The Name and the Blood

If we understand that Religion, in general terms and with the required exception of the individual discretionary freedom in spiritual terms, is made to the purpose of idolatry, with the Christian religion that would not be different.

And indeed we can see many superstitious practices and sayings among religious Christians, a culture that resembles a lot some pagan costumes, like believing in the power of symbols and rituals. Of course symbols and rituals can have power. If you believe in them instead of believing in the Most Holy beyond all, you are empowering these things and giving legal allowance to be enslaved by them.

Humans, eager for power and control to deal with their most visceral fears and desires, build the idols and empower them. Without Love, only Power can rule. And some –many, actually– believe that it is better to be enslaved with some bargaining power than to be completely surrendered before a Love that is totally out of control.

Here we are going to address the claim that the Name and the Blood of Jesus are powerful for the faithful, and what that means in religious terms and in spiritual terms.

No magic, only Justice

Once before I already explained that the belief that Jesus had to die like a lamb so his blood could be an acceptable sacrifice before the Father looks like the blood magic rituals of the pagans. So much, that constantly that very interpretation is used as proof of the supposed cruel nature of a God that always requires violence and blood to be good.

Unfortunately, some Christians can be very pressed by these allegations, and afraid of losing their “faith”, they go on and double down in the idea of salvation like a mystical and symbolical ritual. One of the most powerful scriptural subsidies for this idea, or even the most important, is chapter 9 from the book of Hebrews. There the remission of the sins through the sacrifice of blood looks very much mandatory and undeniable. But a careful look can show that this makes perfect sense in the fulfillment of the prophecies, much like the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan did. But –and this is of extreme importance– all the prophecies had to be fulfilled because they predicted Jesus, not the other way around! The tail doesn’t wag the dog, if you permit me this poor figure. Jesus didn’t have to do this or that because he was bonded to a Law external to his nature and will. No! All the Law was made to point to him. He is the fulfillment of the prophecies. The sacrifice of blood is a voluntary choice of Jesus, with no mandatory rule beyond the Love of the Father Himself. To believe otherwise is to defile the very purity of his sacrifice. There is no power out of the Love of God, which is His very Will, to mandate anything to God. The blood was sacrificed for justice, not for magic.

To the jews and to many Romans at the time of the crucifixion, the very proof that Jesus was not the Son of God was the fact that he could be chained, tortured, and killed, without being able to save himself and receiving no rescue. They mocked Jesus with the title “King of the Jews” for that purpose. The idea of the Son of God being submitted to that treatment is unthinkable to both Jews and gentiles. Later, even the Muslims said that their prophet Isa was spared of dying on the cross because that death would be too much humiliating even for a prophet.

Magic is a way of knowledge and power that works like an immanent analogy to divine wisdom. It is a lie because the function of the analogy is to point to what transcends the analogical dimension, and not to realize the transcendent in the immanent. All the language, knowledge, and art serve only to point to the wisdom and beauty that transcends our dimension, so we can praise and glorify the Almighty, since THAT is the purpose of life, and not to become like God by ourselves. Gnosis opened the path to cut the link with the transcendence of God and transformed human reason and imagination into tools to build idolatry, among other things in the form of magic. To use the Name and the Blood of Jesus like our personal possession of powerful tools is to despise Justice for the sake of Power. It’s idolatry and magic.

Scripture says that it is with no lie that salvation will be realized. That means that the Name and the Blood of Jesus are not tokens to be wielded in spiritual warfare, since that is magic. The Name and the Blood are Justice for the faithful. There is no problem in doing strong prayers believing in the power of the Name and the Blood, if that is for the right reason, in spirit and truth, and not in the flesh and untruth.

The Justice of the Name

With some variations, the name of Jesus is often translated as “God is our salvation”, or “God is our justice”.

If a name is a prophecy, and prophecies are rightful as signs of the truth of the Eternal revealed to us, that means that Jesus is the realization of God being our savior and our justice.

His name is not an idol, though. Should not be, because the Name of God can’t be realized in human language. A name in human language can be a prophecy, but can’t reveal the nature of the named, since all human knowledge is only analogous. Much less a human language can realize verbally the nature of God. Trying to do this will end in idolatry invariably.

To believe in the Name of Jesus means to trust that salvation was realized through Him, so the prophecy of his Name was true. But it is true to the believers only because Jesus is not revealed to the world yet, only to the faithful.

In this way Faith in the Name of Jesus becomes the Justice to the faithful and the election of them to the First Ressurection, because they trusted when they could trust, so they loved most purely, with obedience and no penance, choosing humility instead of humiliation.

The Justice of the Blood

But what about the Blood?

Jesus died in a voluntary sacrifice to realize two things.

First, the Love of God. Not only as a message but as a fact. In the justification of freedom, God put Himself on the line to be judged and to suffer in the flesh, because we must be free to deny His Love and to judge Him. Love is proved: God showed His endless Love for us in the flesh. No one can deny Love anymore: He gave everything to love us, so therefore to accept or to reject the Love is on us entirely. Spiritually, every human life, from Adam to the last man to live on this world, is the carrying of a cross in the trust of God’s Love or is the rejection of the cross and the endorsement of the crucifixion of Jesus. The Cross of Jesus is the center of our reality because it is the realization of God’s Love in it.

Second, the condemnation of Evil. Angels and men were made free to accept or to deny the Love of God. So, in sacrificing his Blood, Jesus proved that those that freely accused and judged him were voluntarily choosing Evil and the rejection of Love, because he didn’t deserve to die. Accusation and Judgement, which are meant to be exclusive divine rights, were dismissed by God who chose to concede Mercy and Forgiveness through his perfect Will of Love; but then Accusation and Judgement were usurped in the rejection and condemnation of God’s Love in the Cross. So, Evil was proven to be injustice and was condemned forever. The accusers got accused, and the judges got judged. There is no Justice in the rejection of Love, just Evil.

In this way, the Blood of Jesus becomes the Justice to the repented alive again in the Second Resurrection, because Love is proved, and the motivation behind the usurped judging rights against Love was proved to be Evil. The Mercy of God to save those repented in the Second Ressurection will look very unjust to those with a heart full of the spirit of accusation and judgment. As it is written, there will be lots of weeping and gnashing of teeth, because the Evil of accusation and condemnation can’t enter the Eternal Life. The way of Life will be shut for Evil, forever. The penitents will see Life, for even if they rejected to trust in Love, they surrendered in the end. They rejected the staff but accepted the rod. They rejected to be humble, but they accepted their humiliation as an act of Love.

Who asked for the Blood?

Here is the most hurtful part.

After meditating about all this, I almost came to the conclusion that it was futile to even try to explain the evilness behind the crucifixion of Jesus, especially from the part of those who believe they have a granted salvation because of the magical power of the Blood.

Those who ask for blood to be saved are the ones shedding the blood.

Those who need a killing to be saved are the ones committing murder.

Though we couldn’t ever be obedient and perfect as Jesus ever was, we could always be believers in Mercy and Forgiveness, and trust that the Love of God would always perfect us.

Therefore, the sacrifice of Jesus in the Cross was not required by the Father, but by those who demanded blood for the satisfaction of their own evilness masquerade as justice. And in His supreme Love, God has not refused the offering: he proved once and for all that there is no Justice behind the accusation and the judgment, only Evil.

To believe in the ritualized sacrifice of blood as the effective salvation is the worst thing possible: it is practicing violence as salvation because of the lack of trust in Love, and then justifying this evilness claiming that God is the one asking for blood!

The real blood eaters and drinkers, the evil spirits, have established their own cult over the world, and they have convinced the multitudes of the nations to engage in their ways, to believe in all of this.

The knowledge of salvation embedded in the rituals is the refusal of Love reproduced by humans following the first disobedience of the fallen angels that have also refused to trust in the Love.

The spirit of rebellion and violence has fallen from the Heavens and taken the form of the doctrine of human wisdom: Gnosis. The idea is the same, to declare that Love is not enough. And also the same is the practice: malice, distrust, evil, violence, and rebellion for the sake of Justice against the absurdity of pure Love.

These are the ones that asked for the Blood of God.

And they got it, for their own condemnation.

Bloodshed: the first Religion

One could ask about the many biblical examples of blood sacrifices, if those cases don’t show clearly the validity of the practice.

Didn’t Abel offer blood that was accepted? Didn’t Noah also? And Abraham? And the priests under Moses?

Well, one should ask about what those cases actually prove.

Not to mention adulterations, alien insertions, exclusions, and mistranslations, the Bible shows lots of stories about “holy” men that fail. Actually, the Word of God talks more about human failure and God’s Mercy rescuing us from our misery, than the opposite.

Couldn’t be the blood sacrifices just part of that human failure? Why not?

People want to believe in the power of the cult as much as in the sacred human figures of today and of all times. They do this because they need to believe in the validity of their own rituals and their own personal spiritual value. Behind the cloth of purity and the ritualistic solemnity hides the lack of Faith and trust, the abominable desire to bend and conquer God’s Love.

The bloodshed was the first Religion, but again I ask: who was asking for blood?

The bloodshed was introduced after the Fall as a way to “reconnect” with God. That’s your religare, your Religion.

The Law was Love, but men preferred ritualistic violence. Were they following the Holy Spirit, or something else?

And Jesus proved this: he was killed because that is the wish of the human heart.

That is the truth of Religion: hatred and the desire for bloodshed.

Jesus came to show the Love of God: Mercy, Forgiveness, Generosity.

But Love was rejected, accused, judged, and condemned.

Through the sacrifice of his blood, Jesus proved the evilness of the bloodshed: this is not for Justice, it’s for pure Evil.

God decreed. He rejected the rejection, accused the accusation, judged the judgment, and condemned the condemnation.

Love is supreme forever. Who will stand against it? Who will find any Justice beyond Love?

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