To the lovers of mysteries, the mystery of Love stays veiled

“The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever.”

Deuteronomy, 29:29

The same mystery that challenges the greedy for knowledge and power puts the faithful at rest through the trust they have in the Lord. To those that accept the revelation of Love, the faithful, no other mystery is necessary, and no further secret must be unfolded to fulfill the purpose of life.

Gnosticism, the first idolatry nurtured from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, hides the truth of the Love of the Almighty and opens the gate to the search of many lying secrets. This doctrine is the trade of mystery Babylon the Great, Mother of all Harlots and Abominations of the Earth. Knowledge and Power take the place of the Love of God, the covenant with Heaven is broken and a dark alliance is made with Hell, defying and perverting to the End of Times.

This operation resembles a conman blocking access to a rich gold mine building a great market at the entrance, selling all types of cheap products to the unaware, preventing them to have any access to the real wealth behind that wall of lies and profiting from their ignorance and naivety.

Don’t worry about Conspiracies

Yes, there are many secrets under the veil of our present reality, and that is no reason to worry if you have Faith.

One thing I observed many times with people that learn from reading scripture and are called to break the bondage with religion is that lots of them get obsessed with conspiracies. In good faith, they have their attention shifted from the core of spiritual life –testifying about salvation, the Love of God, and our need of humility– to the business of the world.

We were saved for this? To be concerned with these intrigues?

Of course the ignorant must be warned, but warned about what? About the complexity and deepness of this evil scheme, or about the greatness and simplicity of salvation?

Don’t put extra weight over the shoulders of your brothers. If they need to agree with all your conspiracy theories to be faithful, you are imitating Babylon, transforming spiritual life in a business of knowledge and power. Always for the sake of goodness, of course.

The truth is that Babylon prospers because we like to be proud of our knowledge and wisdom, even more, if that is supposed to give us the power to liberate us from the bondage of lies.

We were not saved by learning secrets, but by trusting in the Lord.

The secret things belong to Him, and He can reveal anything to us at His will and at the convenience of His perfect Providence. We learn secrets and mysteries all the time (Jeremiah 33), but that is not the core of our spiritual life, and it is very distant from the most important thing to give testimony about.

I looked for this carefully in my own presentation about the System of the Beast. We want to have the faithful liberated from slavery, but the most liberating thing is the testimony of the Love of God, not the constant exposure and focus on the works of darkness.

The contempt for the simplicity of Love

The real danger is the seductive power of the enchantment of Babylon, which drags even those who want to make opposition into its own controlled dialectics.

If anything must be really exposed and condemned, it is the cruel contempt that this world shows for the simplicity of Love.

The obsession for conspiracies and evil deeds and plans of darkness can easily conduct to this same trap.

Why the works of darkness should matter more and occupy most of our time when the Love that is saving us from all the mess of this world is so much more powerful?

Well, Love is too simple, right?

How can you make an audience and trouble people, so they get into your business of revealing and exposing darkness if they are just too much busy being blessed and living before God? How can people give us these precious resources, their time and money, to this “work of God” of ours, if they can receive the blessings of wisdom themselves from the Holy Spirit?

Even the accusers of hypocrisy can be hypocrites.

Even the accusers of religion can be founders of their own religions.

If you become the guardian of the truth to be revealed, you are part of the problem.

Again, for the thousandth time, THE TRUTH IS NOT OUR PROPERTY.

We are not here to be saved by knowledge, but by the Love of God in which we are BELIEVERS.

If you want to share anything, share your trust in the Love of God, your belief in Him, your hope in His Providence, all these really precious and simple things. Live before the Lord, and He will bless you with peace and joy that will shine and be the real message of salvation for this fallen world.

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