Isn’t this the fairest disclaimer?

“See now: I AM, and apart from me there is no other god! I AM the one who takes life and gives it, I AM the one who wounds and heals again, and nobody can get away from my hand.”

Deuteronomy, 32:39

If we could ever borrow any concept from the philosophical “wisdom” of the world to give us an edge in understanding the spiritual dimension, that would be the Neoplatonic concept of the oneness of God and the total dependency that all the multiple reality has under Him to exist in any form. But we don’t need that if we have the real wisdom, which is the belief in the name of the Lord. And even a good case could be made for the opposite to be the truth: that human philosophy has borrowed, or even stolen, the idea of oneness from the revelation of the wisdom of the Name.

Whatever the case may be, if one asks me about what is the most essential things to know about spiritual life, among the recognition of love as the final cause of reality, the primacy of freedom of belief over knowledge, and the key of humility to open the heart to love, I would mention for sure the oneness of God, the wisdom of His Name. Because before the supremacy of God all darkness fades away, and all confusion gets dispersed.

This is why the Lord is called “The Rock” by the faithful because nothing can stand His might, and the trust in His love is our only sureness necessary in life.

At the end of the Book of Deuteronomy Moses remembers the first fervor of the Faith in the simple awareness of the transcendence of God. And THIS is how we get away from adultery and idolatry: we declare that He Is the only One who Is, and this is learned from the testimony of God about Himself, in such a way that He can be called as guarantor to the witnessing of Him. This is tremendously powerful and liberating.

Accepting or rejecting the Cross

So, if you have any real problem, any complaint about any injustice in life, you have a problem WITH HIM.

And guess what? That’s YOUR problem because God can’t be charged with anything.

Jesus is the Lord of Lords because He performs the perfect loving obedience to the will of the Father, regardless of the injustice of evil in this world. He carried the Cross so we can carry our own. And we do this by accepting the suffering for the consequences of the deeds of evil because we trust in God since we believe He is Almighty. Being faithful we can’t accuse God of not being a loving Father, because we can’t put ourselves in the impossible position of accusation against One that surpasses us in everything. By doing that we are accepting the Cross, not only our own individual cross but the salvation from the Cross of Jesus Christ for us because we believe in Love.

If we keep the absurd accusation against God, we reject not only our own personal cross –because we want to be found innocent and worthy of living–, but also the Cross of Jesus. Because we reject that the Son of God Himself was supposed to suffer for Love, being really innocent and saint. We declare that Jesus can’t be the Son of God, so that liar deserved to be crucified. So, rejecting our suffering for love, we reject Jesus suffering for love and we accuse him of being a liar, so spiritually we crucify Jesus again. Because we can’t believe in the victory of love over evil.

This is why the Cross is the center of all reality and not only of the human reality. The justification for the entire creation is centered in the free creatures since they must make a choice, and the Cross is the epicenter of that choice: accepting love winning over evil, or rejecting love altogether because free creatures should not exist to commit evil. On one side is trusting and mercy, on the other side stands the accusation and the judgment.

The inevitability of God, and of Life or Death

Isn’t those words revealed by Moses the fairest disclaimer about spiritual life ever?

The Most High is very fair and straight in His own testimony: you can’t escape Him. Don’t even try, don’t lose your time.

And I should also say: if you choose to do so, at least don’t waste MY time. Because for the sake of everything in this world people prefer to miss the realization of Love, and not being content of doing that with themselves, they want to drag everyone else into that same black hole, that endless void. As a faithful person, you should remember that the refusal to recognize the Lord comes from a sovereign free-will that people have, and if you stay around their stubbornness being stubborn yourself about having “peace” with this world, you can be dragged into this spiritual sewer, and it will be your fault.

If you trust God and have Faith in His Love, you believe in the inevitability of Life for you, as if other people distrust God and His Love, they believe in that final death sentence that is coming also inevitably. As faithful we rest by the same ensured law that keeps unrested the unfaithful: the Law of Love for the salvation of those who choose life, and for the condemnation of those who choose death.

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