The Sakura Meditations

This probably will be my last input in the Lost & Found Podcast project.

Don’t you worry though! It’s not an end, it’s more like a new beginning.

I used the convenience of a Twitch problem to take some days out of the L&F Podcast, and that was good to consider some review, redesign, and redeployment of the project. I will try to explain my ideas here, and I hope that the few people engaged in the project somehow can appreciate my reasons and enjoy the transformation.

Boredom vs. doing good

Reviewing the project, I considered –as it is so common to me to do in everything I try to do by my own initiative– if it was something necessary to be done, or if I could just drop the whole thing.

This consideration transported me back to the early days when I was fighting some persistent boredom. And this made me reconsider that problem since it is the root of all this.

It is a reality for a small percentage of humans that life can go on so easily that they can’t find much challenge in anything.

Materially speaking, this is a privilege for a small group of people for two main reasons: first, the circumstantial unequal ratio of effort vs. wealth that maintains the majority of the people bonded to an unpleasant routine that gives them more suffering than pleasure, and second, the voluntary search for bondage and commitment from the individuals of each new generation that look for belonging and earthly meaning by realization through immanent dreams, like having career, success, or even family.

Intellectually speaking, the privilege is even more elitist, because most of the idle people would choose to engage in “higher” purposes, like those offered by political ideologies, scientific and technological progress ideals, or religious and philosophical research. I was involved in the pursuit of “meaning” by engaging in Philosophy, even before I was materially more independent and therefore had more free time to fill. Needless to say, intellectually, the real elitism consists in watching the vanity of all human “wisdom”, as we can check in this wonderful testimony from Ecclesiastes, but also we can check in our personal experience: what is the final result of the pride of the human reason? The reasoning of the never proved beliefs. It’s a rigged game, a lie.

So, if you are free from both material and mental slavery, what is left to be occupied with?

That depends on your story. In my own, I was not free by myself, but I was released from a liberating power that showed me the vanity of human life, materially and psychically. It was through the reading of the Scriptures that I learned to recognize and glorify the work of God in my life.

So, boredom comes from being free, because since the idols of the world can’t anymore make you work for them, especially in idealistic voluntary work, it is really hard to find any good thing to do with the free time and all other resources and gifts from God that is not some form of reengaging in the System of the Beast somehow.

Lots of people –and I guess even the majority of them– can’t stand to be any close to boredom, so they look for some meaning in suffering for their lives. This empowers the System of the Beast a lot. The fear of idleness provokes anxiety, as the despair of losing a scarce lifetime in comparison with the possibilities of life provokes depression. Without God, only suffering works: imposing suffering to yourself and to others. The spiritual sadomasochism works trying to extract the impossible from a life without God: meaning. So, synthetic meaning must be fabricated: the idols, including the idols of Religion and Philosophy.

How could one stand the boredom of a life released from all captivity, if the refusal to engage in new artificial meanings constantly pushes one back to idleness?

If any answer is possible, as usual, we can find it in the testimony of the Word of God, especially in the testimony of Jesus himself.

Freely you received, freely give it back

For the standards of our world today, Jesus would be considered a wanderer vagabond even more than he was regarded in his time.

The enemies of the Holy Spirit can’t stand the rejection of the idols. How can you dare to reject their false gods, that they love so much and to whom they sacrifice so much? Not giving any time or attention to these many worldly invented meanings to which they pay so expensive tributes in time, effort and suffering, is considered a terrible insult and a disturbance of the social order. More than that: since you are benefited by the very social order and progress, you are like a parasite entity exploiting the advantages of the very system that you despise. This, by the way, will be a huge reason for the killing of the faithful in the eyes of the worshippers of idols, always.

But if we just enjoy the Grace of the Lord that permits us to forget this noise from the zombified hordes, in a minute we can appreciate the full meaning of our present life as a free loving answer to the Love of the Lord.

The Lord said that freely we have received, so freely we should give back (Mat 10:8).

The context was the acts of healing, cleansing, resurrecting, and casting out evil spirits. And the order was to not look to receive money as a reward for the use of these powers.

Though the passage makes a clear reference to supernatural activities, one could do a spiritual interpretation for the wider and universal meaning of this. That works like extracting deeper spiritual meaning from the many parables from Jesus. And you can reject this, of course, but that is on you: where are the supernatural healings, the resurrections, etc.? Do you think the Holy Spirit has abandoned us because we don’t do comic books wonders? Or even worse: do you believe in Jesus personally because of the many signs of his divine power, or because of his spiritual message of liberation? All that is on you.

See, you have your Jesus as I have mine. To you, Jesus can be a confirmed authority by the power of signs, as today the Holy Spirit must be confirmed by some form of supernaturalism. To me, Jesus is the one who declared a generation looking for signs as EVIL and ADULTEROUS. And the Holy Spirit is not a pyrotechnical producer of special effects from Hollywood: to me, he is the spirit of the truth that declares to me that God is Love and Jesus Christ is the Son of God. You will get what you deserve according to your beliefs, as I will too.

Freely I received liberating gifts that were healing, cleansing, resurrecting, and casting out evil spirits in my life. So, freely I should give back the gifts that I received.

But what means freely?

The exchange of money is a symbol of the power of the idols because money is the cheapest and more accessible false god available in this world. Except for the trades required to survive, you are always working for the System of the Beast when what you do is to make money. I know, this is tremendous and scary, isn’t it? But it is the truth if it is a truth that we should be content being healthy, with food, clothing, and shelter alone, and if it is a truth that the godliness is a source of profit for those who choose to be content.

That said, freely doesn’t mean necessarily not receiving money in exchange, since money is just the cheapest of the idols out there, if you work for its sake. Your acts of love must be free because you just don’t expect to receive anything in return. After all, the act of love is the return to itself. The only way to do something without expecting any return is to do what is entirely good, something that in the very doing gives the satisfaction of the making. Anything really good is enough, without the need for consequences or returns of any kind. Ironically, by doing this you can actually receive money to support your work. Because working with what you love to do is free from the bondage of wealth, no money can change the free nature of a work done with love.

Giving back freely means to do the liberating good because that is enough, independently of any results. You do good because good is good, not because of something else.

The good thing that I received was the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a SPIRITUAL liberation from all bondages of this sick world, and a way to have a real relationship with God, desiring every day more and more to get out of here to stay with Him.

That is the mandate: not an external, artificially imposed, the alien concept of duty, but the organic process of producing the fruits according to the seed that was planted.

But how can this be done?

Friendliness, Consistency, and Endurance

I don’t talk about spiritual life because people care, I talk because I love doing it.

I do it for the glory of God, and for my own pleasure.

And also for the eventual reader or listener that can actually be called to pay attention to this work.

But I can’t be distracted with mundane results and goals, as I should not be disturbed by the noise of the doubtfulness of the world.

The wanna-be believers will believe.

And the wanna-be doubters will doubt.

What is the point of arguing for the pleasure of contestants, and of people that love disputes and intrigues?

There is no point in those things. So, it will be more productive and even fair to ignore those who ignore the Holy Spirit. As God gives license to the System of the Beast to exploit and enslave the zombified unfaithful, we also can be dismissed from the useless work of preaching to stoned cold hearts.

This means looking forward to a slightly different approach, with more friendliness, consistency, and endurance.

The first of these traits is the more urgent: to talk to a friendly audience. Instead of presuming –as I do a lot– all the possible irritating questions from the unfaithful that annoys and tires me so much, I will produce testimony to those that would eventually listen in goodwill. This way I would do justice to the beauty that I received myself. The best good-willing people just don’t deserve the dispersion of my work around the disturbance of others. Like when Jesus said he didn’t come to save saints, but sinners, I am looking to people sick and tired of their own lies as I was myself when the Holy Spirit touched me. As I was liberated from my own lies when I confessed my sins, I should work only to the eventual benefit of those disposed to do the same, don’t lose time with those who are saints in their own minds.

I say “eventual benefit” because the primary goal, like I said, is just to do a good thing regardless of the effect this work can have on anyone else. The matter here is a change in style, shifting from the presuming of a more or less hostile audience to a friendly one, so my words can do more justice to the beauty of salvation.

About consistency and endurance, this is what I have already projected before, but now it makes even much more sense because I can’t find anything barely close to a friendly audience today. With the exceptions of friendly individuals, as it is honorable to mention here the likes of Shuriken and Stannis, the eventual audience lives in a possible future. The quality and the depth of my work should be forced by doing it with consistency and to endure in doing it as long as I can, that is, as long as the Lord wishes.

More personal and artistic

The idea of a “Podcast” was made ad hoc, timely with the need to give a quick form to a new show to present my ideas about the Scriptures and some other subjects. And, just for the record, that happened after I tried to do the Hikikomori Verses project, which was a voting system with a gameplay background, produced in Portuguese.

My plan with the Podcast was to read and comment on the 493 pages of the selected quotes from the Bible. That alone was ambitious enough, but I see more could be done without any commitment to closing.

The Lost & Found worked well, but was that a Podcast? What is the definition of a Podcast? It is something more related to audio format and was supposed to be an on-demand radio broadcasting.

Besides the fact that I do video and not audio, so I would be producing a videocast instead, was I doing a “show” to be broadcasted like a TV or radio piece? If that crazy thing was offered to me, to broadcast in a media outlet, I probably would refuse because I have nothing to do with the media business in the first place.

I understand this work of mine as a more personal and artistic experience. The video format is just the choice of another media to deliver the same message, and the usage of Twitch to produce or of Youtube to distribute doesn’t change much.

So, it is time to change. Since the pleasure that I want to share is the one that I have meditated the Word of God and His Love, it is more correct to call this work a Meditation. And since I randomly chose the cherry blossom as a symbol to this work, because I appreciated its beauty and the inspiration I got from Japanese culture in general, this could be called the Sakura Meditations.

Think about the meaning.

It is personal and artistic.

Personal, because meditation works like an individual exercise of reflection without resulting in the mandatory universal imposition, the denial of the individual free will practiced by the Religions.

And artistic, symbolized by the cherry blossom, because the objective is the pleasure experienced through the meditation because the Love of God is not only truthful but also beautiful.

That is of course completely out of the chart for any religious scruple, and that requires an even more sounding disclaimer.

The opening disclaimer

There is no point in making concessions to a tradition that is rotten, decadent and that would eventually fall into self-destruction alone if it was not for the advent of the end of the world.

So, any person looking for confirmation of the authority of the established powers of this world will be disappointed with this work.

We point to the authority of the Eternal, the Most High, and we only want to share the pleasure of the enjoyment of His Love through the purest and simplest Faith, living by Grace alone.

That is a tremendous goal, and at the same time, the most spontaneous and natural consequence of everything said and done in the last years of my life.

I will give the clearest and explicit disclaimer at the opening of my work, and I will also ask gently: don’t disturb my meditations for the sake of the zeal of any tradition, it’s not worth your time or mine.

So, this is it. Thank you for following the Lost & Found Podcast.

And welcome to the Sakura Meditations.

(Though the new project will not be done here, it will be in a new website and new social media accounts to be created. The content produced for the Lost & Found Podcast will remain online on this current site.)

Faith vs. Religious culture

They lied.

They lied so much about the advent of our Lord, that I can’t tell you enough about that.

The truth learned in reading the Scriptures is a pure blessing from the Holy Spirit. Out of His blessing, what can one learn from the Bible, if not only confusion that can only be undone in human terms by the slavery ways of the Oral Tradition? You see, you want to deliver the message of freedom, the Good News, but do the people want to receive that? If they want, they actually don’t need you. If they don’t, you can’t give them that, because the message is spiritual, not a property of these poor human words.

Yes, the Gospel will be spread all over the world before the End, and that will be a work of the Holy Spirit. Here and there, circumstantially, we can be of use when the Most High decides in His celestial decrees.

What we can do of good with our poor words, and that is true in comparison with so many spiritually voided occupations, is to give testimony according to what we received. Sometimes –even many times– we can talk the biblical passages, but not as if the world could ever understand that. The world can’t. But the good listeners can, and we should work for their benefit only, in the ways of the Lord.

We look for confessed sinners, people with no hope in this world, people really tired of playing the sick games of the System of the Beast. We look to people that want to get out. The rest of humanity is almost useless for us, except for their forced service in our benefit, according to the Will of Grace of the Eternal. Don’t waste time with these people. Don’t throw them pearls, so they don’t turn back to you assaulting your Faith and mocking your Savior.

Yes, we can talk the Bible, but only to testify our Faith. All the words in that book should serve us, to the very end, for we are the adopted sons of God by our Faith in the Begotten. That is your limit. If you ever try to reverse this, you will fall to the path of the priests, that race of vipers. How the adultery have started? With the comments about the Torah. What once was the purest testimony was then perverted to the benefit of this lamentable caste of people.


And they want us hanged in the gallows, of course, because to them we are the traitors in violation of the pact they did with the Darkness in the name of our God. They have the will and the power to kill us, don’t they? And this is the sole proof, if one was ever necessary, of whom they serve.

By the fruits, you will know the tree.

We serve Jesus Christ spreading the message of freedom, and want them to live with peace and joy. They serve the Devil spreading the message of bondage and slavery, and want us tormented and killed.

We preach Mercy and Forgiveness. They preach Accusation and Judgement.

By the fruits, you will know the tree.

The spiritual trap of the antisemitic conspiracy theories

Our more or less paranoid generation will always nurture the idea of conspiracies, as our minds try to figure out the truth behind such a dystopian world in which we live. Sometimes it is hard to know what got more ridiculous going too far: the craziest conspiracy theories or the craziest defense of the normality of this world in the mainstream narrative?

Reality is often stranger than fiction, and the rabbit hole apparently has no bottom.

Before we lose our minds for no profit, everyone should get straight in their own spiritual life. Faith is more than enough to live in this crazy world since this current life is short and the Grace of the Lord is long. There is no need for anxiety and for this lusting for secrets if you just trust in the Lord and live by Grace alone.

That said, one should be especially aware of not getting into some antisemitic conspiracy theories because down into that hole there is a very well-cooked lie designed to hit the faith of weaker believers. If you are willing to believe in conspiracy theories, it’s fair to open yourself to the conspiracy about the conspiracy. If all narratives can be controlled to manipulate, why conspiracy theories could not also be conspiracy? If you want to be that malicious, why stop at some point and not go on in really questioning things?

In short, here is the problem that I checked with all antisemitic theories I saw: the belief in Jesus Christ at a certain point is denounced as a lie to manipulate the gentiles into being defenseless against the Jewish conspiracy to rule the world.

This is an old idea, and generally, it works this way: Paul was a Jewish agent well trained and prepared to create the Christian theology that would be used to destroy Rome from within. So, if Jesus was not the messiah expected to liberate Israel from Rome for good, his story could be used to do that anyway, since through the spreading of a controlled message in the name of Jesus the same goal could be achieved. The Christian values were created not from a Revelation of God, but from an engineered psyop to destroy all the nations, creating demoralization, destabilization, and revolution in the whole world, so Israel could be the center of this New World Order.

So, let’s say you believe in the Jewish conspiracy. Fascinating, isn’t it? Grab your popcorn and watch the show.

The First World War was created to destroy the big Empires of that time, the Ottoman, Russian and German Empires. Especially the Ottoman, to put Palestine in the control of a zionist mole country, the United Kingdom, so in the future the prophecy of the foundation of Israel could be fulfilled. But since Russia was put out of the game by the Bolshevik revolution designed by the same Jewish conspirators (to unite the gentile nations under a controlled entity to spread the revolution to the world, the Soviet Union), UK and France alone could not beat the german power. The USA needed to be dragged into the conflict in Europe. And that was arranged by a trade-off: the American president would be blackmailed through Freemasonry (Freemasons are the future builders of the Third Temple and enforcers of the Noahide Laws ideology inside all the infiltrated religions) to enter the war if the UK signed the Balfour Declaration promising the future collaboration to the foundation of Israel. Then in the Second World War Germany was used, though the controlled opposition of nazism against bolshevism, to go to war and provoke two important consequences: first, the division of the European nations into two big controlled unions, the EU in the West and the SU in the East, since with the defeat of the Wehrmacht in the eastern front, Stalin could advance towards half of the continent, requiring the defensive union of western Europe, first through NATO and then with the EU; second, the moral justification for the foundation of Israel in Palestine, because of the sacrifice of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. With the European powers completely under control, the path was opened to the fulfillment of the prophecies: for the destruction of Edom and then Ishmael in the coming Third World War, the enslavement of all the nations of the world around Israel through the enforcement of the Noahide Laws, the necessary building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem to anoint the Messiah.

Are you happy now? Isn’t fun to conceive all these intrigues?

Here is the problem, my dear Christian believer: to entertain all these ideas you are going to be exposed to the Christianity Hoax theory. So, you are going to be forced to follow one of these two abominable paths: atheism or neo-paganism, invariably.

Don’t do that.

If you want to believe in conspiracy theories and follow them so much (and you shouldn’t), here is a good one for you: the rabbis couldn’t suppress the spreading of the Gospel, so they did their best to infiltrate and manipulate the unstoppable movement. And what did they do? What they always do best: to create a Religion. Everywhere where is Christianism, there is bondage and slavery again, just business as usual. So, there could be a Christian hoax, but that would then be the hoax of the controlled and manipulated Christian religion, the same institutions that will endorse and enforce the Noahide Laws in the end.

To be very clear, I am not defending any of these theories. I am just sick and tired of seeing so many “woke” Christians following a path that leads to the abominations of atheism and neo-paganism. So, if you want to be one of these smart asses, please do me a favor and don’t stop just there. Go ahead and think again: couldn’t these extraordinary demonic powers behind the curtains also build the Christian religion to HOLD BACK the spreading of the Gospels and prevent the conversion of the nations? Or that would be just too much for you?

If the gentile nations were conquered through a conspiracy, what was used to conquer them? The Gospels, or the Christian Religion? Think about it. Can you even tell the difference between the Good News and the Religion built around it to hide it, whatever was the origin of this building?

If you lose the Gospel to defend the pride of the nations to live in disregard to the Lord, you will get what you deserve. And aren’t you getting it already? How can you live in peace and joy, with the tremendous pressure of the inevitable coming of this NWO over your head?

How can you be docile as a lamb in the time of your beheading while the Noahide Laws are enforced if you allow the antisemitic hatred to fill your heart and make you disobedient against God Himself? Afraid of mockery, you are going to enjoy rebellion? Let them mock. What else they would do anyway?

It is much, much better, to believe in no conspiracies at all but believe in the Love of God. What is the benefit of understanding all secrets of the universe and missing Love? Like Jesus said, what is the worth of winning the whole world but to lose your life?

To believe in anything you paid the price to disbelieve in the one only thing that you ever had to believe. And that is a price to be paid for the pride of your knowledge.

There is an antisemitic wave coming and growing. Don’t be part of that, don’t collaborate with that. You would be only contributing to the loss of your own Faith and the disinformation of the people.

Well, not in my watch, let’s say. For what depends on me, you were warned.

The Name and the Blood

If we understand that Religion, in general terms and with the required exception of the individual discretionary freedom in spiritual terms, is made to the purpose of idolatry, with the Christian religion that would not be different.

And indeed we can see many superstitious practices and sayings among religious Christians, a culture that resembles a lot some pagan costumes, like believing in the power of symbols and rituals. Of course symbols and rituals can have power. If you believe in them instead of believing in the Most Holy beyond all, you are empowering these things and giving legal allowance to be enslaved by them.

Humans, eager for power and control to deal with their most visceral fears and desires, build the idols and empower them. Without Love, only Power can rule. And some –many, actually– believe that it is better to be enslaved with some bargaining power than to be completely surrendered before a Love that is totally out of control.

Here we are going to address the claim that the Name and the Blood of Jesus are powerful for the faithful, and what that means in religious terms and in spiritual terms.

No magic, only Justice

Once before I already explained that the belief that Jesus had to die like a lamb so his blood could be an acceptable sacrifice before the Father looks like the blood magic rituals of the pagans. So much, that constantly that very interpretation is used as proof of the supposed cruel nature of a God that always requires violence and blood to be good.

Unfortunately, some Christians can be very pressed by these allegations, and afraid of losing their “faith”, they go on and double down in the idea of salvation like a mystical and symbolical ritual. One of the most powerful scriptural subsidies for this idea, or even the most important, is chapter 9 from the book of Hebrews. There the remission of the sins through the sacrifice of blood looks very much mandatory and undeniable. But a careful look can show that this makes perfect sense in the fulfillment of the prophecies, much like the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan did. But –and this is of extreme importance– all the prophecies had to be fulfilled because they predicted Jesus, not the other way around! The tail doesn’t wag the dog, if you permit me this poor figure. Jesus didn’t have to do this or that because he was bonded to a Law external to his nature and will. No! All the Law was made to point to him. He is the fulfillment of the prophecies. The sacrifice of blood is a voluntary choice of Jesus, with no mandatory rule beyond the Love of the Father Himself. To believe otherwise is to defile the very purity of his sacrifice. There is no power out of the Love of God, which is His very Will, to mandate anything to God. The blood was sacrificed for justice, not for magic.

To the jews and to many Romans at the time of the crucifixion, the very proof that Jesus was not the Son of God was the fact that he could be chained, tortured, and killed, without being able to save himself and receiving no rescue. They mocked Jesus with the title “King of the Jews” for that purpose. The idea of the Son of God being submitted to that treatment is unthinkable to both Jews and gentiles. Later, even the Muslims said that their prophet Isa was spared of dying on the cross because that death would be too much humiliating even for a prophet.

Magic is a way of knowledge and power that works like an immanent analogy to divine wisdom. It is a lie because the function of the analogy is to point to what transcends the analogical dimension, and not to realize the transcendent in the immanent. All the language, knowledge, and art serve only to point to the wisdom and beauty that transcends our dimension, so we can praise and glorify the Almighty, since THAT is the purpose of life, and not to become like God by ourselves. Gnosis opened the path to cut the link with the transcendence of God and transformed human reason and imagination into tools to build idolatry, among other things in the form of magic. To use the Name and the Blood of Jesus like our personal possession of powerful tools is to despise Justice for the sake of Power. It’s idolatry and magic.

Scripture says that it is with no lie that salvation will be realized. That means that the Name and the Blood of Jesus are not tokens to be wielded in spiritual warfare, since that is magic. The Name and the Blood are Justice for the faithful. There is no problem in doing strong prayers believing in the power of the Name and the Blood, if that is for the right reason, in spirit and truth, and not in the flesh and untruth.

The Justice of the Name

With some variations, the name of Jesus is often translated as “God is our salvation”, or “God is our justice”.

If a name is a prophecy, and prophecies are rightful as signs of the truth of the Eternal revealed to us, that means that Jesus is the realization of God being our savior and our justice.

His name is not an idol, though. Should not be, because the Name of God can’t be realized in human language. A name in human language can be a prophecy, but can’t reveal the nature of the named, since all human knowledge is only analogous. Much less a human language can realize verbally the nature of God. Trying to do this will end in idolatry invariably.

To believe in the Name of Jesus means to trust that salvation was realized through Him, so the prophecy of his Name was true. But it is true to the believers only because Jesus is not revealed to the world yet, only to the faithful.

In this way Faith in the Name of Jesus becomes the Justice to the faithful and the election of them to the First Ressurection, because they trusted when they could trust, so they loved most purely, with obedience and no penance, choosing humility instead of humiliation.

The Justice of the Blood

But what about the Blood?

Jesus died in a voluntary sacrifice to realize two things.

First, the Love of God. Not only as a message but as a fact. In the justification of freedom, God put Himself on the line to be judged and to suffer in the flesh, because we must be free to deny His Love and to judge Him. Love is proved: God showed His endless Love for us in the flesh. No one can deny Love anymore: He gave everything to love us, so therefore to accept or to reject the Love is on us entirely. Spiritually, every human life, from Adam to the last man to live on this world, is the carrying of a cross in the trust of God’s Love or is the rejection of the cross and the endorsement of the crucifixion of Jesus. The Cross of Jesus is the center of our reality because it is the realization of God’s Love in it.

Second, the condemnation of Evil. Angels and men were made free to accept or to deny the Love of God. So, in sacrificing his Blood, Jesus proved that those that freely accused and judged him were voluntarily choosing Evil and the rejection of Love, because he didn’t deserve to die. Accusation and Judgement, which are meant to be exclusive divine rights, were dismissed by God who chose to concede Mercy and Forgiveness through his perfect Will of Love; but then Accusation and Judgement were usurped in the rejection and condemnation of God’s Love in the Cross. So, Evil was proven to be injustice and was condemned forever. The accusers got accused, and the judges got judged. There is no Justice in the rejection of Love, just Evil.

In this way, the Blood of Jesus becomes the Justice to the repented alive again in the Second Resurrection, because Love is proved, and the motivation behind the usurped judging rights against Love was proved to be Evil. The Mercy of God to save those repented in the Second Ressurection will look very unjust to those with a heart full of the spirit of accusation and judgment. As it is written, there will be lots of weeping and gnashing of teeth, because the Evil of accusation and condemnation can’t enter the Eternal Life. The way of Life will be shut for Evil, forever. The penitents will see Life, for even if they rejected to trust in Love, they surrendered in the end. They rejected the staff but accepted the rod. They rejected to be humble, but they accepted their humiliation as an act of Love.

Who asked for the Blood?

Here is the most hurtful part.

After meditating about all this, I almost came to the conclusion that it was futile to even try to explain the evilness behind the crucifixion of Jesus, especially from the part of those who believe they have a granted salvation because of the magical power of the Blood.

Those who ask for blood to be saved are the ones shedding the blood.

Those who need a killing to be saved are the ones committing murder.

Though we couldn’t ever be obedient and perfect as Jesus ever was, we could always be believers in Mercy and Forgiveness, and trust that the Love of God would always perfect us.

Therefore, the sacrifice of Jesus in the Cross was not required by the Father, but by those who demanded blood for the satisfaction of their own evilness masquerade as justice. And in His supreme Love, God has not refused the offering: he proved once and for all that there is no Justice behind the accusation and the judgment, only Evil.

To believe in the ritualized sacrifice of blood as the effective salvation is the worst thing possible: it is practicing violence as salvation because of the lack of trust in Love, and then justifying this evilness claiming that God is the one asking for blood!

The real blood eaters and drinkers, the evil spirits, have established their own cult over the world, and they have convinced the multitudes of the nations to engage in their ways, to believe in all of this.

The knowledge of salvation embedded in the rituals is the refusal of Love reproduced by humans following the first disobedience of the fallen angels that have also refused to trust in the Love.

The spirit of rebellion and violence has fallen from the Heavens and taken the form of the doctrine of human wisdom: Gnosis. The idea is the same, to declare that Love is not enough. And also the same is the practice: malice, distrust, evil, violence, and rebellion for the sake of Justice against the absurdity of pure Love.

These are the ones that asked for the Blood of God.

And they got it, for their own condemnation.

Bloodshed: the first Religion

One could ask about the many biblical examples of blood sacrifices, if those cases don’t show clearly the validity of the practice.

Didn’t Abel offer blood that was accepted? Didn’t Noah also? And Abraham? And the priests under Moses?

Well, one should ask about what those cases actually prove.

Not to mention adulterations, alien insertions, exclusions, and mistranslations, the Bible shows lots of stories about “holy” men that fail. Actually, the Word of God talks more about human failure and God’s Mercy rescuing us from our misery, than the opposite.

Couldn’t be the blood sacrifices just part of that human failure? Why not?

People want to believe in the power of the cult as much as in the sacred human figures of today and of all times. They do this because they need to believe in the validity of their own rituals and their own personal spiritual value. Behind the cloth of purity and the ritualistic solemnity hides the lack of Faith and trust, the abominable desire to bend and conquer God’s Love.

The bloodshed was the first Religion, but again I ask: who was asking for blood?

The bloodshed was introduced after the Fall as a way to “reconnect” with God. That’s your religare, your Religion.

The Law was Love, but men preferred ritualistic violence. Were they following the Holy Spirit, or something else?

And Jesus proved this: he was killed because that is the wish of the human heart.

That is the truth of Religion: hatred and the desire for bloodshed.

Jesus came to show the Love of God: Mercy, Forgiveness, Generosity.

But Love was rejected, accused, judged, and condemned.

Through the sacrifice of his blood, Jesus proved the evilness of the bloodshed: this is not for Justice, it’s for pure Evil.

God decreed. He rejected the rejection, accused the accusation, judged the judgment, and condemned the condemnation.

Love is supreme forever. Who will stand against it? Who will find any Justice beyond Love?

The flawless victory of Faith

“The Lord delivers not with sword and spear, for the battle belongs to the Lord.”

I Samuel, 17:47

Rightfully opposing the humanistic rule of Saul, David showed how the nations around Israel were supposed to be conquered: with trust and obedience to the Lord.

Where was all the strength of arms from Saul and his army, when they faced the Philistines?

Because they were by themselves, their force was not enough. They couldn’t believe in the victory, because they believed only in THEIR own victory. David won the battle they couldn’t because he was not a champion of men and of Israel, but he was a champion of the Lord, acting by Faith. After all, the Lord can win whatever battle He wishes, at His pleasure. Why should David regard his victory as a product of his arms and weapons, to try to calculate and to know the way to win, if it’s only the Lord’s decision that matters?

If we try to stand by ourselves we became liars.

Isn’t the Grace of the Lord that sustains our life every second?

Why do we pretend to stand independent? What is at the core of this lie?

Gnosis, the source of all adultery and idolatry. The choice for knowledge and power.

We are free to be liars if we just decide to be. And God does everything in a way that our freedom can always be preserved like Isaiah said: “Truly, You are a God that hides Thyself, O Lord, our Savior!”

So Faith can be our only Justice, perfect and pure as the Love of God deserves to be believed.

The very reason proclaimed in malice for distrust will be revealed as the reason that justifies Faith.

His ways are, indeed, perfect… How could we state high enough His wisdom? No words are enough…

Obedience is not a game, it’s a surrender

“Does the Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying His voice? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, to be docile then to offer the fat of rams. For rebellion is like the sin of divination and stubbornness is like iniquity and idolatry. Since you have rejected the word of the Lord, He has also rejected you.”

I Samuel, 15:22

Obedience is sweet as penance is bitter.

For the Lord have more pleasure in our faithfulness than in our correction, in the use of his staff then of his rod.

What is not separated doesn’t need to be amended.

To stay close is easier than to go away and to be taken back.

All this must be said because of the pride in suffering that some people hold uselessly in their hearts, for no real benefit. The tragic sense of life as an endless walking in the shadows, trying to hit some success to then be saved again and again from all misdoings, is nothing else but a perversion of the peace and joy of real obedience.

But what is obedience? How can one be obedient?

I found it much easier to understand obedience through the path of humility. As gratitude, obedience can be seen as a consequence or a fruit of humility. Since man can’t be, by themselves, good, wise, and strong as they are supposed to be, humility recognizes the real source of all goodness, wisdom, and strength as the Grace of the Lord. And through that man can accept the ruling of the Lord in the good things as in the bad things, being grateful and obedient.

Therefore, if we try to be what we can’t, like in following the human rules alone, being the religious or the secular ones, we are going to fail, and we will fall into cynicism or into hypocrisy.

If, on the other hand, man try to accept the rule of the Lord being grateful to Him for all good, and accepting all suffering without rebellion as His rule is perfect and absolute, then there is no illusion of pride to prevent the Grace to work extensively, and man can find true rest, peace and joy.

Obedience to God as the following of man-made rules is presumptuous as all divination arts, and can only generate suffering. It is a big source of power, to accuse, to charge guilt over tired shoulders, and then to offer an expensive payout. The base of this madness is the sadism of some few towards the masochism of the many, replicating over and over the tradition of pride for suffering and for holding power.

In total opposition, Love is this self-regulatory authority that restrains power, an untouchable instance above all control, hovering freely and dangerously over any limitations. Belief in Love is incompatible with pride for suffering and for power. And that is the reason why all the powers of this world will always fight a struggle of life and death against the true testimony of the sufficiency of God’s Love. This is why Jesus is really dangerous: His message destroys all bondage and slavery.

Saul and the Amalekites

Samuel severely rebuked the disobedience of Saul and revealed that God have rejected him as a king.

Saul presumed that God would prefer the taking of some spoil from the Amalekites for a sacrifice, then the complete destruction of the people and their possessions. In his presumption he disobeyed, distorting the rule of God to suit his own convenient interpretation.

The translation of this case for the spiritual life, in general, is made by the enforcement of the strictness of the religious rule by the power of the oral tradition. Saul disobeyed a direct command by doing a personal decision of conscience, a liberal interpretation, and that constitutes a crime as big as the divinatory arts of sorcery.

In the same way, the authorities of the religious traditions condemn the praise of Love and the ruling of the individual consciousness as this destructive liberal path that brings open disobedience against the Law.

If that is the case, why I have collected this particular passage about Saul and the Amalekites?

Curiously, the first time I read this passage in my own path of Faith, I got an entirely different interpretation. My view was that all human presumption of knowledge over the will of God was vain and futile. Saul was not disobeying Samuel and the religious interpretation of the rule of God: he was disobeying God directly. He was not living with God, and therefore could not listen to God’s voice in his heart, so his freedom drifted him away from God’s wishes. One could always say that the case proofs that the individual interpretation drifted Saul away to disobedience when the less individualistic and strict following of God’s commands through the instruction of Samuel would result in obedience.

But how can one be really obedient, if not being individually responsible?

Isn’t obedience the free personal individual acceptance of the rule of God?

This whole idea against personal responsibility is at least a distraction, and maybe even an antispiritual conception. Let’s check this.

Saying that Saul should obey the command received through Samuel independently of his personal relationship with God is the denial of the possibility of that relation, and therefore the spiritual uselessness of his anoitance. It is at the individual level that the spiritual life exists really. It makes no sense to say that Saul was spiritually worse because he was more individually conscious and free. Should he be less free and automated? God had all this trouble creating free creatures, so they could decide to be commanded as robots? Of course not. The whole meaning of the spiritual life is the free acceptance of the rule of God, and that can be done only personally and individually. And this is why pointing to the direct instructions from Samuel works as a distraction, because if that particular instruction, in that particular case, was so strong and perfect like the force of gravity or like any mathematical equation, then it doesn’t matter the questioning about the source of authority, just the individual free reaction from Saul. The oral tradition loves to point to this infallibility as the base of the condemnation of Saul because this can be borrowed to justify the ruling of the current religious authority. But the inconvenience of his behavior as a personal deviation was possible only if also the personal acceptance of the rule of God could happen.

His rejection was personal as his acceptance should also be personal. Otherwise, we are talking again about that spiritual bolshevism under the rule of the Bishop, the collectivism that empowers the System of the Beast.

If we just compare Saul with David, we can see this clearly, because David was not in less use of his individual freedom and personal relationship with God. Religiously speaking, David could be even less prominent than Saul. Saul was a more honorable member of the nation and tribe and was anointed according to the will of the people because this is what they wanted, the appearance of honor and value. David, on the other hand, was anointed by the will of God, and that is not because he was the most obedient to the authority of religion, but because he lived before God and listened to the Law of God in his heart.

Saul actually presumed for the benefit of his own practice of religion: sacrificing for the profit of the human power, working the magic of paying tributes to be able to do his own will, presuming to have the knowledge of the will of God instead of obeying a direct command.

And this is the key to understand the whole matter: what is the direct command of God?

Religion sells the knowledge from their own oral tradition as the correct interpretation of the Law of God, in which case the ruling of individual consciousness is rebuked as heretical liberalism, or in the better cases is isolated as a mystical experience that should not interfere with the major legalistic order.

But was that the case with Saul and the Amalekites?

Saul was the anointed King of Israel and literally received direct commands from God through the prophet Samuel. The destruction of the Amalekites was a direct order from God (I Sam, 15:3).

This can be compared with the right of ruling from the religious tradition only if we understand that the infallibility of Samuel is perfectly transferred to his wanna-be heirs. In other terms: the prophetic authority was religious so the current religious authority can be also prophetic?

That is impossible by the testimony of the future prophets themselves since false prophecy not only grows but actually grasps the control of the religion many times. True prophecy is a mystery, not a human property. No, there is no infallibility in religion as there is no infallibility in human “prophecy”.

What the Word of God testifies in the case of Saul was his personal disobedience, for the seeking of his own personal power, managing the very religious practice to suit his will, as he did collecting spoils for sacrifices and also by erecting a monument for himself in Carmel (I Sam, 15:12).

If Saul’s disobedience was rooted in his personal pride and lust for power, THAT was the source of his departure from the presence of the Lord. He only disobeyed personally because he could obey personally; the order from God through the mouth of the prophet could be personally disregarded only because it could also be personally accepted.

The prophetic authority could not and would never deny the perfect rule of living in His Presence or to recognize the wisdom of His Name as the One Who Is. This is practiced, otherwise, by the false prophets, who want to usurp the authority of God and to have power over men.

Obeying the Law of Love

I had all this trouble, working at least three times more than usual, just to explain how obedience is not the following of the authority of the human traditions. If that was any more complicated, I could get to the conclusion that just ignoring the passage was a better solution.

Since at least I hope, it is now clear that the whole point is not to deny the personal responsibility for obedience, let’s concentrate on the main question: how can we be obedient after all?

If God rules with a will that can’t be known, how can that will be obeyed?

If we don’t have the knowledge, how can we be disobedient for not following a Law that we ignore?

Well, to answer this question we need to understand what we mean when we think about knowledge itself.

As a human property, controlled by the human intellect, knowledge is an understanding that can be stabilized in some form of language and then collectively shared. We could even risk saying that human knowledge is the human language, the discursive power, the logical reasoning of arguments using terms commonly accepted. If we accept this idea, then it is very clear how that knowledge is limited, since the human language as a capacity to represent reality in discoursive terms is extremely poor, if you take the point of view of the experienced reality. If you take the point of view of human knowledge, it works like a machine, like a computer, that can’t just recognize its own ignorance because can’t project any possible knowledge transcending its own capacity. This very limited point of view can be universalized, and that is the trapping of the human consciousness inside the limits of human reason. In spiritual terms, this is the pride that produces false idols to be worshipped in the place of God. Gnosis is, therefore, the source of all idolatry: the belief in the power of knowledge as control and domain.

We can only have, as something that is our property and is under our control, something that has the appearance of knowledge because of our capacity to manipulate it, and because of our ability to share it collectively. Human knowledge must be a peer reviewable idea that is necessarily limited by the channel used as a medium to the transmission. Basically, if we have control of our knowledge, then we can only know what is under our control, and any truth away from our control is away from the range of our knowledge.

Universal truth must be transcendental, otherwise, it is just a human invention.

And being so the case, knowledge as the understanding of this universal truth can’t be human property. The human intellect can point and talk about the truth, but can’t have domain and control over it. Human knowledge, when is well wielded, is an analogous expression of the ultimate truth that transcends always the human intellect.

But if we just have, as our intellectual property, an analogy of real knowledge, how can we be obedient to the will of God? If His will is truthful on a level that can’t be grasped by the human intellect, how could we be responsible for obeying or disobeying?

The answer, as usually is the case, is contained in the premise: we can be obedient by being humble and assuming our ignorance of His will.

Reality is under His control, not under ours.

Our obedience will be produced by His Grace in our lives, as we live, step by step, in His presence, and in constant waiting for His rulings and decrees. His will and His Law are printed in His Providence, and it is inescapable.

We obey by living in His presence, knowing His will in the very experience of our lives, instead of dealing with the analogy of His will in our mind. Our “knowledge” of His will is this petrified failure, this disgraceful pretension to lock the will of the Almighty inside the understanding of the mind of a mere creature.

But this can be so, so scary. Freedom is scary because you just need to trust, you can’t really control, you can’t be good on your own terms. You can just trust.

Those that confess their blindness will see God because they are living in trusting Him.

But those who think they can see God already will, if they insist in their pretension, be rejected because they failed in living by pure trust in His Grace.

We obey the Law of Love by believing in Love, trusting that the will of God will always triumph, waiting always for His Providence to rule our lives, and in what depends on our judgment, deciding with our best consciousness at any given time. The Lord Himself said once: don’t ask for any power, because you can’t be found as just before God.

Humility prevents the human ambition to know the will of God, and this is how we can be ruled by His will, by trusting in Him alone, since all reality bends to His will.

To obey the Law is to believe in His Love ruling everything in our lives and around us, to infinity.

Any other law is a human pretension to know the Law above all our capacity and serves only for the sake of power, intimidation, bondage, and slavery. When Love alone is not assured by trust and goodwill, man becomes like a god to himself, and everything falls into chaos and destruction. This is the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge: the sin against Love, the distrust and malice of pride, an endless accusation and condemnation that turns against all life in the end. This is the heart of darkness, a wish for death and destruction without limits, because who can really stand to do justice?

Well, Jesus Christ stands to do justice.

The Son of God, perfect before the Father, is the Justice for the entire creation.

He justifies all free men that believe in the Love of God and that live by Grace alone through His free gift of life.

This is the fruit of the Tree of Life: the acceptance of Love, the trust and belief, a wish for a life that never ends.

Let the proud and unfaithful rot while they try to see with their own eyes and win this impossible game they are trying to play.

Let the faithful live by trusting, and let Faith alone be their only justice.

This is how you obey the Law of Love: you trust God and His ruling for your entire life. You walk your steps in the way built by His Providence. And in what depends on your judgment, you do your best in goodwill, because you trust He is not setting a trap to you. Just on contrary, even if you fail and stumble, He saves you from falling.

Obedience is the sweetness of our hearts to accept His will as what it is: inevitable, irresistible, and invincible.

Trust is sweet and liberating, it is the hope for this ever-coming promise, this continuous fulfilling of His will regardless of all resistance.

It’s not that Love will triumph… it already had. Obedience is surrendering to that.

Voidness devouring voidness

“Do not turn aside from following Him, to go after empty things that cannot do good or deliver, for the idols are void.”

I Samuel, 12:21

The idols usurp the blessings from the Grace of God to mount their illusions.

If the Grace ever stopped, the denial of Grace would immediately cease.

All magic and art, all science and technology, all knowledge and power are possible only through the use of many blessings from the Lord, starting with the gift of life itself as the base to all experiences and deeds, following through with the creation and stability of nature, including the general health, and the gifts of reason and imagination. All human plans and conspiracies to omit and deny the Grace require countless blessings from the Grace.

For this, we can say that the idols lie: lying is in their essence.

Men are free to believe in lies, and the misuse of this freedom empowers the illusions of the idols.

Following the Lord, on the other hand, secures the human heart against idolatry, because He Is the One Who Is and no one else will be counted at His side: how can one who knows the Name of God by believing in His Love get lost in the false promises of the idols of this world?

The exclusivity of God’s Love and the holiness of His Name empowers the faithful to walk through a straight path. Everything is connected to the Grace, even what seems to contradict our most illustrated expectations and that surpasses our best understanding.

What we found in the world around us is the constant separation and preparation for departure to all faithful, so the work of the idols will be completed to those who have worshiped them. As God is calling his people for salvation, darkness is calling for extinction.

There is a work in progress in this world, where voidness is devouring voidness, and empty hearts are following the empty idols into the abyss of nothingness.

The rejection of Love proclaims the absurdity of counting anything aside from the Lord’s Grace. Instead of believing in the only possible sure path, this world prefers to follow the closest illusion. In the place of trusting in the most firm Rock which is the very foundation of everything that is, the shy and distrustful hearts chose to wander uselessly in the desert of denial.

We can’t put the Fear of God, the recognition of His Presence, in the hearts of the people.

But this we can do: to preach Love, to warn against the disgrace of the idols, and then to walk away from stubbornness. For we are not here to change the freedom of the people, and any attempt of doing this will only create new forms of slavery and idolatry. No. We are here to raise awareness about freedom: to awake the consciousness of spiritual life, so the people can have a chance to make a responsible decision.

As the world is doing its part testifying for the illusions and promoting the spiritual adultery, so the faithful will also testify about the belief in Love and spiritual fidelity, to the end of this world.

Let the void devour the void. Each generation is delivering its fruits, and that is what matters for the purpose of eternal life. The waste will be wasted as a price to be paid to have a good harvest.

Rejected… but till when?

“Listen to the voice of the people in all that they say to you. For they have not rejected you, rather they rejected Me from being King over them.”

I Samuel, 8:7

Since the times of Adam, all that God was always looking to was to have a relationship with His creatures, so they can know Him as a loving Father.

Because of the perfection of His work, both angels and men were made with complete freedom to accept or to reject His Love. For He never wanted forced children, programmed to “love”: there is no true love without freedom because Love is always out of control. In a way, it is an antithesis to power, though for this very same reason Love is the justice of Power: the only will that deserves to rule with infinite Power is the will of pure Love.

The perfection of the Creation in the making of the free creatures required from God the payment of three very expensive prices: 1) the acceptance of the possibility of rejection; 2) the acceptance of the engagement of the free creatures with darkness and evil; and 3) the sacrifice of the Son of God to justify all the Creation, giving testimony of perfect Love and pointing the evilness of accusation and judgment forever.

Humans are very accustomed to feel pain as injustice and complaining about it. They barely perceive, in doing this, two inherent injustices that they are doing: disregarding their own spontaneous expectation for Love as a proof for their spiritual reality of needing Love (otherwise complaining against “injustice” would make no sense), and disregarding that although we don’t deserve to be spared from any suffering intrinsically, God is going through all of this only for our own sake, because He is experiencing our suffering that should not ever take place in His presence. Although God suffers nothing as nothing can touch His everlasting peace and joy, because of His Love He goes through witnessing many things that He shouldn’t if were not for His Love for us. Who is committing the real injustice here?

The period of the kings

Let’s check the period of the kings briefly, so we can have some historical perspective.

Before Saul, the first anointed king over the people of God, the people were ruled by God through the Prophets. Although the people have failed sometimes even under that previous ruling –as we can check with the power exercised by Aaron and the Levite priests in the building of a religion–, that model was better because the source of authority was more evident. The Prophet working as a messenger and agent, the people could live before God without the confusion about the ruling and the source of power and authority.

Again and again, we can see the warnings from Moses himself against the disobedience of the people. That is because the rule of God can be rejected since it is the ruling of a spiritual Law over free men. Prophets can alert and accuse, but they can’t change that freedom. The anointed king, however, can rule with his own laws by his own power, creating a larger distance between the people and God, being he a more exclusive intermediary agent to the ruling of God than the Prophets were before.

Therefore, in the period of the kings, the people of God goes on in disobedience, imitating the costumes of the other nations around them, exactly as they were warned not to do.

As they did before, building a religion with all the external signs and rituals like the nations around did, to have cultural power to “possess” the truth, now they wanted to build a nation with a ruling king made of flesh and blood, to have political power and man-made laws and “justice”.

And all that was done because the ruling of God is completely out of control. The majority of the people can’t accept that much freedom, to live under the rule of the Law of Love, because they are scared, their hearts faint over the pure trust in the Love of God. There is no room for human pride before the Love of God. How can men stand worthy and have any power?

Like religion, the political ruling is also a source of human power and control. The people of God were warned not to imitate the nations around, but they did it nevertheless because they couldn’t live in the pure trust of Love, they couldn’t live only by Grace. They admired and desired the same power of the nations around them, to proclaim the purity of their own religion and the justice of their own laws and of their own king.

In the period of the kings, we saw again how the people of God were chosen to be an example before all the nations and peoples of the world.

Rejection is rejected

Love is so much the meaning of life, that the rejection of Love is the rejection of life itself.

A brief time is given to the building of all the illusions and idols of the world, just in time so every heart in every generation is given the real choice between light and darkness, so life can go on forever.

Life will go on forever, to those who accepted Love.

All weaknesses can be forgiven, all limitations can be overcome, all confusions can be undone, but for the rejection of Love, there is no remedy. That is the mortal sin that can’t be cured because it is the disbelief in the very cure.

Rejection will be rejected.

Distrust, malice, hatred, judgment, all this will vanish forever.

Rejection will have its five minutes of power, till Love will come and consume it all.

Light is coming, are you ready?

“He guards the steps of those faithful to Him, but the wicked fade away in darkness. For men does not prevail by might.”

I Samuel, 2:9

Standing by ourselves, we have no chance. Who we are? A group of insignificant ants in an insignificant universe, prone to fall into entropy and chaos, to be dispersed and discharged like trash. Idolatry prospers selling the illusion that our disconnection from God can get to anything different from this if we just invent our own false meanings.

The wicked believe in the “standing by ourselves”, in men saving himself, in the existence of order out of chaos by the human providence. They believe in enlightenment, in the “lights of reason”, and they become the illuminated, the mighty builders of civilizations and temples.

The human might is provided by the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge: Gnosis. That is the source of science and religion, technology and magic, numbers and words. In one word: the source of power.

But this is a trap.

Conceded for what before eternity looks like 5 seconds, the open way to the prosperity of the idols will be closed soon enough.

The faithful quietly see the deep wisdom in all this, and they stay sober. They give testimony of the true wisdom that this world judged like foolishness: the testimony of Love.

The arrogance can’t look down to its own feet of clay. Love is just too cheap and easy before the might of the power of Gnosis. The wicked get drunk from the wine of the Prostitute of this world. The more they think they can see, the more they get blind. And when they get to see the light in the end, without repentance, it will be the light of an extinguishing fire.

The faithful know they can’t see by themselves, and this is why their steps are guarded, and as it is written, “even if they stumble, they don’t come to fall”. They will see the light in the end, because they have believed in it deep in their hearts.

Those who claim to see the light from themselves will be destroyed when the true light arrives.

Those who trust in the light they can’t see will live to look and marvel.

What is a king’s heart made of

“He raises the helpless from the dust. He lifts the needy from the dunghill, to make them sit with nobles, granting them a seat of honor. For the earth’s pillars are Lord’s, and He has set the world on them.”

I Samuel, 2:8

By our most high smartness no one of us wants to be found helpless and needy, but before the Lord how can we be found in any other way?

Who can be counted as rich before the Almighty?

There is deep and rich wisdom in the recognition of the helplessness and necessity of the creature before the Creator. But there is a price for this, and even being small, it must be paid: humility.

If all can be found helpless and needy, not all can be found in humbleness. And the same blessings that grace the humble whose heart is closer to God can disgrace the proud whose heart is away from the Lord.

Appearances can be very deceiving, and that is in the nature of the idols: to deceive in appearance. Since the power, the wisdom, and the beauty of God can’t be fully manifested in any creation, only through loving the Creator can we trust in the revelation of His Glory to come and resist to fall to the seduction of the idols. What is revealed already, what is manifested before us? Only a spark, a small sign of His Glory. Trusting in the source we can be released from any bondage towards the creation. Doesn’t matter how impressive and rich looks the work of God before us, that’s only a sample of the everlasting possibilities.

But if we forget the Creator, the brightness of the creation can dazzle us. Idolatry is what we do when we lie to ourselves about what deserves our worship: we miss the target because we can’t see the Creator in His creation. But why do we miss it? Because the qualities of the creation can be dominated by the human mind, can be understood, controlled, or imitated somehow, but God can only be reached by pure trust in His Love. Although our philosophies can reach some of the divine qualities by reasoning, we can’t ever be sure of the deep nature of God if we don’t recognize the will, or the final cause, that motivates the manifestation of all the divine qualities. And that deep nature is God’s Love, beyond all the human reason and imagination, reachable only by our belief and pure trust.

Idolatry, therefore, is caused by human pride. It is a shame to be found helpless and needy because Love can only be trusted, never dominated. The fear to surrender before Love causes slavery to the idols. Because we are spiritual creatures, made for belief and worship.

This is one of the many beautiful ironies of the spiritual life: the humble can be exalted because they have the heart of a king, but the proud must be humiliated because they have the heart of a slave.

The heart of a king

We can check this very clearly in this very book from the Prophet Samuel when we learn the story of King David.

King Saul was the choice of the people, dazzled by external appearances, while King David was the choice of God that knows the secret nature of men: his heart.

David was humble. The lesser brother inside a lesser family, he was a simple shepherd that glorified the Lord every day, and that not to perform rituals and practice religion, but as the reality of his spiritual life before God alone. David was not living before the world of creatures but before the Creator. He was helpless and needy many times, and that didn’t cause any rebellion in his heart, just the oppose: he found pleasure just in living with the Lord.

We can find this again and again in the Psalms: the testimony of the purity of spiritual life, regardless of the circumstances always living with God and wanting only for Him.

The testimony of the heart of a king.

Real nobility and honor

Since the Love of God is the meaning, the source, and the destiny of all life, the real nobility and honor in life rest in the recognition of the ruling of Love.

Real nobility and honor can be found only in the trusting belief in the Love of God.

Where is the human worth?

In be found blessed and saved by the Love of God.

For what other reason are we living? How else can we contribute to the glorification of the Almighty? What else can we do beyond surrendering to His Love and praising Him as our savior, the giver of life, and all gifts of life?

Jesus Christ revealed that it is in our weakness that all the strength can be found. Because the Love of God is revealed in our salvation. And He promised to save the weak Church of Philadelphia, the Church that was not rich of anything but the promise of salvation. And Jesus lives that story himself, being the Christ with the message of the fidelity of Love. Jesus is the Messiah because only the Son of God can be the promised son of David. The rich and powerful Solomon was found unworthy, and his heart, corrupted. In Jesus, we found the fulfillment and the justification of the entire creation, because in his heart there is Love alone since he lives in the perfection of the will of the Father. That is the worthy heart of the King of Kings.

That is the source of kingship: living with God and by His Love alone.