We can give back the love, if we believe in love alone

“You became corrupt, you that without tare He created, a depraved and perverted generation. Is this how you pay back the Lord, you foolish, unwise people? Isn’t He your Father, your Creator? He made you and established you Himself.”

Deuteronomy, 32:5

So far I found this as the most complicated translation among all verses translated so far. I couldn’t find any version that translates the original meaning that I knew for the passage from my own version, and I found many deviated expressions that couldn’t help us in anything. All this, of course, according to my best belief. And I guess this difficulty is meaningful somehow. In these sentences, Moses declares very frankly two very important spiritual things: that we are directly created by the Almighty, and therefore that we are created without stain.

This is so important, because it completely blocks the Gnostic interpretation of creation as a falling experience, being we descended from a higher dimension to a lower. And that myth is the basis of Gnosticism because of the spiritual convenience to our perversion since that makes us friendly with the really fallen creatures that want us to share their destiny, the fallen angels.

Also, the passage is important for assuming the spiritual meaning of our present life as the awareness of freedom and consciousness of our responsibility for doing justice to the Almighty and to our neighbors. We are the ones responsible for our own corruption since we are created for purity, but we follow the path of our fathers into disobedience. Each new generation needs to make the choice, again and again, to the End of Times, to the harvesting of the last crop.

Yes, we are born into captivity and we learn the path of disobedience, but we also receive the calling from the Law of Love inscribed in our hearts to do as Abraham did, to abandon the house of our fathers to live with and before God alone in the desert. The collective propagates only the costumes of disobedience since all nations are drunk with the wine of the Prostitute. Only the individuals can listen to the calling to abandon the idolatry of the nations and to get back to the ways of the Creator.

No tare weight

Many religions received the power of the Prostitute to create illusions to keep the masses into spiritual bondage with the legal permission provided by the omission of their very victims.

A magical solution is offered to answer to the problem of the so-called “original sin”: the baptism, or the feast, or whatever it is, works as the supernatural cure for a supernatural disease. All this circus serves only to block the real cure for the problem, consciousness, and truthfulness to have real Humility and to receive the spiritual gifts of Faith and Hope. To this, any religious scholar could answer that the purpose of the ritual is to make present the symbol that could be lived through real Faith anytime by any faithful. Of course, how convenient. My question is: this is really happening, the ritual is being used just as a symbol of a spiritual reality, or the masses are using this as MAGIC? The people are learning to live before the Lord, or as a consequence of the magic rituals, they are ruled under the bondage of religious authority?

We know the answer to these questions.

With Faith no ritual is necessary, without Faith no ritual is enough. And if even with Faith a ritual is made necessary, that is MAGIC, the betrayal of pure trust in love for the belief in POWER.

The original sin is lived in each new person in each new generation, again and again, because we became corrupt by our own choice. Only recognizing our freedom to be evil we can really be repented from doing that and open our hearts to the cure which is, of course, supernatural healing, but from Grace and not from magic. When the Apostle talks about doing something bad according to the flesh, against the will of the spirit, he is talking about our weakness, not about something else strange operating inside of us. No: we are free and we are weak, and that is all.

We were created without any tare weight, so we add sin to our lives by our own wishes and desires. The solution for this is the humility to recognize our evilness, our ignorance, and our weakness. And we do this all before the Lord. As a consequence, we learn that we are living by Grace, that His Love and Mercy are all that we need, and we believe that He is going to correct our ways and will put us on the right path, like a shepherd taking care of his sheep.

The moment you prevent this spiritual process by inserting a magical ritual in its place, making the people believe not in the Love of God and His Grace, but in the magic itself and the power of the ritual, you are disgracing the lives of the people, making them live away from the Creator, enslaved by the traditions of men, charging their endless guilt and empowering the influence of the Accuser in their lives. That is the path of ignorance or, in other words, paganism, idolatry, adultery, and disobedience.

Depraved and perverted

What is the meaning of this expression: “depraved and perverted generation”?

This is all spiritual and must be understood spiritually.

Spiritual depravity and perversity is the obsession with spiritual lust and adultery, and that means going on deeper into the ways of idolatry: making constant business with this world, believing in all illusions and lies for the sake of distrusting love, trading love for power, believing in salvation through knowledge, following the idols and serving the gods of this world. That is the fall of the bride into the seductions of this world, betraying the promise of the groom and distrusting him.

All things that dispute room in our hearts against the pure trust in God and His Love are made for depravity and perversion. Living by Grace is a unique and exclusive spiritual experience. We are not infallible in our words and deeds, but we can be infallible in our beliefs if we decide to believe in Love alone.

There is no point, no profit or advantage, in addressing any “original sin” that is not our failure to trust in God and His Love.

Recognizing God as our personal and direct Creator corrects the twisted vision of Gnosticism that wants to blur our spiritual experience by mixing our freedom with the ways of this world. Yes, we failed, yes we betrayed Love and we lusted for power. But we can believe in Mercy and in Love, despite all. We can get back from our deviation and we can recognize our Creator, and we can desire to live only before Him. We can give back the love if we believe in love alone.

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