Out of our mess into His peace

“He is the Rock, His work is perfect: For all His ways are Right. He is a God of truth and without injustice, He is the Justice and Righteousness.”

Deuteronomy, 32:4

The consequence of a good spiritual life is resting in the Might of the Lord.

That is the source of peace and joy beyond all comprehension. Because all our comprehension stands over the illusion that we can have enough knowledge to judge things far beyond our capabilities. Humility restores the lost easiness of being a creature in need of the love of the Creator.

We have lost our simplicity when we grow up. Learning how to be responsible adults we learned also the ways of Pride taught by the Prostitute. Learning how to be hunters, builders, and conquerors, we were seduced by the temptation of living regardless of the Will of God over our lives, and we were presented with the offer of choosing power over love.

Of course that when I say “we”, I am doing that generalization regarding the idea of a collective of humans, but individually we were in fact born into a system that runs on this tradition of betrayal of love for power. Independently of our responsible attitude about this when we get mature enough to regard it –if one can ever get there actually–, we have years and years of indoctrination internalized through imitation and repetition of habits. So, we learned to be spiritually adulterous and idolaters: to miss the whole point of living before God and by the Grace of His Love.

The repented thief

Like those two men crucified with Jesus did, we need to make our choice.

The choice regards assuming or not that we are thieves.

That means that all our narratives, full of virtue signaling and justifications, and full of pride for all our efforts and sufferings, need to be checked: are we really living by ourselves, or we are living by the Love of God?

If we believe we are living by ourselves, we do like the bad thief did: we judge Jesus for not saving Himself and us from the Cross. We don’t recognize the Justice of the Cross, the Passion of suffering for Love under the perfect designs of a loving Father. So, we judge Jesus Christ and we collaborate in His crucifixion because we condemn Him as a liar not being the Son of God. Of course that, by doing so, we deserve to die, since that is the sin against the Holy Spirit, and the wage of sin is death.

If we believe we live by Grace, we do like the repentant thief, and we carry our cross believing that Jesus carried the Cross for our justification and salvation. We accept mercy and love as the meaning of our lives, and that means that everything that happens to us goes under the loving Providence of the Lord and that all that we must do is to follow the will of God for our lives, instead of following our own path without Him, following our lying and adulterous hearts to steal Grace and to chase our own dreams.

How we pay an outrageously high price for our dreams

Our Lord is The Lord because His Will is Perfect.

That means that His rule comes not only from His Power and Wisdom –like it is normal to be in worldly lordship– but mostly from His Love. This means that we don’t need to obey because of fear of punishment or greed for rewards, but because His decrees for our lives are flawless. Humility opens the path to trust, and the trust clears the way for the enjoyment of His ruling regardless of our personal ideas and wishes.

If we distrust the ruling of God for our lives, we are only adding up more suffering and confusion to our own fates. We pay an outrageously high price for our dreams when that is disconnected from the Will of the Lord because we can’t be abundantly blessed if we steal the blessings to live an adulterous life. Following the illusions and fantasies of our hearts, we cumulate theft over theft, to the point of exhaustion –and hopefully repentance– and eventually to perdition.

We not only pay a high price inviting the asked corrections needed for our necessary change, but even more, we pay with the cessation of an endless stream of blessings, for the prevention of our ultimate fall into pride.

We should get out of our mess into His peace following the simple and straight path of trust. That path comes out of the simple honesty of the surrendering of our pretensions, and the admission of our desire for pure and endless love: not under the trading conditions of this world, but under the rule of a loving Father.

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