Faith vs. Religious culture

They lied.

They lied so much about the advent of our Lord, that I can’t tell you enough about that.

The truth learned in reading the Scriptures is a pure blessing from the Holy Spirit. Out of His blessing, what can one learn from the Bible, if not only confusion that can only be undone in human terms by the slavery ways of the Oral Tradition? You see, you want to deliver the message of freedom, the Good News, but do the people want to receive that? If they want, they actually don’t need you. If they don’t, you can’t give them that, because the message is spiritual, not a property of these poor human words.

Yes, the Gospel will be spread all over the world before the End, and that will be a work of the Holy Spirit. Here and there, circumstantially, we can be of use when the Most High decides in His celestial decrees.

What we can do of good with our poor words, and that is true in comparison with so many spiritually voided occupations, is to give testimony according to what we received. Sometimes –even many times– we can talk the biblical passages, but not as if the world could ever understand that. The world can’t. But the good listeners can, and we should work for their benefit only, in the ways of the Lord.

We look for confessed sinners, people with no hope in this world, people really tired of playing the sick games of the System of the Beast. We look to people that want to get out. The rest of humanity is almost useless for us, except for their forced service in our benefit, according to the Will of Grace of the Eternal. Don’t waste time with these people. Don’t throw them pearls, so they don’t turn back to you assaulting your Faith and mocking your Savior.

Yes, we can talk the Bible, but only to testify our Faith. All the words in that book should serve us, to the very end, for we are the adopted sons of God by our Faith in the Begotten. That is your limit. If you ever try to reverse this, you will fall to the path of the priests, that race of vipers. How the adultery have started? With the comments about the Torah. What once was the purest testimony was then perverted to the benefit of this lamentable caste of people.


And they want us hanged in the gallows, of course, because to them we are the traitors in violation of the pact they did with the Darkness in the name of our God. They have the will and the power to kill us, don’t they? And this is the sole proof, if one was ever necessary, of whom they serve.

By the fruits, you will know the tree.

We serve Jesus Christ spreading the message of freedom, and want them to live with peace and joy. They serve the Devil spreading the message of bondage and slavery, and want us tormented and killed.

We preach Mercy and Forgiveness. They preach Accusation and Judgement.

By the fruits, you will know the tree.

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