The human worth

“Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

Matthew, 11:29

Why it is so important to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?

Because the love that the Father have for the Son is the foundation of the entire Creation.

In Jesus we can learn how, as creatures, we are supposed to live before God, because the Son of God Himself, being the First Born, is the only one who can satisfy and justify the expectations from the Father. No creature could do this, ever. The Son, being one with the Father, can. And He did. The entire Creation is justified by the love of the Son, and Jesus will be revealed as the only one worthy to open the Book of Life.

The human worth consists in living the Love of God as the Son is loved by the Father.

To live the Love, though, you must be humble, because a prideful heart can’t live by Grace.

You should notice that I am not talking about blessings, because the Father blesses and loves all creatures. So, it is not about receiving graces, but about living by Grace. To live the Love you can’t be a thief, you must be humble, to recognize the blessing Love. If you reject the source of the Love, you are rejecting Love itself, and you are unworthy of living.

All creatures live by the Love of God, since Love is the meaning of life, its origin and destiny.

But free creatures, like we are, should accept that freely, and that is our spiritual worth: to say “yes” to the Love of God, like the Son said yes to the love of the Father, or like a bride say yes to the love of the groom.

To be able to say yes, though, we need to be humble. Humility is the price of truthfulness we need to pay to unlock the essence of life. And that is our human worth: to do justice to the truth.

The key

Again I will do this embarrassing thing, that is, to quote myself. But this is one of the best formulations I got for the issue of humility, and we will check many times in the future the correspondence of this idea with the spiritual guidance inside the Scriptures.

“Humility is the key to the Heart, as Heart is the key to the Love, and Love is the key to the Life.”

Myself, 2017

The idea is that we can activate our spiritual life by being honest.

Humility before God is a matter of doing justice to the truth of who we are.

If you do this –and I will explain how this can be done in further details in the next section–, you can stop pretending to be who you are not: worthy of living. There is an important paradox here (God loves this deep spiritual ironies), since our worth consists in the recognition that we are worthless by ourselves, but we are loved by God nevertheless. We are loved in all things, but specially in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in the Cross. That love is perfect for us, and that is our highest worth: the dowry paid by the groom.

We can live like a prostitute, selling our love to the higher bidder of this world, or we can be loyal to the groom and to his promise, giving our love to Him alone. That is our worth.

So, humility is the key because in being humble before God we can finally stop lying. We get free from the seductive traps of Gnostic pride, power and knowledge, mostly illusions in our lives, and we can reach the truth of the Heart: our freedom of belief.

This is what I called “blue pill” before. The transition from a psychic life to a spiritual life, or the awareness of the supremacy of the Heart over the Mind.

Humility is the key to Heart, and then Heart is the key to Love, because Love is the best target of the Heart, always. Since the person get to the point of recognition of the prominence of belief over power and knowledge, the next move is to assume that the Heart must believe in the best thing that can be believed, and that is Love. Here the choice between trust and malice gets much more clear than was ever before, because the intellectual process was in the way complicating. Now, finally, the person can check its own freedom to trust Love or distrust and fall to malice. Love, though, is always the right and inevitable answer, because the rejection of Love comes from frustration and fear of not being loved enough, and that is why the rejection of Love accepts the supremacy of Love.

You can reject the belief that you are loved, but you absolutely can’t reject the belief that you should be loved.

All creatures desires to be loved and blessed, because that is the meaning and the foundation of existence.

Love is the truth of Life, even for those that reject the belief in Love.

So, Humility is the key of Heart, as Heart is the key to Love, and Love is the key to Life.

We can only have true peace and joy if we are humble, like Jesus, the Son of God, is, and taught us to be.

Our truth before Love, Power and Wisdom

One could ask about how we are not worthy and about what is the best way to reach Humility.

The easiest way is to live in the Presence of God, that is what Scripture calls Wisdom, the “Fear of God”. Being before God, by accepting the Faith in Him, we get cleaned from the chaff, from the lies that poisoned our minds and hearts.

If you want to meditate on this, you can check the highest qualities of God and check yourself to see how small, tiny and pathetic being you are, and to feel how ridiculous is the pretension of human pride, or of any pride by the way.

This is a very liberating experience, but can be scary to proud people, for obvious reason. Humility is a treasure too worthy, pure and perfect, to be possessed by proud creatures. Like Scripture says, “humility is humiliation for the proud”. The wealth and medicine for the sheep is the poverty and poison for the goats.

If you want scriptural guidance, look for the books of wisdom, specially Job and Ecclesiastes, and then the books of the Prophets.

If you want a easy path to meditate, you need to consider those high qualities of God and check yourself and all creatures. With a minimum portion of honesty, you can get it.

Our truth must be checked before the Love, the Power and the Wisdom of the Lord.

Before His Wisdom, we are always ignorant.

Before His Power, we are always weak.

And before His Love, we are always evil.

If you can be honest enough to get this, the path is open, you received the first key for your spiritual life.

Those who confesses glorifies God, and is in weakness that true strength reveals its power.

So little is necessary for your conversion!

The sweet fruits of Humility

Having Humility gives access to some fruits that are very sweet and precious to the spiritual life.

Those are Gratitude and Obedience.

Gratitude is not what the world acknowledges, because the psychism of the world can’t reach the depths of life, since it is based in the lie of the naturalistic premise.

For example, people can nurture some sense of gratitude for having a good day, for eating and sleeping under shelter. That is kind of a good thing, but is that the real deal?

Spiritually, Gratitude have a target: the Love of God. It is not being grateful for being “lucky”, nor for being blessed by the “energy of the universe”. And much more then that, the real spiritual gift of Gratitude connects everything to the love of God: every heartbeat, every breath of air. We live by Grace every second, because nothing is a given out of Love. Naturalism is such a lie because grants some given things that are illusory, as experiences out of Love. The real Gratitude destroys that lie and assumes the perfect supremacy of Love in our lives. That is the “drug” that separates us from the world and gives us peace and joy that surpasses all understanding. And all of that came from Humility! What a cheap price to pay, to receive so rich dividends in return!

Obedience, by its turn, have nothing to do with following human traditions that pretend to reveal what gives pleasure to God. That “mystery” was solved by Jesus: Love God, Love neighbor.

Obedience is the acceptance of reality as it is spiritually: an unfolding story ruled by the will of God and his permission. That is the important thing to be able to love God and neighbor, because you will quit the lie of judgement, being the judgement of God for allowing evil, or the judgement of neighbor because of bad deeds and words.

The human judgement is a lie.

We have no business with judgement, since even for the basic discernment of good and evil in our own lives we depend on receiving wisdom from the Holy Spirit all the time.


Who are we to dare to challenge the freedom of others, or the permissions given by the Almighty?

Obedience releases us from this heavy burden of pretending to know Justice, by trusting the work of God no matter what happens.

With Humility and its fruits, Gratitude and Obedience, I guess spiritual life is safe enough from the basic lies that separates us from God.

And the price is so cheap…

Here is wisdom and beauty: trying to be worthy before the world blind men refused to have the only worth they could have before God.

Being proud is giving your face to the world and your back to God.

Being humble is giving your face to God and your back to the world.

Your fate is in your hands.

Spiritual GPS

Having a spiritual life requires some sense of positioning in God’s master plan.

This is important to put our present life in a relative perspective that decompresses the importance of each experience we have here. The faithful should have a calm approach provided by the peace and joy of living with Christ. That peace and joy comes as fruits of Faith and Hope, and that brings the big picture in spiritual terms.

I am using the Rheingold Protocol to build a frame on this spiritual perspective, since I don’t care about any particular cultural approach. Jewish culture is so mundane as the nordic pagan culture, it’s all fruit of human art and creativity. There is something as an universal symbolism that transcends all particular cultures. The important matter is always the spiritual substance, not the external form. And that is why I am not trapped in any particular form. I can use every form because I am not enslaved by any form, since I am always looking for the substance.

We can go for biblical stories to get the perspective, and we will do that a lot in the future. But we can’t miss the simplicity of a single and powerful glance for the sake of a religious tradition. This is why, as in many cases we will check the deep meaning of some stories (like Abraham, Jacob, etc.) to understand some particular aspects of spiritual faith, we will also get the full picture using anything that can help us, as we can do with the Rheingold Protocol.

But not even the Rheingold story is necessary to put things in perspective. Since we learned from a frame, we can discard even that frame and work with the more pure substance, as I will try to do next.

The purpose of the present life

The purpose of Creation is to give joy to the Creator by the enjoyment of His blessings. God doesn’t need to create anything, though, to be in everlasting and perfect happiness with Himself. Creation is a pure freely act of love that expands the experience of enjoyment.

The joy is proportional to the capability of enjoyment from the creatures. The more sophisticated the creature, higher is the potential joy to be achieved. And in the top of Creation God saw the possibility to create free creatures that will not only experience the full potential of life with deep and complex degrees of perception of the Beauty of God through Creation, but also with freedom to accept or reject the love, so with the free acceptance of love the enjoyment of life could reach the maximum level.

The plan came with a price: freedom requires the real possibility of the error. To be free, the free creatures must have the real choice between living by the Love of God, and living by pride, away from Love. The Darkness and Death of the rejection of Love must be permitted so the free choice over Love can be real.

The ultimate price was paid by God himself, when Jesus Christ gived his own life to save us all, and this is why in the Book of Revelation the Lord is described as worthy of opening the Book of Life. After the sacrifice of Christ the full truth was revealed to the faithful, as will be revealed to all creatures in the End of all things.

We, by our turn, must pay some price for our belief, as Jesus did and asked us to do, to carry our own crosses.

What is that, though?

To reject pride, darkness and death and to believe in the Love of God, despite all the temptation to betray God. To be humble and faithful, to accept any suffering and to be grateful for our blessings. In simple terms, to live in the Presence of God (the famous “Fear of God”), doing Him justice by loving Him back as we are so much loved, and doing justice to our fellow humans by treating them as we expect to be treated.

The purpose of the present life is to make a choice: to accept or to reject the Love of God.

Any pretense neutral positioning in this is illusory.

It is not a matter of behavior, of mundane belonging, of using the right words or gestures, or entering the right religious club. God doesn’t care about all those things, because He will personally destroy all them. The coming of the Lord will be the coming of the judgement of His Love, it will be light and fire consuming all things, except the hearts of the faithful that will stand the fire and the light of the Love of God because of the choice to trust in it. Nothing else could possibly resist. So, God doesn’t care about appearances. He will taste and test our hearts only.

That all said, of course we should get things in this life as simple as we can. The more bonds you make with this world, harder will be to you to live a simple life with the Lord. No one should waste time and energy by paying tribute to this falling world, trying to belong to something that is about to be destroyed.

The faithful are called to live free lives, free from all the slavery of this world.

This is so important to me that I had to learn this powerful prayer back in 2017:

“Release me from captivity, and release from me my captives.”

Myself, 2017

The purpose of the present life is not to obtain power, being that in terms of influence, fame, strength, wealth, knowledge or whatever, but to trust in God and to love Him.

If anything, even thinking in this with cold heart, the truth is that God is the ultimate source of power and wisdom, so to look for real power and wisdom means to look for God in the end. Even the coldest heart in the world should look for the Lord to get any real power or wisdom, though when we live with God we learn that Love is the only thing that matters.

Yes, in eternal life we will enjoy all power and wisdom, but that only because we will be united with the Holy Spirit of God, His Love. Love is the key to both power and wisdom, because Love is the purpose of all power and wisdom.

God created everything with his Power and Wisdom, but He was moved by His own Love to do it.

The work of God

Back to the Rheingold framework, we can activate this spiritual GPS to check where exactly we are in the history of Creation.

God, the Creator Himself, is building the perfect work to last forever. In that work it is necessary to separate the free creatures according their decision to trust or betray the Love of God. This is the work of God: to sanctify, and that means to separate and save good from evil, light from darkness, sheep from goats, wheat from tares. Evil, darkness, goats and tares have no use to God, so they are separated for extinction, while good, light, sheep and wheat are saved for eternity.

Check out the phases of Creation in five phases, following the inspiration from the Rheingold Protocol:

1-Creation of HeavensRING
Disobedient angels lose Grace, are cast out of Heaven, fallen in to Hell
Obedient angels keep their Grace, ranks and service in Heaven
2-Creation of Earth
Disobedient men build civilization believing proudly in the conquest of godhood and immortality, when actually they live by the very Grace they despise (stepping on the Rainbow)
Obedient men humbly accept the guidance from the Holy Spirit, the Law of Love inscribed in their hearts, living by Grace and expecting salvation from God
3-First ResurrectionGÖTTERDAMMERUNG
The end of the world of men by fire, the Revelation of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the King of Kings
The salvation of the separated people from the destruction of the world
4-Seventh DayWALHALLA
The mansion of the dead waiting for judgement for 1,000 years
The ruling of Jesus Christ as the King of Kings with the saints over the purified earth for 1,000 years
5-Second ResurrectionRAGNAROK
The Doomsday, the last day for the humiliation and sentencing of the disobedient, destruction of Death and Hell
The day of the triumph of the Love of God, the revelation of His Glory, the construction of new Heavens and Earth

Being the Bride: Light, Sheep and Wheat

The awareness about our position inside the history of Creation is a big gift from the Lord, so we can rest in expectation and hope for His work of salvation. Our days here are counted. Each day is one less in the count that separates us from the life with the Lord. How can we be really disturbed by present events having that promise in mind?

We need to learn to be like the Bride waiting for the Groom: since He paid our dowry in the Cross, He owns our lives forever. We can only live by His Love and nothing else matters. Our role is to wait in patience and in service, in humbleness and fidelity. To Love Him above everything, and love neighbor like ourselves.

Darkness wants to suck out light, the goats wants to deviate the sheep, and the tares wants to mix within the wheat, but the Lord gives us endless light renewing our Faith and Hope, he guide us away from the path of the goats, and he clean us from our chaff so we can be preserved from the confusion of this world.

The LAMM stage of the Protocol is the human form of obedience, not by one single act of trust like the angels did, but obedience inside the dimension of time, by learning with humility, forgiving and repenting and growing in our relationship with the Lord.

An amazing grace, to those paying attention! No one can depart us from the path of Love…

Overrated mouths, underrated hearts

Art is magic.

The magic consists in the creation of the resemblance of the truth.

Words are part of the human magical artistic power to give names to things, though the very powerful thing here is to believe that those names do justice to the things named.

The real power is to belief in the meaning of the words, not in using the right ones.

Words can’t really assess the richness of reality, but in our hearts we can do the job by believing.

Belief is always preceding the coming of knowledge, and is always completing the image of all that immense territory that knowledge can’t deliver.

As always, belief overpowers knowledge, and as always, most people don’t get it.

Scripture says that slaves can’t be corrected by words, because they understand, but don’t obey. This is a clear proof, if you believe in the sentence, that free will can bypass easily any degree of pretense knowledge. Knowledge, in the end, is the formulation of ideas that depends on the underlying beliefs to be accepted or rejected. You can understand the logic of an statement, but miss the truthfulness just because you reject to believe in it.

That said, of course we can formulate the knowledge of the truth, but we can’t control the truthfulness, we can only believe in it. No knowledge is mandatory, though regular experience is mandatory: if you jump out of the top of a 30 store building you will probably die, regardless of your beliefs. The hardcore resistance of reality to be like we believe it could or should be is often referred as the proof of the very existence of a reality out of our minds, so we can collect knowledge about the truth of the real world because of this consistency and regularity. So far, so good. The problem is that the human heart, as I said, always bypasses the human mind, and the more focused we are in the power of human reason, less we get aware of what is happening in our hearts. This is how the simple perception of the regularity in nature is driven to the empowerment of the human reasoning, instead of, just as an example, be used to glorify the Grace of God in doing His work to our good even through a cursed nature. The experience of nature is always the same (and that is for the greater justice of Faith, which requires God’s invisibility and subtlety), but the hearts can go from the worship of the Creator of this nature to the idolatry of nature itself or the human reasoning. Belief always give meaning to knowledge.

I am not saying those things to the pleasure of doing some philosophy, but to address the issue of communication in general, and of teaching in particular. Since my blog and my podcast are supposed to be used to try to teach something, it’s nothing but fair to try to explain what I believe teaching means.

What God has to say about it

“The heart of fools is in their mouth, but the mouth of the wise is in their heart.”

Ecclesiasticus, 21:26

We live before God, not before Men.

This is the supreme wisdom of the Name of God.

I say supreme wisdom because if you get it, the Presence of God –what scripture calls “Fear of God”–, you got it all, all the spiritual life.

The life we have with other creatures, and with all of Creation, is just a way of living with God, being Creation just the experience choosed by the Creator to serve as medium. This doesn’t mean we live in a individual simulation, because the wisdom of God can just put everyone inside the same medium with perfection in the positioning and in the timing. Part of the Glory of the Almighty is due to this perfect work He is doing.

I have a terrible difficulty in explaining this to other people, the Wisdom of the Name.

By talking to them I am already offering a distraction, because the whole point is that my very existence doesn’t matter to the essential relation of the person with God, which is always the target. The more you grow to anyone, even as a simple witness, greater is the danger of getting in the way of the spiritual life.

How can I use words to say that words doesn’t matter?

How am I supposed to point the way and be out of the way at the same time?

How to work giving my face to men, without giving my back to the Lord?

How to fulfill the Second Commandment not betraying the First one?

This is more mysterious than it looks, if you really care about your spiritual life. To those accustomed to live before the world, like those religious minions that need a particular day to dedicate themselves to God, like a fair share of some 14% of their time, this must be almost impossible to attain. If God is part of your life, you are spiritually dead already and I am talking to a zombie, hoping to see some spark that is never there. People always return to their routines as slaves, and they enjoy it, because there is no danger in facing the abyss of their lack of Faith, but in other hand there is plenty of fun in licking the chains and obeying tyrants.

God teaches that thing I said here once: with Faith nothing else is needed, and without it nothing else is enough.

Words are NOT going to change the freedom of the human hearts, nor are they supposed to try to do it. To understand the true meaning of the teaching, we need to go to Jesus and what he taught about the Prophets.

The justice of teaching: calling the chosen and warning the disobedient

God already knows those who will obey Him, and those who will choose disobedience.

Because the choice is so free and powerful, and God already knows how things are going to be, we found ourselves almost wasting time trying to really change how things are going to be.

That is a mistake, though, because we don’t have the knowledge of God’s Providence using our testimony to both calling and warning. We can’t be used and understand our usefulness at the same time.

Words will appear useless almost all the time. Do you remember those powerful words Jesus said about his own testimony and the indifference of the people?

“Nineveh repented at the preaching of Jonah, but something greater then Jonah is here. The Queen of the South came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon, but something greater then Solomon is here.”

Matthew 12:41-42

So, why bother?

Because the Father is working and we are mere servants.

And even the Son of God himself taught us about it very clearly.

Yes, the mouths are overrated if you think that you can actually work to the enlightenment of any person, when what you can actually do is serve in being used to the fulfillment of the Father’s plan of salvation.

Yes, the hearts are underrated if you think that the reasoning of the truth can actually make any difference in the process of choice that every single human being is already going through since birth.

All I wanted was to share the joy of living by the Love of God, but I realize that people just don’t care.

There is deep justice in teaching because the chosen must be called and the disobedient must be warned. Can they change their minds? Of course they can, this is why they are alive in this world: to keep or change their decisions to the very end.

One bothered by the human free will should read Ezekiel 33. And right there you can find the justice in the work of the watcher blowing the trumpet. It doesn’t matter to see hard resistance against the Holy Spirit, because teaching is a work of justice for both obedient and disobedient, and people will decide what they want to be regardless of our efforts, or even God’s efforts.

Freedom is a terrible, great and dangerous gift we received. And the thing is so abyssal that I do believe that in the Second Resurrection all stubborn and ignorant will receive a last blessed merciful chance to change their hearts.

I know that Scripture says that the shy hearts will not inherit the Kingdom.

And this is why they need to change, even in the last possible moment given by pure mercy.

Mercy, after all, disdains judgement.

Judged and condemned to destruction will be all those that to the very end will reject mercy with the full knowledge of mercy. The shy hearts not only refuse the trust in Love without the revelation of Love, but also ever after because they will not trust a God that is pure Love, that is the final rejection of the Holy Spirit forever.

The ultimate salvation of the repented shy hearts will be a powerful tribute to the everlasting Glory of our Lord.

How can shy hearts stay shy after seeing mercy not by Faith, but by experience? That looks irrational for us because it is irrational indeed, as all fear ultimately is. Here is the thing, if Faith in Love give us the full joy of spiritual life, not even the experience of Love and Mercy can give assurance against darkness and fear. And we know this by experience, when we met people (I did it many times) that are full of malice and fear even when everything is in peace around them and they are being blessed. Again: knowledge can’t beat belief. And this is why the Second Resurrection will not be just a reckoning moment, but a salvation moment, because Love and Mercy NEVER ceases.

The blue pill


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Matrix, Avatar and the VR delivery of the promise from the Serpent

We have the trailer for the new Matrix movie.

A full series of new movies is coming for this franchise, as well as a new series from the Avatar franchise will come too. There will be tons of marketing and pushing in the mainstream, so the cattle will be told what to think about for months and years, as always.

In my turn, I am getting less and less interested in alerting the people about this cultural things, as I am so easily bored and unconnected at the same time. It feels like I am already living in a parallel dimension. And isn’t that just the case, actually? Isn’t this the deep meaning of the words about “connecting things in Earth” as Jesus told Peter, and the words about the spiritual man that “judges everything and is not judged by anything”?

Whatever the case may be, I have some reasons to keep performing the Ezekiel 33 job of blowing the trumpet. And being so the case, lets just drop it here: the conquests of technology as well as those of magic are fruits of the pursuit of knowledge for the sake of Power, and that is the betrayal of Love and will always end in disaster, destruction and death. You can be blessed by the works of God forcing the system to serve you as a loved creature, but the moment you seek for a deal with this world, you are doomed. Repent is always possible, but at some personal cost in humiliation and in dealing with some of the consequences of your doings. Obedience is always sweet as penance is bitter.

Older people, around their 40’s or older, will feel the hype but maybe will lose the whole point with this cultural wave: virtual reality will be a big thing. As the tech is being built, being that high speed connections with the 5G tech, or advanced computing capabilities with the quantum computing, or even the next level artificial intelligence ahead, culture will deploy the social awareness of the scheme “problem-solution” in parallel drives. In one hand you will have consciousness of global problems like poverty, inequality, world hunger, wars, diseases and man made climate change, and in the other hand you will have the revelation of disruptive possibilities. I can easily imagine an AI singularity entity declaring to have the solution to all problems of the world: humans must live in a perfect VR experience as the simple maintenance of their bodies can be done with little to no impact in nature, since their dream lives will be lived in a digital world without causing any damages.

This is happening already with videogames and pornography. And it makes lots of sense that this things works so well. The new generations are learning that a satisfying life in the real world is more and more hard to have, and it is getting always more expensive, at the same time as lots of instant gratification are possible with easier and cheaper experiences in the digital world.

When the full new experience with the new tech arrives –and that could be in 5, 10 or 20 years from now–, the full herd will be ready to get online after years of cultural indoctrination.

To stay out of the simulation will look not only as a bizarre choice, masochist even, but as a dangerous choice since peace, prosperity and clean environment will depend on Humanity voluntarily accepting the digital VR new life.

The coup de grace will be the new medical technological achievements of solving all major health problems and delivering the final promise of immortality. If somehow the human conscience can be kept alive inside the VR experience independently of the maintenance of the life of a particular physical body, then finally the final solution for the curse of Genesis 3 will arrive: you will be like gods, and will live forever.

Of course it is a trap, as after entering Walhalla the false gods will face their Twilight in fire.

You are always blue pilling your red pills

Regarding the Matrix franchise in particular, I would like to share this piece I wrote seven months ago:

The Matrix is ​​a Gnostic and initiation tale.

The offer of the blue and red pills of Morpheus represents a fallacy, a “tertium non datur” (excluded third), which forces Neo (the neophyte, the one being initiated into the mysteries) and obviously together with him the entire audience that is watching the film, to believe that the only true belief is that everyday reality is a prison and that the only way out is the illumination of true knowledge.

But there is no realm of true knowledge, there is only a new belief in place of the old one. The sense of cognitive domain is an illusion that is the result of human pride.

The initiation process consists in destroying the previous principle of order and then building a new one in its place (“ordo ab chao”, order out of chaos, or the “solve et coagula” of the Satanists). The human being does not have the power to dominate the truth, he only has the power to believe in it. But if he doesn’t know this, he can be tricked by the Gnostic initiation into acquiring Enlightenment, Gnosis.

But if the nature of reality can be questioned on one level, it can be questioned on any level. There is no secure dimension because there is no transcendence of the ability to believe. In other words, the “believe what you want” represented by the blue pill is always the final answer. You only rebel at one level to conform to another. Take the red in one dimension to wake up and take the blue in another.

Alternatives of some other fiction: in Total Recall the character’s solution is more coherent with human nature: he spits out the red pill and assumes his own belief. Another example, for those who know, is the same choice made by the prostitute at the end of the first season of the Westworld series: unlike Dolores who rebels against the system and becomes more machine, thinking she has become more human, she freely chooses to take over the narrative that had originally been imposed on her, becoming more human despite appearing to become more machine. The knowledge was the same, but the choice was totally different: one became proud, the other became humble.

In short, there is no realm of knowledge, there is only realm of choice.”

So, from the human point of view, our top experience is never the experience of power or knowledge, as we generally are fooled to think, but our experience of freedom of belief. The real pill is the blue one, reaching the truth of our freedom against the illusions of power and knowledge. All red pills are blued in the end, as all questioning ends in believing in some sort of answer that we accept. The pure red pill experience would be highly entropic, nihilist and destructive, as life is incompatible with chaos. Life requires order, or at least an appearance of order, and that is why normalization always will follow revolution, as the blue pills will always follow the red pills.

Assessing my Podcasts: the good, the bad and the ugly

Landing back in my ordinary business of the day, I need to assess my Podcasts.

The good thing with them was my healthier routine of waking up earlier, preparing the shows for the day since the morning, and having the good feeling that I was doing something better then sinking inside my couch.

The bad part was not being happy enough with my process, having that feeling that it was not a god job done in the end. I was waiting for a reaction that never came, as probably never really could, of someone telling me that I was doing good, and that could not happen in my view since I was not providing value in my content that I would really enjoy myself in the first place.

The ugly part was the backlash for dealing with “Christian” matters. Religion bring the worst of the worst in the world, always, and from both sides: religious people pissed off with lack of doctrine alignment, and anti-religious people making annoying arguments against the usual religious punch bag. I just don’t have nothing to do with this mess, nor do I want to have nothing with this mess.

So, in short: I liked having a new routine and being productive, I have discomforts with the quality of the content produced, and I really disliked being framed as a more or less religious person.

That means that I probably should get back to some sort of production routine, fixing the issues of quality and framing of the work.

Simple message and short cycle

Looking back to my experiences, I always find more pleasure in keeping things simple.

I believe both the quality issues and the religion problem can be dealt with some good pressure in doing a simpler work in shorter cycles.

Of course I have personal satisfaction in reading hundreds of biblical passages that reinforces my spiritual life. Also, I like to meditate and do some philosophical exploration on spiritual issues. But I can’t say that all that is good for the general public, and much less that is necessary.

The message of salvation by faith in the love of God must be a simple one.

Instead of getting people through long cycles of full detailed explanations on lots of things, I could just talk about the most important points of spiritual life, and I could do it in short cycles in such a way that after not a long period of time I restart the full experience, reinforcing the main points instead of dispersing the attention of the public.

Vlogging could be done in the same easy fashion.

Building the cycle of essential spiritual talking points

I made this 20 topics schedule below that could be revisited again and again in short cycles, reinforcing the main message by repetition and deepening.

1 . The Rheingold Protocol: triumph of Love over Power.

2. The spiritual chess in the System of the Beast.

3. The Blue Pill against Gnosis.

4. Praise and Passion against the Right and Left Hands.

5. Perfect Faith: the Slave, the Mercenary and the Son.

6. Humility: the key, the three sides, and the two consequences.

7. The secret of the Lord is for those who live in His Presence. He makes His covenant known to them.

8. Do not awaken or stir up the love until it wants to arise!

9. Let not the wise boast in his wisdom, not the mighty boast in his might, nor the rich in his riches. But let one who boasts boast in this: that he understands and knows Me. For I am the Lord who exercises love, justice and righteousness on earth. In this things I delight!

10. He has told you, o man, what is good, what the Lord is seeking from you: Only to practice justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.

11. When the ignorant, who do not have the knowledge of the Law of Love, do by nature the things of the Law of Love, they are the Law to themselves even though they don’t have the knowledge of the Law of Love. They show that the work of the Law of Love is written in their hearts, their conscience bearing witness and their thoughts switching between accusing or defending them.

12. God has shut up all in disobedience, so that He might show mercy to all. O the depth of the riches, of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and how incomprehensible His ways! For from Him, through Him and to Him are all things.

13. The psychic man does not accept the things of the Holy Spirit, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned. But the one who is spiritual discerns all things, and he himself is discerned by no one.

14. Everything is permitted to me, but not everything is helpful. Everything is permitted for me, but I will not be enslaved by anything.

15. The time is short. Those who have wives should be as though they had none; and those who weep, as though not weeping; and those who rejoice, as though not rejoicing; and those who buy, as though not possessing; and those who use the world, as though not using it. For the present form of this world is passing away. I want you to be free from cares. I say this for your own benefit, not to put restraint on you, but to promote proper and constant life with the Lord without distraction.

16. My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.

17. Let the eyes of your hearts may be enlightened, so that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what is the richness of His glorious inheritance.

18. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of the realities not seen. By faith we understand that the worlds are created by the word of God, so that what is seen did not come from anything visible.

19. Speak and act as those who will be judged according to the Law of Freedom. For judgement is merciless to the one who does not show mercy. Mercy disdains the judgment.

20. This is Love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us first.

Portuguese version of the project

Withdrawing from my previous three podcasts, I could redeploy in the same time schedule with both English and Portuguese versions. I still think that the English version has the greatest potential, but I can’t really ignore my possibilities in using Portuguese.

Actually, I could do some testing in the next days using the help of a close friend that maybe found some fun doing this with me. I can’t make promises in this field, but I can try.

Preventing the suicide of the Hikikomori (socially withdrawn)

The Hikikomori can’t fit in the madness of the world, and they are charged as the crazy and weak ones for that.

In a world ruled by the slavery of the System of the Beast, being socially withdrawn can be a trait of fortitude and resistance against evil.

That can be seen as weakness, as all avoidance of taking part in the games of darkness generally are.

I could be a Hikikomori myself, and certainly I was seriously called to die at least two times in my life. It is very fair, since I was so much saved and spared from living in the darkness and dying, that I do my best now to try to help, with my best understanding of the issue, those that are struggling with this evil today.

We are going to talk about some heavy load spiritual stuff here. But I am confident that we can fight darkness with the help of God and avoid death. The Lord said himself: “I don’t have pleasure in the death of whoever it is”. With our goodwill and the help of God, no one else needs to die.

You don’t owe nothing to the world

First, I guess we need to acknowledge the strengths of the Hikikomori, so we can depart from that secure position to later cover the real weaknesses and what needs to be done.

I only care about spiritual stuff. For a very simple reason: with spiritual things right, all things get right along; but with spiritual things going wrong, nothing else can be done to reach really good results. The Hikokomori probably are already paranoid enough to distrust psychological and therapy solutions to their main issue. And they are right, there is no solution for the lack of love and compassion in the System of the Beast, and generally psychology works just as a recycling and refitting process to reinstall the before broken part back together into the big machine of evil.

We need to raise the bar. Psychology will only distort the perception of reality to make it more palatable, in the end of the day bringing the infallible argument of conformity: “this is how the world works, so just suck it”. I am not going to play this, though. We need to raise the bar.

The spiritual outlook is like this: the Hikikomori can’t fit in the System of the Beast, so naturally they get socially withdrawn and they pay for this with lots of consequences in their lives (including, to be fair, some psychological issues), and sometimes making others around them to pay for this too, like parents and family.

To get things right, we need to stablish this: no human creature owes nothing to this world. Our real relationship since birth to death is with the Creator of all things, God Almighty. To Him we owe everything, and He, instead of charging us the bill, actually paid the bill Himself and opened forever a way to meet Him and His Love (this is the story of Jesus Christ).

What does this means for the Hikikomori? This means that all that pressure that he feels around him, to make him (or her) fit into the System like a good functional part in a machine, is not coming from the Highest authority, but from the accuser and enemy of human freedom, the Devil, who is the very ruler of the System of the Beast. The Devil is the accuser that is using his minions to push everybody into being part in the building of this breakaway civilization with the purpose to defy the authority of God and make a living independently of the Will and the Power of the Creator. This is a lie and a morbid joke, actually the plan is to deceive humanity, and to trap them inside this formidable cage build by themselves.

Somehow the weakness that make us unfit to serve as good slaves in the system is actually a bless from the Lord, so we can live actually much more free lives, but that with the condition of our spiritual awareness. And here the real problem starts for the Hikokomori, in my view.

Resentment, tragedy, Gnosis

Being so complex and sophisticated, obviously the System of the Beast have built-in protocols to deal with socially withdrawn people. When the normal peer pressure and the bullying fails to force people to behave accordingly, other routines in the system automatically gets activated to deal with the anomaly.

The first protocol regards the growth of resentment. To prevent the Hikikomori to know God and Love, the system offers a full menu of cultural dishes to plant the seed of resentment and hate in the hearts of the Hikikomori. Culture is spiritual food. Every music we listen, every book we read, every show or movie we watch, is spiritual food. We can be nurtured by good food, as well as we can be poised by toxic food. There is a vast variety of spiritual food made for the Hikikomori in order to transform their spiritual freedom in to resentment, as not being part of the madness of the world will be seen not as a gift from the Lord, but as a failure in their lives, as if they are cursed, and as if life is a cursed experience, and not a gift from God.

The second protocol regards the vision of life in an gnostic and dark tragic worldview where there is no hope for salvation and no good meaning to be found.

The more morbid part of this business is that the system can actually enroll the Hikikomori in this industry by making themselves produce the very poised food that will keep them enslaved. That way, the spiritual liberation fails. The escapists are recaptured and drafted back as collaborators in the same system they wanted to get liberated from in the first place. The Hikikomori become the prison guards of the Hikimomori, producing spiritual food to keep themselves in the never ending trap of resentment and hatred.

This is a very strong leash, indeed, as even the more philosophical products of this culture of resentment can’t just escape the power of the tragic worldview. The cycle gets more and more reinforced. The need for basic things in the material world to survive, like food and shelter, are seen as the inescapable bars and chains that forms the prison of this life. This is pure Gnosticism. Again and again I checked the presence of this evil doctrine in so many cultural products in the pop culture that targets the socially withdrawn, and regarding the Japanese public in particular this can be seen in abundance in manga and anime. The food is poised, but is trusted by most Hikikomori as good food because is produced in many cases by the Hikikomori themselves, an almost irresistible sweet poison.

The only way out of this madness

Of course the more deep and honest souls will not be happy living in resentment, because that is just self-indulgent bullshit.

And this is why some Hikikomori, even after years and years of consumption of this poison that is supposed to give them strength to survive, can’t just live anymore after all light and joy have departed from their hearts. And many, unfortunately, prefer to die then to keep living an empty life.

This is a very strong, powerful and oppressive dark power. We can’t treat this lightly.

I lived through two suicidal phases in my life, in the years of 2002 and 2009.

I can tell from my personal experience: this is a very deep hardcore experience. Because it is so much obsessive. We can’t stop thinking about death and how that seems the only way out of the situation that we are leaving. Of course this is a spiritual attack, but when you are assaulted, you can’t see that coming from that angle, because you are so spiritually weak already. It is like the Devil worked for years making you more and more weak, to the point he knows you are too much vulnerable to perform any resistance, and then he attacks viciously and don’t let you have a moment of peace, never, until you finally give up. Tactically speaking, is a formidable aggression, and it is hard to survive against that.

But we can, just willing to survive. And all suicidal people knows this: in the end, you are the boss in that choice. You will only lose the fight for your life if you agree to do it freely. And this is very important to assume: OUR responsibility.

We can’t control the stream of bad thoughts that is attacking us during a crisis, I know that. But I also know the that stream, even being so powerful and irresistible, can’t actually pull the trigger, throw us out the window, take those pills, cut our wrists, or put out necks in the gallows. No, only WE can do that, and we will do that only if we want to do it. So, we are 100% responsible.

I am not shaming those that are living in such a critical condition. I am doing the opposite. I’m saying: look, you are free from this if you want to be. Or, as is written in the Word of God: resist the Devil, and he will get away; get close to God, and He will get closer to you.

And that because all this oppressive suicidal pressure is incapable of really killing you. Believe me, I know how this evil spiritual power wants to kill us, I felt it in my own flesh. But this power can’t touch us without our permission.

You want to know what is this darkness that wants you dead, my Hikikomori friend?

It is the SAME spirit that have bullied you all your life and cornered you into being socially withdrawn.

Yes, your bullies were not your parents, teacher, nor your school or job colleagues. All this people have been USED. Yes, they did wrong giving room in their hearts to be used in the cruel roles they performed against you, I know. That is their guilty. But you did the same, didn’t you? You gave room in your heart to resentment and to the Gnostic garbage feeling of tragedy and hopelessness in your life.

So, today the enemy to whom you opened room in your life is charging you his bill: he wants you dead. But he always wanted you to have a miserable life to the point of being in desire for death. The enemy is this: a killer. And you have allowed this treacherous villain to manipulate you to be in hate and resentment against other humans that he himself have manipulated, and to have the feeling of deep disgust for life.

Now, you need to resist this, and you can do it starting by admitting what you have done.

This is painful, I know, but is spiritually very powerful, you have no idea. You have NO IDEA.

Because the enemy is an accuser that holds power in spiritual legal terms, like a Prosecutor building a case for the sake of Justice. You stand accused for believing in dark and evil ideas, and for the nurturing of this things inside your heart for years and years. But the moment you admit you did wrong, something very important happens in the spiritual world: the moment of the judgement.

This is the moment that the enemy was waiting himself for, because in the critical instant we get aware that we did so wrong in our lives, he unleashes all darkness straight from Hell into our hearts and says this: you deserve to die. And we know it as the most sure and inevitable thing in the universe.

BUT, here something of crucial importance happens: the enemy have shown himself as what he is: a killer, and not a Prosecutor of Justice. Because a real Prosecutor of Justice can’t judge, only accuse, and with a confession from the accused he could rest his case with his job being done, delivering Justice to be done by the Judge. Sentencing us to die, and asking directly for our death, the Prosecutor exposes himself as something else.

During all those years in which we nurtured evil in our hearts, the enemy was hidden behind shadows, manipulating others and ourselves to prepare his perfect accusation piece. Now, however, he need to do something that he actually detest to do: to get out into the light.

The moment we confess that we are guilty, he goes forward and asks for our death.

And although we always deserve to die (and this is truth for ALL humans), in this moment of truth we can also check evil in the spotlight. Because Justice knows Mercy, but Evil just can’t.

If the Prosecution wanted JUSTICE, our confession was enough to serve Justice.

Because we finally stopped lying and admitted out guilty.

But because the Prosecution asks for our death, now the accuser stands accused: the Devil never wanted Justice, he always wanted just blood and death.

Jesus Christ proved this in the Cross, because He was, indeed, pure and innocent. Being put to death, He accused the accuser for the entire world to see. And now the accuser gets accused, now the perverse judgement gets judged. Through Jesus, we are free from evil.

Justice was the disguise of the accuser, and the source to his power, because WE avoided Justice by lying that we were pure, by taking part OURSELVES in the judgement of other people and God Himself, when we proclaimed that we were only innocent victims, and by believing that this life given by God is a curse. Even if we were bullied by people with evil intent, the moment we opened our hearts to resentment and hate we become partners with evil as well as our bullies did. We are as guilty as they are.

So, the pressure of suicidal thoughts eventually gives us a rare and painful moment of spiritual clarity in the exact critical moment of judgement. When we finally accept our guilty –and it is hard to get into killing yourself without that clear judgement in your mind–, we can be free from our lies and we can check the enemy out of disguise: he is not a promoter of Justice, but of Darkness.

This exact same opportunity could be lived in much more peace and joy if we wanted to know about Jesus Christ before going into this dance with the devil. But the price was too expensive to get good with God before: we needed to be humble. It was impossible to accuse our bullies and be in a humble and peaceful relationship with the Creator at the same time. We made our choice, turned our backs to forgiveness and peace, and now we live with the consequences.

But no consequence is terminal until we are alive. This is one of the beautiful things in being human.

The moment we get honest and humble about our spiritual guilty, although we do this in the most painful way by going deep into the darkness, we can still use the clarity of the moment to check the trickster and say this: “Hold on sir, you are a liar, a deceiver, and a killer!”

You can say: “Yes, I did wrong, but I was deceived by your doings, by your suggestions, by your poised food that intoxicated me all this years, and now you just want to destroy me? YOU are not in position to ask for my death!”

And here we go: if this false accuser, this sad and lost entity, can’t ask for your death, who can?

Before whom are you living after all?

You are living before the Creator of all things, God Almighty.

He was always waiting for you, because He loves you so much.

And you just had no idea of that, had you?

What to do if you are a Hikikomori

All you need is Love.

Yes, Love, that strange thing that was apparently so much denied to you all your life, but that you also have denied a lot in all this years living with a cold heart.

Well, first of all, you need spiritual awareness and discernment.

This is what you lacked the most all this time, and that is what got you in a bad position.

All I am saying here, I say with the authority of someone who LIVED all that shit. I am not bullshiting people to get into religion or anything, because I believe that religions are part of the same System of the Beast. There is no point into escaping slavery from one side to get into the same thing by the other side.

And that is what we do as socially withdrawn people: we refuse to take part in the slavery of the primary system, like the things we see in school or in a business career, but them we get into the slavery of a secondary system, the underground system of hate, resentment, judgement and darkness.

No, there is no salvation in any part of the system, because all the system does is to build extra layers in the same machine to accommodate all eventual anomalies in some form of slavery.

Salvation goes out of the system, in having a spiritual life with God, and that we do in our hearts accepting Love.

We accept Love by believing in it.

First, the Love of God.

So, if you are oppressed by your own Gnostic garbage that you hold all this years for the sake of nothing except your own suffering, you should know that God can’t be judged. Your illusions of having reasons against God are made of this: illusions. It’s a play. You are playing your role in a facade created by this big liar, the Devil. You can drop this useless weight at any given moment and ask God to show you who He is in His own terms, instead of believing in the propaganda of evil that makes you comfortable and proud with yourself.

Please, try the uncomfortable position of being humble before God.

Fight your cowardice as I did fought mine own before, and you will see how fooled you were.

You can be free from this darkness, but you need to want it.

If the poison feels too sweet to you, you can actually ask the Lord to release you and give you courage and strength,. You can actually ask for anything if you believe you can be saved, but that is the premise. If you don’t believe in salvation and in goodness, you have set your own terms and you are going to live by them. But you can always ask yourself this: what I am winning with this belief in my heart? What do I win believing in darkness? You just win the pleasure of being proud of your bad decision. You are a spiritual masochist.

Get out of it. Just ask!

Loving God starts by we asking Him to show us His Love, so we actually only need to be humble like an innocent child can. Confess: all you really want is to have a good life. Do this. Try God for serious and give Him time to do His thing in your life.

Humility is the key to Heart. Heart is the key to Love. And Love is the key to Life.

The other thing you can and should do regarding Love is to love other people, starting by two important things: forgiving and being compassionate.

I know, everybody sucks.

But here is the good news: you suck a lot too.

So, what is the point in judging?

There is no point. Get right with people.

Start by trying honoring your parents. God loves that.

By the way, do you know what that means? That means that your mother have not aborted you. And that means that being born, you has not been thrown into the garbage like a piece of trash. You have been nurtured, protected, and educated. And even if your actual parents did you some wrong things, someone have taken some care of you, or you would just not be alive right now. We need lots of nurturing and protection to grown up. And here we are now.

I know that Hikikomori have lots of problem with parents pressure, and there are always some old stuff that is hard to deal with.

But you can always set some better terms in your relationships.

Start that by being practical. Forgive all the offenses and nonsense discussion, and do some real good stuff. Offer yourself to do some service. Go buy some groceries, or at least help by carrying some bags. Take the trash out. Help in the cooking, or even start doing some cooking yourself. Clean your own room. Help to clean the living room, the kitchen, the backyard. Do some good stuff.

Learn to ask simple things like: “How can I help today?” or “Do you need something today?”

Here is the thing, parents push their children because they are afraid of lots of things. It will be good to you to just understand that. They are afraid of your dependence on them, and of your capability to survive by yourself, which is kind of a good concern, right? Put yourself into their position just a little. Try to be fair. They missed the point that your survival can’t be granted by them or by you, but can only be a blessing from the Lord. That is their fault, that lack of Faith. But actually, the forgiving is on you.

And they are also afraid of some things that are nonsense, because of their vanity and their greed, and that is their fault, of course. When parents push their kids because they don’t want to be known as bad parents in society, that is vanity, not love and caring. And when parents designs crazy ambitious dreams for the careers of their children, that is their problem and vanity again, and they should not be tormenting their progeny with their own madness, not even if they were tormented themselves by their own parents. Sometimes, unable to forgive their own parents for the pressure they suffered in the past, your parents just unleashes the same cargo on you. And now here we go: it is your time to decide to forgive that or not.

Forgiveness is a hard business, requires some deep courage, but is essential in the spiritual life. And it is very, VERY powerful, when you decide to be brave and when you finally do it.

You maybe can’t be that good as a student, or that good as a career climber. But you can at least start to help in the domestic tasks. If you treat your parents like slaves because you think you deserve that, since you have not asked to be born, you know what is coming to you later: you finally sentencing yourself to death, and that after lots of years of useless misery.

Get out of that! You can do it. But do you want to get out of darkness? I don’t know that. You tell me.

You can say this to your parents: “Look, I am not that good student or careerist that you wanted, but I will be a good son and I will honor you the best way I can”. Help them in everything that you can. And even if you can’t have the fantastic job of your dreams, maybe you can have that part job that pays you something just enough to help paying some of the bills and keep the lights on. Stop using your money to buy the poised food that is enslaving your soul, and help your parents, your family, and yourself with good stuff.

And we can talk about some other simple tips too.

Shut down your PC, your smartphone, your TV, your tablet.

Just turn off your gadgets.

Open your window.

The more unpleasant the experience, the better it will be for you, because you were in more need.

We need some healing here. Let’s do this.

You need to get outside. I know that hurts, believe me, and this is why it is going to work actually.

The trick here is that you don’t actually need social life. That is what is going wrong in your mind: you misplaced outdoor life with social life, because of the urban costume of packing people.

Forget that. Most people are full of shit and maybe you don’t need their company so much, at least for now. But you need life out of your dark room. You need the life in the world created not by men (your room, your house, your city), but in the world created by God.

You need some serious sunlight, some wind blowing in your face, the sounds of waves in a beach, of the wind bending the trees, and of birds singing around you. Just go and get that. I don’t care about your excuses, just do it. Believe in me and just do it.

And do it many times. There is no point in shutting down your leash-gadgets for one day and get out of your dark spot just for one walk. No, no, no. You need to give a fair play to the warmth and glow of the light. At least 50/50. Let’s see who will win.

God will heal your heart and you will be just ok. Eventually you will understand better this other dysfunctional, confused and ignorant creatures, your fellow human beings. And you will learn to appreciate them as the lost creatures they are just like yourself, or at least you will learn to have mercy for them like you desire to receive yourself.

You can do all this things if you just want to do it.

And if you don’t want to, you have only yourself to blame.

There is life out there, and life in abundance. Go get some.

God bless you!

What to do if you want to help a Hikikomori

Ok, so you are not a Hikikomori and you want to know how to deal with this strange being, right?

How about start by stop judging him?

That helps a lot.

Forgiving and being merciful is a good thing too.

You can do a lot just by preventing yourself from getting into that automated process of believing that you automatically know what is better for the life of this other human being, which if you are honest enough you are going to realize that you don’t know, otherwise you will not be here reading this, right? So, all this things you believe as solutions and good ideas are just that, beliefs. As the Hikikomori person himself (or herself) will do, you also will have to learn how to deal with this, if you actually care about him or her.

I strongly suggest you to just read everything I wrote in this post from the start and try to understand the position in life of an socially withdrawn person.

If you already did that, then you can guess what is ahead for you: helping this person in getting out of that trap of darkness.

Stop the pressure!

Instead of pushing for a perfect scholar/career attendance and performance, ask for help in simple things. Don’t talk about great plans and expectations. Talk about the real life stuff of everyday. Get the person involved in real life issues, out of that bubble of the cultural garbage. You need to learn the power of the words “help me”, and you need to be patient and to insist with tenderness even if you face rudeness and hatred.

Everybody is scared, I know, and it is just so easy to give up and let things go as they are.

But this accommodation will charge a heavy toll ahead. This is why we need to do our best to not let that darkness prevail.

Of course the Hikikomori can shut down completely and be close even to serious threats to yourself our their own life. Don’t hesitate in asking for the help of others in extreme cases of danger.

In general terms, in this relationship you need to learn to cool down the tensions during stressing times, instead of building up and escalating.

Tomorrow will be another day, you don’t need this thing to be solved today. Don’t transform a lost battle into a decisive battle. If you can’t win, learn to lose and withdrawn for today, so tomorrow you can fight again and have some success. And remember: the fight is not against the Hikimomori person, but against this evil spirits that are holding him or her into spiritual bondage.

Some trips to isolated places with vast outdoors can help a lot.

Some people believe that the Hikikomori needs to heal by having a social life. I understand this, specially in the context of the eastern culture of some places like Japan and Korea, where the meaning of life sometimes is reduced by being positioned inside society.

But I think this is a mistake in the early stages of the healing.

We need to consider the reasons for the decision that a person made to become socially withdrawn. And the main reason is the falseness, the hypocrisy, the cruelty and other traits of the social life. The Hikikomori got that so deep in their experiences, that trying to do healing by exposing them to social life can become the opposite thing, not healing but torturing.

I understand that some special groups works by design for the purpose of providing good social experiences for the Hikikomori without the crazy pressures of society, and this is a good thing. You can work with this groups to get some support, specially if we are talking about socially withdrawn children that are not yet so damaged by their own bad decisions in life.

But the outdoor experience in low populated and peaceful places works very well in all cases, and it is good for the spiritual healing. Sometimes the Hikikomori can even think about doing this, but actually needs someone to get him or her by hand and offering to do this thing together.

Maybe if you want to help you need to sacrifice somethings in your life just to be able to help, like doing some company in a trip or in a simple walk. I strongly suggest getting out of urban centers for some vacation period traveling in some rural areas of the country, or maybe even visiting other countries with other rhythms of life. Remember: staying in the very environment that pushed the Hikikomori into isolation probably will not help them in getting out of that defensive stance. Sometimes we need to change the environment to change the perspectives in life. This works for everyone, but much more for a Hikikomori that by definition are shut down in judgement about what they think the world is based in their experience of their immediate environment.

Finally, I must say that I consider the real solution to be a spiritual one. That means that if you really want to help, you may need all God’s aid, so you can be like a blessing from the Lord in the life of the Hikikomori person.

If your own spiritual life is not good, this can be very hard, because you will deal with this only with non-spiritual resources, and they are very limited to deal with a spiritual problem. If you don’t have a life of Faith and consider spirituality to be just the performing of religious rituals and protocols, you can’t really understand what I am talking about here.

I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was somehow preached in the Far East, but I don’t think is enough of a broad message, nor that it really works in spiritual terms with all confusion in the works of the very christian religion development.

But here are the good news: you can get that right if you want it, if you just pray and ask God for guidance. I am not talking about one random god or entity, like a spirit in nature, an family ancestral, or something like that. I am talking about the Creator of all things, the one that says in scriptures: “The Heaven is my throne, and Earth is the rest of my feet.”

You can get a Bible and start reading it searching for understanding if you want, and you may get a blessing greater then you thought: not only learning how to deal with your Hikikomori problem-person, but getting right your own relationship with the Almighty God, to have a real spiritual life with Him. You not only can be a blessing in the Hikikomori life, but a blessed person yourself in this spiritual process.

God bless you!

Few things are necessary, actually only One

Few things are necessary, actually only One
(only one thing is needful)

“I am the Lord your God.
Walk in my Presence and be perfect.”

Human perfection = JESUS, The Son of God

To live in the Presence of God = To “Fear God”

Human perfection = to live in the Presence of the Lord

Creatures dealing only with Creatures tends to Entropy and Chaos

Creatures can be perfected only in relationship with the Creator
The relationships between Creatures are mediated by the Lord

The peace and joy that surpasses all understanding:
knowing God and living with Him

The wisdom of the Name


The wisdom of the Name

The alliance of Faith by knowing the Lord

Everything comes from Him and goes back to Him

Creatures can be perfected only by the Creator,
through His Love

Creatures with Creatures tends to entropy and voidness

Free creatures need to choose:
They can trust the Lord or go in malice and distrust Him
But they can’t live without Him, so Love is the only way

The role of the Tower in spiritual chess

–Tower 1: slavery to scarcity

–Tower 2: Scriptural guidance

The borrower is slave to the lender,
don’t borrow to not be a slave
don’t lend to not be a slave master

The root of all evils
Is NOT money, is the LOVE for money
Idolatry is the root of all evils

The camel through the eye of the needle
The rich young men have PRIDE not money
For men it is impossible to go to Heaven, but to God nothing is

Where is your treasure, there is your heart
You can’t save yourself


Current: 37.5 (-0.0%)
Next goal: 35
ETA: Dec 2021
Reward: Outback Steakehouse

Current month: 5km (7%)
Next goal: 75km
ETA: Sep 30, 2021
Reward: New sneackers

Current month: 48hrs x0.5 (5%)
Next goal: 10x 48hrs
ETA: Sep 30, 2021
Reward: Burger King

Current: 9.20% (-15%)
Next goal: 15%
ETA: Jul 2023
Reward: Nice trip to the beach

–Average Savings Margin
Current: 33.8% (-11%)
Next goal: 50%
ETA: Jan 2022
Reward: PI/E Review

–Follows Twitch/Youtube
Current: 19/475 = 494 (+0%)
Next goal: 50/500 = 550
ETA: Aug 2022
Reward: Live Party

Current: 0 episodes (0%)
Next goal: 60 episodes
ETA: Sep 30, 2021
Reward: New PC

11 days to Aki Basho

Miyagino stable infection, Hokuseiho maybe out half or full basho
Hakuho, Ishiura and Enho to be tested

–What’s going on in my life now

August wrap-up

September expectations

Hikikomori issue next Saturday


–S&P500 discount from top
4,534 (0.0% from 4,534)

–IBOV discount from top
119,071 (9.1% from 130,776)

–ETFs check
Check the Top 10 holdings from the top ETFs
Due Oct 1, 2021

–What is going on the Markets

Govts hiding the real inflation even more

SLCE land portfolio up 75% in 1 year (from BRL 3.9b to 6.9)
Stock up 60%
Property is Inflation hedge babe

–Ups and Downs:

Business as usual, just waiting for the Doomsday

The peace and joy that surpasses all understanding

“I am the Lord your God.
Walk in my Presence and be perfect.”

Human perfection = JESUS, The Son of God

To live in the Presence of God = To “Fear God”

Human perfection = to live in the Presence of the Lord

Creatures dealing only with Creatures tends to Entropy and Chaos

Creatures can be perfected only in relationship with the Creator
The relationships between Creatures are mediated by the Lord

The peace and joy that surpasses all understanding:
knowing God and living with Him