Light is coming, are you ready?

“He guards the steps of those faithful to Him, but the wicked fade away in darkness. For men does not prevail by might.”

I Samuel, 2:9

Standing by ourselves, we have no chance. Who we are? A group of insignificant ants in an insignificant universe, prone to fall into entropy and chaos, to be dispersed and discharged like trash. Idolatry prospers selling the illusion that our disconnection from God can get to anything different from this if we just invent our own false meanings.

The wicked believe in the “standing by ourselves”, in men saving himself, in the existence of order out of chaos by the human providence. They believe in enlightenment, in the “lights of reason”, and they become the illuminated, the mighty builders of civilizations and temples.

The human might is provided by the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge: Gnosis. That is the source of science and religion, technology and magic, numbers and words. In one word: the source of power.

But this is a trap.

Conceded for what before eternity looks like 5 seconds, the open way to the prosperity of the idols will be closed soon enough.

The faithful quietly see the deep wisdom in all this, and they stay sober. They give testimony of the true wisdom that this world judged like foolishness: the testimony of Love.

The arrogance can’t look down to its own feet of clay. Love is just too cheap and easy before the might of the power of Gnosis. The wicked get drunk from the wine of the Prostitute of this world. The more they think they can see, the more they get blind. And when they get to see the light in the end, without repentance, it will be the light of an extinguishing fire.

The faithful know they can’t see by themselves, and this is why their steps are guarded, and as it is written, “even if they stumble, they don’t come to fall”. They will see the light in the end, because they have believed in it deep in their hearts.

Those who claim to see the light from themselves will be destroyed when the true light arrives.

Those who trust in the light they can’t see will live to look and marvel.

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