Rejected… but till when?

“Listen to the voice of the people in all that they say to you. For they have not rejected you, rather they rejected Me from being King over them.”

I Samuel, 8:7

Since the times of Adam, all that God was always looking to was to have a relationship with His creatures, so they can know Him as a loving Father.

Because of the perfection of His work, both angels and men were made with complete freedom to accept or to reject His Love. For He never wanted forced children, programmed to “love”: there is no true love without freedom because Love is always out of control. In a way, it is an antithesis to power, though for this very same reason Love is the justice of Power: the only will that deserves to rule with infinite Power is the will of pure Love.

The perfection of the Creation in the making of the free creatures required from God the payment of three very expensive prices: 1) the acceptance of the possibility of rejection; 2) the acceptance of the engagement of the free creatures with darkness and evil; and 3) the sacrifice of the Son of God to justify all the Creation, giving testimony of perfect Love and pointing the evilness of accusation and judgment forever.

Humans are very accustomed to feel pain as injustice and complaining about it. They barely perceive, in doing this, two inherent injustices that they are doing: disregarding their own spontaneous expectation for Love as a proof for their spiritual reality of needing Love (otherwise complaining against “injustice” would make no sense), and disregarding that although we don’t deserve to be spared from any suffering intrinsically, God is going through all of this only for our own sake, because He is experiencing our suffering that should not ever take place in His presence. Although God suffers nothing as nothing can touch His everlasting peace and joy, because of His Love He goes through witnessing many things that He shouldn’t if were not for His Love for us. Who is committing the real injustice here?

The period of the kings

Let’s check the period of the kings briefly, so we can have some historical perspective.

Before Saul, the first anointed king over the people of God, the people were ruled by God through the Prophets. Although the people have failed sometimes even under that previous ruling –as we can check with the power exercised by Aaron and the Levite priests in the building of a religion–, that model was better because the source of authority was more evident. The Prophet working as a messenger and agent, the people could live before God without the confusion about the ruling and the source of power and authority.

Again and again, we can see the warnings from Moses himself against the disobedience of the people. That is because the rule of God can be rejected since it is the ruling of a spiritual Law over free men. Prophets can alert and accuse, but they can’t change that freedom. The anointed king, however, can rule with his own laws by his own power, creating a larger distance between the people and God, being he a more exclusive intermediary agent to the ruling of God than the Prophets were before.

Therefore, in the period of the kings, the people of God goes on in disobedience, imitating the costumes of the other nations around them, exactly as they were warned not to do.

As they did before, building a religion with all the external signs and rituals like the nations around did, to have cultural power to “possess” the truth, now they wanted to build a nation with a ruling king made of flesh and blood, to have political power and man-made laws and “justice”.

And all that was done because the ruling of God is completely out of control. The majority of the people can’t accept that much freedom, to live under the rule of the Law of Love, because they are scared, their hearts faint over the pure trust in the Love of God. There is no room for human pride before the Love of God. How can men stand worthy and have any power?

Like religion, the political ruling is also a source of human power and control. The people of God were warned not to imitate the nations around, but they did it nevertheless because they couldn’t live in the pure trust of Love, they couldn’t live only by Grace. They admired and desired the same power of the nations around them, to proclaim the purity of their own religion and the justice of their own laws and of their own king.

In the period of the kings, we saw again how the people of God were chosen to be an example before all the nations and peoples of the world.

Rejection is rejected

Love is so much the meaning of life, that the rejection of Love is the rejection of life itself.

A brief time is given to the building of all the illusions and idols of the world, just in time so every heart in every generation is given the real choice between light and darkness, so life can go on forever.

Life will go on forever, to those who accepted Love.

All weaknesses can be forgiven, all limitations can be overcome, all confusions can be undone, but for the rejection of Love, there is no remedy. That is the mortal sin that can’t be cured because it is the disbelief in the very cure.

Rejection will be rejected.

Distrust, malice, hatred, judgment, all this will vanish forever.

Rejection will have its five minutes of power, till Love will come and consume it all.

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