Voidness devouring voidness

“Do not turn aside from following Him, to go after empty things that cannot do good or deliver, for the idols are void.”

I Samuel, 12:21

The idols usurp the blessings from the Grace of God to mount their illusions.

If the Grace ever stopped, the denial of Grace would immediately cease.

All magic and art, all science and technology, all knowledge and power are possible only through the use of many blessings from the Lord, starting with the gift of life itself as the base to all experiences and deeds, following through with the creation and stability of nature, including the general health, and the gifts of reason and imagination. All human plans and conspiracies to omit and deny the Grace require countless blessings from the Grace.

For this, we can say that the idols lie: lying is in their essence.

Men are free to believe in lies, and the misuse of this freedom empowers the illusions of the idols.

Following the Lord, on the other hand, secures the human heart against idolatry, because He Is the One Who Is and no one else will be counted at His side: how can one who knows the Name of God by believing in His Love get lost in the false promises of the idols of this world?

The exclusivity of God’s Love and the holiness of His Name empowers the faithful to walk through a straight path. Everything is connected to the Grace, even what seems to contradict our most illustrated expectations and that surpasses our best understanding.

What we found in the world around us is the constant separation and preparation for departure to all faithful, so the work of the idols will be completed to those who have worshiped them. As God is calling his people for salvation, darkness is calling for extinction.

There is a work in progress in this world, where voidness is devouring voidness, and empty hearts are following the empty idols into the abyss of nothingness.

The rejection of Love proclaims the absurdity of counting anything aside from the Lord’s Grace. Instead of believing in the only possible sure path, this world prefers to follow the closest illusion. In the place of trusting in the most firm Rock which is the very foundation of everything that is, the shy and distrustful hearts chose to wander uselessly in the desert of denial.

We can’t put the Fear of God, the recognition of His Presence, in the hearts of the people.

But this we can do: to preach Love, to warn against the disgrace of the idols, and then to walk away from stubbornness. For we are not here to change the freedom of the people, and any attempt of doing this will only create new forms of slavery and idolatry. No. We are here to raise awareness about freedom: to awake the consciousness of spiritual life, so the people can have a chance to make a responsible decision.

As the world is doing its part testifying for the illusions and promoting the spiritual adultery, so the faithful will also testify about the belief in Love and spiritual fidelity, to the end of this world.

Let the void devour the void. Each generation is delivering its fruits, and that is what matters for the purpose of eternal life. The waste will be wasted as a price to be paid to have a good harvest.

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