The flawless victory of Faith

“The Lord delivers not with sword and spear, for the battle belongs to the Lord.”

I Samuel, 17:47

Rightfully opposing the humanistic rule of Saul, David showed how the nations around Israel were supposed to be conquered: with trust and obedience to the Lord.

Where was all the strength of arms from Saul and his army, when they faced the Philistines?

Because they were by themselves, their force was not enough. They couldn’t believe in the victory, because they believed only in THEIR own victory. David won the battle they couldn’t because he was not a champion of men and of Israel, but he was a champion of the Lord, acting by Faith. After all, the Lord can win whatever battle He wishes, at His pleasure. Why should David regard his victory as a product of his arms and weapons, to try to calculate and to know the way to win, if it’s only the Lord’s decision that matters?

If we try to stand by ourselves we became liars.

Isn’t the Grace of the Lord that sustains our life every second?

Why do we pretend to stand independent? What is at the core of this lie?

Gnosis, the source of all adultery and idolatry. The choice for knowledge and power.

We are free to be liars if we just decide to be. And God does everything in a way that our freedom can always be preserved like Isaiah said: “Truly, You are a God that hides Thyself, O Lord, our Savior!”

So Faith can be our only Justice, perfect and pure as the Love of God deserves to be believed.

The very reason proclaimed in malice for distrust will be revealed as the reason that justifies Faith.

His ways are, indeed, perfect… How could we state high enough His wisdom? No words are enough…

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