Just glorify Him

“It is the Lord that causes death and makes life, that brings down to the Abyss and raises up. He is the One who makes poor and makes rich, that humiliates and exalts.”

I Samuel, 2:6

Living by Grace pays honorary tribute to the exclusive authority and rule of God over life, and recognizes the wisdom of His Name. And although living by Grace indeed opens the gates of the human life to the reception of many blessings, these are not even necessary to have peace and joy because the trust in the ruling of the Lord is more than enough to cause any soul to find rest.

The psychic mentality of this world, made from the habits of spiritual adultery and idolatry, can’t understand the intrinsic logic of spiritual life and its sufficiency. The human mind is always trading benefits, translating risks and rewards, prices and returns, progressing in the neglect of transcendence in trying to find meaning to the immanence within the realm of immanence, omitting the Oneness of the Lord trying to find the perfection of the multiplicity in the realm of multiplicity.

In the place of the simplicity of every crated being receiving perfection being completed by the infinite power of the Creator, the control-obsessed human mind wants to produce the impossible rising of the creature ascending to perfection by its own means. The psychic life is an endless grinding for the impossible, a source of tormenting volition, always depressed by failing results and anxious for the next illusions in line.

The adulterous arrogance of the belief in an autonomous natural causality means the idolatry of Nature. And walking in this path prevents the life in peace and joy that is possible only through glorifying the Lord as the master of life and death, of blessings and curses, of our entire destiny. If God is not Almighty to rule over all, who is disputing power against Him? Naturalism requires Gnosticism, the sacrament of distrust and doubtfulness.

You can avoid the chaos and voidness of doubt if you just glorify Him, trusting in His Love. Otherwise, the path of life is shut. And as Jesus did, we can also ask: what is the profit for a man, if he wins the whole world but loses his life?

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