What is a king’s heart made of

“He raises the helpless from the dust. He lifts the needy from the dunghill, to make them sit with nobles, granting them a seat of honor. For the earth’s pillars are Lord’s, and He has set the world on them.”

I Samuel, 2:8

By our most high smartness no one of us wants to be found helpless and needy, but before the Lord how can we be found in any other way?

Who can be counted as rich before the Almighty?

There is deep and rich wisdom in the recognition of the helplessness and necessity of the creature before the Creator. But there is a price for this, and even being small, it must be paid: humility.

If all can be found helpless and needy, not all can be found in humbleness. And the same blessings that grace the humble whose heart is closer to God can disgrace the proud whose heart is away from the Lord.

Appearances can be very deceiving, and that is in the nature of the idols: to deceive in appearance. Since the power, the wisdom, and the beauty of God can’t be fully manifested in any creation, only through loving the Creator can we trust in the revelation of His Glory to come and resist to fall to the seduction of the idols. What is revealed already, what is manifested before us? Only a spark, a small sign of His Glory. Trusting in the source we can be released from any bondage towards the creation. Doesn’t matter how impressive and rich looks the work of God before us, that’s only a sample of the everlasting possibilities.

But if we forget the Creator, the brightness of the creation can dazzle us. Idolatry is what we do when we lie to ourselves about what deserves our worship: we miss the target because we can’t see the Creator in His creation. But why do we miss it? Because the qualities of the creation can be dominated by the human mind, can be understood, controlled, or imitated somehow, but God can only be reached by pure trust in His Love. Although our philosophies can reach some of the divine qualities by reasoning, we can’t ever be sure of the deep nature of God if we don’t recognize the will, or the final cause, that motivates the manifestation of all the divine qualities. And that deep nature is God’s Love, beyond all the human reason and imagination, reachable only by our belief and pure trust.

Idolatry, therefore, is caused by human pride. It is a shame to be found helpless and needy because Love can only be trusted, never dominated. The fear to surrender before Love causes slavery to the idols. Because we are spiritual creatures, made for belief and worship.

This is one of the many beautiful ironies of the spiritual life: the humble can be exalted because they have the heart of a king, but the proud must be humiliated because they have the heart of a slave.

The heart of a king

We can check this very clearly in this very book from the Prophet Samuel when we learn the story of King David.

King Saul was the choice of the people, dazzled by external appearances, while King David was the choice of God that knows the secret nature of men: his heart.

David was humble. The lesser brother inside a lesser family, he was a simple shepherd that glorified the Lord every day, and that not to perform rituals and practice religion, but as the reality of his spiritual life before God alone. David was not living before the world of creatures but before the Creator. He was helpless and needy many times, and that didn’t cause any rebellion in his heart, just the oppose: he found pleasure just in living with the Lord.

We can find this again and again in the Psalms: the testimony of the purity of spiritual life, regardless of the circumstances always living with God and wanting only for Him.

The testimony of the heart of a king.

Real nobility and honor

Since the Love of God is the meaning, the source, and the destiny of all life, the real nobility and honor in life rest in the recognition of the ruling of Love.

Real nobility and honor can be found only in the trusting belief in the Love of God.

Where is the human worth?

In be found blessed and saved by the Love of God.

For what other reason are we living? How else can we contribute to the glorification of the Almighty? What else can we do beyond surrendering to His Love and praising Him as our savior, the giver of life, and all gifts of life?

Jesus Christ revealed that it is in our weakness that all the strength can be found. Because the Love of God is revealed in our salvation. And He promised to save the weak Church of Philadelphia, the Church that was not rich of anything but the promise of salvation. And Jesus lives that story himself, being the Christ with the message of the fidelity of Love. Jesus is the Messiah because only the Son of God can be the promised son of David. The rich and powerful Solomon was found unworthy, and his heart, corrupted. In Jesus, we found the fulfillment and the justification of the entire creation, because in his heart there is Love alone since he lives in the perfection of the will of the Father. That is the worthy heart of the King of Kings.

That is the source of kingship: living with God and by His Love alone.

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