The Sakura Meditations

This probably will be my last input in the Lost & Found Podcast project.

Don’t you worry though! It’s not an end, it’s more like a new beginning.

I used the convenience of a Twitch problem to take some days out of the L&F Podcast, and that was good to consider some review, redesign, and redeployment of the project. I will try to explain my ideas here, and I hope that the few people engaged in the project somehow can appreciate my reasons and enjoy the transformation.

Boredom vs. doing good

Reviewing the project, I considered –as it is so common to me to do in everything I try to do by my own initiative– if it was something necessary to be done, or if I could just drop the whole thing.

This consideration transported me back to the early days when I was fighting some persistent boredom. And this made me reconsider that problem since it is the root of all this.

It is a reality for a small percentage of humans that life can go on so easily that they can’t find much challenge in anything.

Materially speaking, this is a privilege for a small group of people for two main reasons: first, the circumstantial unequal ratio of effort vs. wealth that maintains the majority of the people bonded to an unpleasant routine that gives them more suffering than pleasure, and second, the voluntary search for bondage and commitment from the individuals of each new generation that look for belonging and earthly meaning by realization through immanent dreams, like having career, success, or even family.

Intellectually speaking, the privilege is even more elitist, because most of the idle people would choose to engage in “higher” purposes, like those offered by political ideologies, scientific and technological progress ideals, or religious and philosophical research. I was involved in the pursuit of “meaning” by engaging in Philosophy, even before I was materially more independent and therefore had more free time to fill. Needless to say, intellectually, the real elitism consists in watching the vanity of all human “wisdom”, as we can check in this wonderful testimony from Ecclesiastes, but also we can check in our personal experience: what is the final result of the pride of the human reason? The reasoning of the never proved beliefs. It’s a rigged game, a lie.

So, if you are free from both material and mental slavery, what is left to be occupied with?

That depends on your story. In my own, I was not free by myself, but I was released from a liberating power that showed me the vanity of human life, materially and psychically. It was through the reading of the Scriptures that I learned to recognize and glorify the work of God in my life.

So, boredom comes from being free, because since the idols of the world can’t anymore make you work for them, especially in idealistic voluntary work, it is really hard to find any good thing to do with the free time and all other resources and gifts from God that is not some form of reengaging in the System of the Beast somehow.

Lots of people –and I guess even the majority of them– can’t stand to be any close to boredom, so they look for some meaning in suffering for their lives. This empowers the System of the Beast a lot. The fear of idleness provokes anxiety, as the despair of losing a scarce lifetime in comparison with the possibilities of life provokes depression. Without God, only suffering works: imposing suffering to yourself and to others. The spiritual sadomasochism works trying to extract the impossible from a life without God: meaning. So, synthetic meaning must be fabricated: the idols, including the idols of Religion and Philosophy.

How could one stand the boredom of a life released from all captivity, if the refusal to engage in new artificial meanings constantly pushes one back to idleness?

If any answer is possible, as usual, we can find it in the testimony of the Word of God, especially in the testimony of Jesus himself.

Freely you received, freely give it back

For the standards of our world today, Jesus would be considered a wanderer vagabond even more than he was regarded in his time.

The enemies of the Holy Spirit can’t stand the rejection of the idols. How can you dare to reject their false gods, that they love so much and to whom they sacrifice so much? Not giving any time or attention to these many worldly invented meanings to which they pay so expensive tributes in time, effort and suffering, is considered a terrible insult and a disturbance of the social order. More than that: since you are benefited by the very social order and progress, you are like a parasite entity exploiting the advantages of the very system that you despise. This, by the way, will be a huge reason for the killing of the faithful in the eyes of the worshippers of idols, always.

But if we just enjoy the Grace of the Lord that permits us to forget this noise from the zombified hordes, in a minute we can appreciate the full meaning of our present life as a free loving answer to the Love of the Lord.

The Lord said that freely we have received, so freely we should give back (Mat 10:8).

The context was the acts of healing, cleansing, resurrecting, and casting out evil spirits. And the order was to not look to receive money as a reward for the use of these powers.

Though the passage makes a clear reference to supernatural activities, one could do a spiritual interpretation for the wider and universal meaning of this. That works like extracting deeper spiritual meaning from the many parables from Jesus. And you can reject this, of course, but that is on you: where are the supernatural healings, the resurrections, etc.? Do you think the Holy Spirit has abandoned us because we don’t do comic books wonders? Or even worse: do you believe in Jesus personally because of the many signs of his divine power, or because of his spiritual message of liberation? All that is on you.

See, you have your Jesus as I have mine. To you, Jesus can be a confirmed authority by the power of signs, as today the Holy Spirit must be confirmed by some form of supernaturalism. To me, Jesus is the one who declared a generation looking for signs as EVIL and ADULTEROUS. And the Holy Spirit is not a pyrotechnical producer of special effects from Hollywood: to me, he is the spirit of the truth that declares to me that God is Love and Jesus Christ is the Son of God. You will get what you deserve according to your beliefs, as I will too.

Freely I received liberating gifts that were healing, cleansing, resurrecting, and casting out evil spirits in my life. So, freely I should give back the gifts that I received.

But what means freely?

The exchange of money is a symbol of the power of the idols because money is the cheapest and more accessible false god available in this world. Except for the trades required to survive, you are always working for the System of the Beast when what you do is to make money. I know, this is tremendous and scary, isn’t it? But it is the truth if it is a truth that we should be content being healthy, with food, clothing, and shelter alone, and if it is a truth that the godliness is a source of profit for those who choose to be content.

That said, freely doesn’t mean necessarily not receiving money in exchange, since money is just the cheapest of the idols out there, if you work for its sake. Your acts of love must be free because you just don’t expect to receive anything in return. After all, the act of love is the return to itself. The only way to do something without expecting any return is to do what is entirely good, something that in the very doing gives the satisfaction of the making. Anything really good is enough, without the need for consequences or returns of any kind. Ironically, by doing this you can actually receive money to support your work. Because working with what you love to do is free from the bondage of wealth, no money can change the free nature of a work done with love.

Giving back freely means to do the liberating good because that is enough, independently of any results. You do good because good is good, not because of something else.

The good thing that I received was the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a SPIRITUAL liberation from all bondages of this sick world, and a way to have a real relationship with God, desiring every day more and more to get out of here to stay with Him.

That is the mandate: not an external, artificially imposed, the alien concept of duty, but the organic process of producing the fruits according to the seed that was planted.

But how can this be done?

Friendliness, Consistency, and Endurance

I don’t talk about spiritual life because people care, I talk because I love doing it.

I do it for the glory of God, and for my own pleasure.

And also for the eventual reader or listener that can actually be called to pay attention to this work.

But I can’t be distracted with mundane results and goals, as I should not be disturbed by the noise of the doubtfulness of the world.

The wanna-be believers will believe.

And the wanna-be doubters will doubt.

What is the point of arguing for the pleasure of contestants, and of people that love disputes and intrigues?

There is no point in those things. So, it will be more productive and even fair to ignore those who ignore the Holy Spirit. As God gives license to the System of the Beast to exploit and enslave the zombified unfaithful, we also can be dismissed from the useless work of preaching to stoned cold hearts.

This means looking forward to a slightly different approach, with more friendliness, consistency, and endurance.

The first of these traits is the more urgent: to talk to a friendly audience. Instead of presuming –as I do a lot– all the possible irritating questions from the unfaithful that annoys and tires me so much, I will produce testimony to those that would eventually listen in goodwill. This way I would do justice to the beauty that I received myself. The best good-willing people just don’t deserve the dispersion of my work around the disturbance of others. Like when Jesus said he didn’t come to save saints, but sinners, I am looking to people sick and tired of their own lies as I was myself when the Holy Spirit touched me. As I was liberated from my own lies when I confessed my sins, I should work only to the eventual benefit of those disposed to do the same, don’t lose time with those who are saints in their own minds.

I say “eventual benefit” because the primary goal, like I said, is just to do a good thing regardless of the effect this work can have on anyone else. The matter here is a change in style, shifting from the presuming of a more or less hostile audience to a friendly one, so my words can do more justice to the beauty of salvation.

About consistency and endurance, this is what I have already projected before, but now it makes even much more sense because I can’t find anything barely close to a friendly audience today. With the exceptions of friendly individuals, as it is honorable to mention here the likes of Shuriken and Stannis, the eventual audience lives in a possible future. The quality and the depth of my work should be forced by doing it with consistency and to endure in doing it as long as I can, that is, as long as the Lord wishes.

More personal and artistic

The idea of a “Podcast” was made ad hoc, timely with the need to give a quick form to a new show to present my ideas about the Scriptures and some other subjects. And, just for the record, that happened after I tried to do the Hikikomori Verses project, which was a voting system with a gameplay background, produced in Portuguese.

My plan with the Podcast was to read and comment on the 493 pages of the selected quotes from the Bible. That alone was ambitious enough, but I see more could be done without any commitment to closing.

The Lost & Found worked well, but was that a Podcast? What is the definition of a Podcast? It is something more related to audio format and was supposed to be an on-demand radio broadcasting.

Besides the fact that I do video and not audio, so I would be producing a videocast instead, was I doing a “show” to be broadcasted like a TV or radio piece? If that crazy thing was offered to me, to broadcast in a media outlet, I probably would refuse because I have nothing to do with the media business in the first place.

I understand this work of mine as a more personal and artistic experience. The video format is just the choice of another media to deliver the same message, and the usage of Twitch to produce or of Youtube to distribute doesn’t change much.

So, it is time to change. Since the pleasure that I want to share is the one that I have meditated the Word of God and His Love, it is more correct to call this work a Meditation. And since I randomly chose the cherry blossom as a symbol to this work, because I appreciated its beauty and the inspiration I got from Japanese culture in general, this could be called the Sakura Meditations.

Think about the meaning.

It is personal and artistic.

Personal, because meditation works like an individual exercise of reflection without resulting in the mandatory universal imposition, the denial of the individual free will practiced by the Religions.

And artistic, symbolized by the cherry blossom, because the objective is the pleasure experienced through the meditation because the Love of God is not only truthful but also beautiful.

That is of course completely out of the chart for any religious scruple, and that requires an even more sounding disclaimer.

The opening disclaimer

There is no point in making concessions to a tradition that is rotten, decadent and that would eventually fall into self-destruction alone if it was not for the advent of the end of the world.

So, any person looking for confirmation of the authority of the established powers of this world will be disappointed with this work.

We point to the authority of the Eternal, the Most High, and we only want to share the pleasure of the enjoyment of His Love through the purest and simplest Faith, living by Grace alone.

That is a tremendous goal, and at the same time, the most spontaneous and natural consequence of everything said and done in the last years of my life.

I will give the clearest and explicit disclaimer at the opening of my work, and I will also ask gently: don’t disturb my meditations for the sake of the zeal of any tradition, it’s not worth your time or mine.

So, this is it. Thank you for following the Lost & Found Podcast.

And welcome to the Sakura Meditations.

(Though the new project will not be done here, it will be in a new website and new social media accounts to be created. The content produced for the Lost & Found Podcast will remain online on this current site.)

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