The spiritual trap of the antisemitic conspiracy theories

Our more or less paranoid generation will always nurture the idea of conspiracies, as our minds try to figure out the truth behind such a dystopian world in which we live. Sometimes it is hard to know what got more ridiculous going too far: the craziest conspiracy theories or the craziest defense of the normality of this world in the mainstream narrative?

Reality is often stranger than fiction, and the rabbit hole apparently has no bottom.

Before we lose our minds for no profit, everyone should get straight in their own spiritual life. Faith is more than enough to live in this crazy world since this current life is short and the Grace of the Lord is long. There is no need for anxiety and for this lusting for secrets if you just trust in the Lord and live by Grace alone.

That said, one should be especially aware of not getting into some antisemitic conspiracy theories because down into that hole there is a very well-cooked lie designed to hit the faith of weaker believers. If you are willing to believe in conspiracy theories, it’s fair to open yourself to the conspiracy about the conspiracy. If all narratives can be controlled to manipulate, why conspiracy theories could not also be conspiracy? If you want to be that malicious, why stop at some point and not go on in really questioning things?

In short, here is the problem that I checked with all antisemitic theories I saw: the belief in Jesus Christ at a certain point is denounced as a lie to manipulate the gentiles into being defenseless against the Jewish conspiracy to rule the world.

This is an old idea, and generally, it works this way: Paul was a Jewish agent well trained and prepared to create the Christian theology that would be used to destroy Rome from within. So, if Jesus was not the messiah expected to liberate Israel from Rome for good, his story could be used to do that anyway, since through the spreading of a controlled message in the name of Jesus the same goal could be achieved. The Christian values were created not from a Revelation of God, but from an engineered psyop to destroy all the nations, creating demoralization, destabilization, and revolution in the whole world, so Israel could be the center of this New World Order.

So, let’s say you believe in the Jewish conspiracy. Fascinating, isn’t it? Grab your popcorn and watch the show.

The First World War was created to destroy the big Empires of that time, the Ottoman, Russian and German Empires. Especially the Ottoman, to put Palestine in the control of a zionist mole country, the United Kingdom, so in the future the prophecy of the foundation of Israel could be fulfilled. But since Russia was put out of the game by the Bolshevik revolution designed by the same Jewish conspirators (to unite the gentile nations under a controlled entity to spread the revolution to the world, the Soviet Union), UK and France alone could not beat the german power. The USA needed to be dragged into the conflict in Europe. And that was arranged by a trade-off: the American president would be blackmailed through Freemasonry (Freemasons are the future builders of the Third Temple and enforcers of the Noahide Laws ideology inside all the infiltrated religions) to enter the war if the UK signed the Balfour Declaration promising the future collaboration to the foundation of Israel. Then in the Second World War Germany was used, though the controlled opposition of nazism against bolshevism, to go to war and provoke two important consequences: first, the division of the European nations into two big controlled unions, the EU in the West and the SU in the East, since with the defeat of the Wehrmacht in the eastern front, Stalin could advance towards half of the continent, requiring the defensive union of western Europe, first through NATO and then with the EU; second, the moral justification for the foundation of Israel in Palestine, because of the sacrifice of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. With the European powers completely under control, the path was opened to the fulfillment of the prophecies: for the destruction of Edom and then Ishmael in the coming Third World War, the enslavement of all the nations of the world around Israel through the enforcement of the Noahide Laws, the necessary building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem to anoint the Messiah.

Are you happy now? Isn’t fun to conceive all these intrigues?

Here is the problem, my dear Christian believer: to entertain all these ideas you are going to be exposed to the Christianity Hoax theory. So, you are going to be forced to follow one of these two abominable paths: atheism or neo-paganism, invariably.

Don’t do that.

If you want to believe in conspiracy theories and follow them so much (and you shouldn’t), here is a good one for you: the rabbis couldn’t suppress the spreading of the Gospel, so they did their best to infiltrate and manipulate the unstoppable movement. And what did they do? What they always do best: to create a Religion. Everywhere where is Christianism, there is bondage and slavery again, just business as usual. So, there could be a Christian hoax, but that would then be the hoax of the controlled and manipulated Christian religion, the same institutions that will endorse and enforce the Noahide Laws in the end.

To be very clear, I am not defending any of these theories. I am just sick and tired of seeing so many “woke” Christians following a path that leads to the abominations of atheism and neo-paganism. So, if you want to be one of these smart asses, please do me a favor and don’t stop just there. Go ahead and think again: couldn’t these extraordinary demonic powers behind the curtains also build the Christian religion to HOLD BACK the spreading of the Gospels and prevent the conversion of the nations? Or that would be just too much for you?

If the gentile nations were conquered through a conspiracy, what was used to conquer them? The Gospels, or the Christian Religion? Think about it. Can you even tell the difference between the Good News and the Religion built around it to hide it, whatever was the origin of this building?

If you lose the Gospel to defend the pride of the nations to live in disregard to the Lord, you will get what you deserve. And aren’t you getting it already? How can you live in peace and joy, with the tremendous pressure of the inevitable coming of this NWO over your head?

How can you be docile as a lamb in the time of your beheading while the Noahide Laws are enforced if you allow the antisemitic hatred to fill your heart and make you disobedient against God Himself? Afraid of mockery, you are going to enjoy rebellion? Let them mock. What else they would do anyway?

It is much, much better, to believe in no conspiracies at all but believe in the Love of God. What is the benefit of understanding all secrets of the universe and missing Love? Like Jesus said, what is the worth of winning the whole world but to lose your life?

To believe in anything you paid the price to disbelieve in the one only thing that you ever had to believe. And that is a price to be paid for the pride of your knowledge.

There is an antisemitic wave coming and growing. Don’t be part of that, don’t collaborate with that. You would be only contributing to the loss of your own Faith and the disinformation of the people.

Well, not in my watch, let’s say. For what depends on me, you were warned.

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