About That Day

“As I Myself live forever, when I sharpen My lightning sword and My hand seizes Justice, I will return vengeance on My foes, and those who hate Me I will pay back.”

Deuteronomy, 32:40

The message of love contains no threats, but the lost sheep must be warned about the consequences of disobedience if they decide to be like goats in the end. The staff guides the obedient, as the rod corrects the disobedient. The purpose of the rod is not to threaten or to harm, but to correct. There is vengeance coming against the hatred and the rejection of love, and not warning about this destiny would be actually lack of love and caring.

The day of reckoning is coming. That is the day of Justice: the end of all lies and illusions that currently prosper in this world and keep the ignorant enslaved. That is the day of vengeance against those who profit in keeping the world in darkness, the producers and sellers of illusions and idols.

This should be looked at as beneficial even to those shy hearts that can’t make the decision to trust love. Since they can’t move in the direction of love, at least they will be spared from the lies of darkness, and will finally meet an end to their slavery. Justice is absolute even to those foes hereby referred, because they are also enslaved in their production of lies. The world will know the Justice of the Lord, the day of the liberation from the bondage of lies and the slavery to the idols.

The sword of Eden

This lightning sword could very well be the same that have protected the Garden of Eden, the Paradise Lost, after the fall of men. The sword is the Word of God: the truthful testimony about Life. Life can be accessed only through the Word: Jesus Christ Himself and His loving testimony of salvation and the mercy of God.

The same way the Word of God has protected the access to the Tree of Life, so only the faithful believers in the Love of God could receive eternal life through living by Grace, the same weapon will be used to do justice against those who refuse to trust in Love.

The Lamb of God will come back as the Lion, the King of Kings: to destroy and to conquer.

The entire Creation belongs to Him. After the Revelation of the Lord, He will take what belongs to Him, He will claim His possession forever.

Hatred will be paid back

Who are the foes of God?

Those who paid back love with hatred, the mercy with despise, and the fidelity with distrust.

Those who again and again chosen to reject salvation and forgiveness, to give their backs to God and their faces to the world, to look for the dreams and plans of their own hearts regardless of the will of God.

Especially, the hatred that will be paid back is the one who took the form of the building of the current system of lies, the engagement in the fabric of illusions of the System of the Beast, the profiting from the continuous slavery of the nations of the earth, hiding the Word of God and placing idols to be worshipped.

Of course, the Word will be vindicated. Those that refused the peace of the Word will know the justice of it. Those that refused to be protected by the Sword will be corrected by it.

So small was the price to be paid in humility, but so great will be the price to be paid in humiliation.

That Day will be a happy day for all that have long waited for the victory of Justice and the triumph of the Truth. What is a threat to some, is a hope for others. Once more, we will decide where we will be, from what we treasure in our hearts.

Justice, justice, justice!

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