Real Faith is the surrender to the infallibility of Love

“I will hide My face from them, I want to see their hereafter. For they are an upside down generation, children with no faithfulness in them. They made Me jealous with a non-god. They vexed Me with airy idols. So I will make them jealous with a non-people. With a foolish nation I will vex them.”

Deuteronomy, 32:20

Like I said before, it makes no sense to fight against the System of the Beast when the empowerment of these rulers is a consequence of the disobedience of the people. We don’t fight against flesh and blood, but against the evil spirits, against the lies ruling this fallen world. The SoB is empowered by the disobedience of the ignorant and their continuous adultery, in a way that makes the works of evil useful to the correction of the people of God.

If the people don’t have to deal with the consequences of their choices, how can they be corrected and choose repentance?

The problem with the narrative of intra-dimensional spiritual warfare starts when people believe in this illusion of a “lost paradise”, which works like a fantasy tale to enforce the lies of Gnosticism. There is no fallen condition from which we need to be restored. There is no kingdom of God in the present world. The Curse and the Death of Genesis 3 are blessings for those who look for the inter-dimensional spiritual warfare, to those that are not looking to the salvation of a lost reality, to those that have trust in the wisdom of the design of the Creator.

There must be a ruling of the illusions of the idols, there must be a moment for the ephemeral glory of the stupidity and ignorance of the nations to shine. Because each new heart born in each new generation must make a real choice.

Tragedy or Comedy?

There is a tragic side to this story since lots of suffering and misery were not necessary in the first place. The Lord doesn’t have any pleasure in the suffering of His people. But do they want to be His people? Don’t they prefer to dance to the music of the idols of this world? How can they be blessed to keep their doings? They should be spared if they wanted to be spared, but their disobedience force the hand of God into leaving the people to live the way they want and to face the consequences of this choice. And here is where the tragedy turns to be a comedy somehow.

Because there will always be salvation for the repented, as there will be always a calling to get out of the lies of the world, and as there will be a powerful Providence acting to the rescue of the repented. So the suffering, even if it never does satisfy the desire of God for His people, gets a more ridiculous aspect, because it is the suffering caused from the stupidity of masochism that has an end decreed coming very fast. What could end in a tragedy –from what depended on the fallen creatures wishing the perdition of all humans– turns to be mostly a comedy, because only a few stubborn in the way of pure disobedience will be found spiritually useless and will fall to ultimate perdition. Since we believe in the perfection of the design of our Lord, we can’t believe in the perdition of the majority. Our God is not a God of waste or inefficiency: His ways are perfect.

Of course, the idea of the damnation of the majority is a Gnostic one, because it is the belief in a parallel power really disputing authority with God and winning in part. There is no such thing. The sovereignty of God is absolute and everything is made for a reason. Darkness is working in the service of salvation by scaring the lost sheep, so they can choose to be found. Very unfortunately, there will be indeed perdition for part of the harvest, there will be a real waste. But this will not diminish in nothing the Glory of the Almighty, and that means that His love to the salvation of the lost will never cease; what will cease will be the last hope for repentance in the hearts of the disobedient. And this is how all this story can’t really be a tragedy, because the guilt will decree their own condemnation, refusing salvation forever.

We can find real rest, real peace, and joy if we open our hearts to real Faith. Yes, the world is a mess, yes that is all necessary, and yes, this is for the happiest ending possible. How could it be otherwise?

Real Faith is the surrender to the infallibility of Love.

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