God and the pagans around them, that have fallen to idolatry? It is the calling from God to recognize the truth of His Presence as the source of all good things. It is the turn back from the seduction of the Tree of Death to eat again from the Tree of Life, from the illusions within the lies of idolatry to the truth of the Love of God as the source and meaning of all life.

That is the calling: when you are served and blessed, don’t forget the reason for this. It is not your worthiness, but the love of God that selected you and separated you from the world of the wicked that refuse to acknowledge the Lord. If you forget the Lord, you are going to take part in the same sacrifices to the idols that the nations around you do.

The must of being blessed

In today’s world, when the nations are living in full apostasy and rejection of the Holy Spirit –maybe more than ever before– the recognition of blessings as a pure and full act of Love from the Lord is hard not only to recognize but even to fathom.

We have a large portion of the population, especially among the new generations, educated to refuse all the idea of any spiritual or transcendental source to the present experience of this reality in which we live. It is the “post-truth” generation that will have a hard time even in starting to get out of that zombified status.

Out of this chaos, we can check some part of the population, maybe more in the East than in the West, still conceding in part a spiritual meaning to the source of life. Among these people, including the non-cynical religious group, to believe in being blessed makes sense to an extent. But they generally put a cap on this belief. And that is the problem, the inescapable self-imposed limitation of religious belief, being that the faith of the slaves (“we are avoiding the punishment”) or the faith of the mercenaries (“we are earning Grace as justice to our deeds”). Pure love is rejected: there is no room for absolute Grace, for there is no room to the Almighty alone in their hearts because they need their recognition aside. Even if 99% of the blessings can be recognized as sourced in the love of God, that is never pure love, because there is that 1% of human merit, the tribute to the human pride. That can’t be pure love, not even 99,9% of recognition of God is pure enough. That is not living by Grace.

So, there is a very special relationship with the Creator, when we fulfill the First Commandment, and we live by Grace giving Him 100% of the merit for our blessings.

Being blessed is a must to ignite spiritual life, but who is not blessed to some extent to start to recognize the work of God in its own life?

So, the real condition is not to be blessed, since we all are since birth, but to drop down the lies that refuse to recognize the love of God in our lives.

Anyone can do this at any given time. The only price to pay is to be humble and drop down all pride. The awareness of the spiritual covenant opens room to the Providence to act in full power separating us from the nations around, and giving us more and more blessings since we are spiritually safe by recognizing the Lord alone as the source of all good. This is a simple and very straight path, but it is very expensive to the proud. How can they accept to be poor in spirit, so they can be rich in life? How can they abandon the precious and rich lies nurtured for all these years, to stay in the misery of a needing situation? It is an act of pure trust, with no guarantees or safeties.

That is the thing with Love: it is so good because it is so pure, sacred, and holy. You can’t get any closer to that with the stains of pride over you. Who are you to reject the recognition of the Almighty worthiness and holiness in your life? How can you dare to try to steal part of His honor to make it your own?

Why poorness almost always works better

Since our lacking screams more honestly about our need for Grace than our fullness, the regular path of spiritual life is the poorness of the people as the way to make room in their hearts for the recognition of the Lord as the savior.

What is crazy about this is that this is not mandatory, and not even preferable.

With humility and the full recognition of the Lord as the source of all blessings, therefore living by Grace, we could always skip the more humiliating part and get to the purpose of life, which is to be blessed and live in peace and joy, even in the current life before the Revelation.

What is the purpose of humiliation? It’s to correct the proudful. The more humble we are before the Lord, less we need to be humiliated.

Poorness almost always works better, though, because wanting to be rich by themselves most people must be forced into humiliating poorness. The truth of poorness can receive blessings that the lies of richness can’t.

The real richness is to give justice to the source of all good things, as the real poorness is to deny to concede that justice.

To be rich is to be blessed without reserves, as to be poor is to refuse the blessings because they humiliate.

Pride is the wealth of the poor, as humility is the wealth of the rich.

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