Always at the service of the Word

“Take this book of the Law, and place it beside the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord your God. It will remain there as a witness against you, for I know your rebellion and your stiff neck.”

Deuteronomy, 31:26

There is great justice in the worldly success of the religions based on the Old and New Testaments because the access to the scriptures gives no excuses to the preference for the doctrines of the false prophets. People just should know better, if they actually cared to learn the truth and not just to belong to a group and to obey human authority.

There is no such thing as a pure lie: lying requires the perversion of the truth, therefore needs to point or to do a reference to the truth, to exploit it and hijack the resemblance of it. The exploitation and twisting of the spiritual meaning of the scriptures require at least the admission of the existence of the sacred text. And all the adulteration in the form of bad translation, mutilation of the body of text, and addition of alien expressions, this all requires the use of the original texts and the exposure of them to some extent. The providential Wisdom of the Lord gives us just the access we need to have to the truth of His Word to the point we can always make the right spiritual interpretation if we just want to, and at the same time, also to serve as a witness to our disobedience when we just despise that spiritual meaning.

This is why it is so important to share the Word.

The Word operates for the calling of the faithful as well as witnessing against the unfaithful.

Tradition preserves the Word to bear witness against itself

The story of the preservation of the Word of God through so many centuries is already fantastic proof of the Wisdom of the Lord forcing the disobedient to serve regardless of their intentions. That is the prophecy that Moses was talking about: you will carry the very testimony that will condemn your doings. You will WORK to preserve the very truth that witnesses against your doings.

There is a great lesson in this. Because we all serve God, always.

The idea is to do it in obedience and sweetness. But we will serve even if we don’t want to, because the Power of the Lord is absolute and inescapable, as His Wisdom is perfect and infallible.

The disobedient, of course, serve against their will and even against their best knowledge, because they think they are progressing in their own works, while they are actually working for the benefit of the blessed and for the witnessing against their own doings.

The pride of the Oral Tradition is to hold the only keys able to unlock the meaning of the scriptures. But that same pride is being used –forced to work in service– to preserve and to share the Word to the entire world to know the truth, and in the end even to the condemnation of itself.

And this is why when we contemplate some of the Providence of the Lord we always fall short of words to praise Him in His perfection and holiness because the work of God is absolutely perfect and flawless. Evil is being used to the humiliation of evil, and darkness is being used to expose the darkness. Malice is being proved to actually be naivety, and distrust is revealed as credulity towards void idols.

Tradition pays involuntary homage to the truth carrying the testimony of their guilt in the service of the salvation of the elected.

The Word will always be served and will always triumph.

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